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  1. Rhys

    Millennium cream tyreolean..

    Anyone know if its still available and who from? Doing a job for an old client, they've built a new kitchen/utility (which we're plastering at the minute) and they've had a new back door fitted and are getting a smaller window installed - trouble is there will be patching up to do and...
  2. Rhys

    Videos not working..

    I use an iPhone 4S (sorry Danny, I know how much you love them..) and can't play embedded videos. I can see them but nothing happens when I try to play them. I can click on normal links etc. just not vids. Any idea why?
  3. Rhys

    Query on meterage prices..

    Hey folks, off to view several cottages that have been damped. Walls had been stripped up to 3ft back to brick and was wondering what the current meterage rates are for S&C and skim. We've got the rates for skim so if he rest of the wall needs doing above the damping we can work that out as...
  4. Rhys

    Hardwall & Skim, labour rates..?

    Been to measure up a biggish internal job the other day at a holliday park and they want it hardwall and skim labour only (they're supplying all mats). Tbh we're used to domestic jobs, haven't had to work out a meterage job for a while so might be a bit out of touch with what the going rates...
  5. Rhys


    Anyone seen this? Only thing that springs to mind is mats cost - haven't really looked at it properly but folks have different prices depending on merchents (unless it goes on RRP)
  6. Rhys

    Small bathroom, can't get the door open??

    Well, here's what you do... :RpS_thumbup: Doesn't seam to be a chitchat section on this forum so I though I'd post it as a handy tip. :RpS_thumbsup:
  7. Rhys

    Funny ceilings - multi on stipple.

    Doing some ceilings in a house at the mo, looks like a fine stipple Artex, two coat skim job. PVA'd them - sucked in straight away.. Uh oh.. Bone dry. Hmm. Gave them another coat slightly more diluted so nice and tacky to start. Mixed up some multi and it looked a bit different - more silky...
  8. Rhys

    Tyzack trowels...

    Dunno what others think of Tyzack trowels lately.. in January this year we had to buy some more finishing trowels as my mates double tang popped a couple of rivets and my favourite skimming trowel was beyond hope (I'd cut the heel down after a split but it got worse and the edge was jimping like...
  9. Rhys

    Now then..

    Hi folks, I'm Rhys, one half of Ernie Jeffrey & Rhys Plastering in York. Thought I'd join up as I found this place by accident (looking for Tyzack centenery trowels). I've been at this game for 12 years now and my mate has been at it for 30 odd years. Doing anything from patches to new builds...