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  1. Ianspreader

    Pebble dash in a day??

    Hello I have got to price a small dashing job less than 10sqm the original has a light sand and cement back but is there any bagged render where I could scratch and dash the same day?? Thank for help in advance
  2. Ianspreader

    K rend questions

    Hello plasterers couple of k rend questions How long does standard uf base need to dry before applying primer ready for Tc 15? I have a small k rend k1 job 25 Sqm would just like to spray and scrape in a day ids there any alternatives to the k rend accelerator I.e wickes?? Cheers for you help...
  3. Ianspreader

    Uni finish what a load of rubbish

    Went in to travis Perkins saw unifinish on offer 7.50 plus vat thought would give it a go.had a 20sqm ish painted artex ceiling to do I thought just in case I gave it a pva the day before and thought that would be fine.starte laying on just pulled like you wouldn't believe was like skimming a...
  4. Ianspreader

    Render with silcon top coat

    Hello had a job come in which is on concrete block and requires a backing coat of some description and a 3mm perferabley Silcon top coat was just wondering which ones people would recomend and is sensibley prices really thanks for your help again Ian
  5. Ianspreader

    Parex ehi

    Hello I have a job using parex ehi on insulation and was just wondering what the preferred method of beading is?? 15mm fixed with plastic plugs on insulation then maite? Or 10mm fixed on top of the maite?? Cheers for your help again
  6. Ianspreader

    Spray micro gobetis

    Hello I have got a job coming up where micro gobetis is specified on bradstone was just wondering is this product ok to spray with a hopper and air compressor rather than having to brush it on??? Cheers for any help Ian
  7. Ianspreader

    Pft g5 extension hopper??

    Does any one use one?? Are they any good? How much are they cheers for help Ian
  8. Ianspreader

    Weber xp

    Just wondering if any one is using this material at the mo and what timeings people have I.e what time do you start spraying and is it same day or next day scrape thanks for any help Ian
  9. Ianspreader

    Ritmo shocks

    My ritmo is electrocuting us it's live on the ritmo and acctually on the hose how do I resolve this thanks ian
  10. Ianspreader

    Pressure tap

    Hello is there a pressure tap to check wear of rotar and stator that will fit a g5 and a ritmo? Thanks for your help
  11. Ianspreader

    Pft g5 pressure gauge

    Hello just seeking advice on a g5 pressure gauge mine isn't working are they possible to repair? Or any well priced new/used one for sale?? Cheers Ian
  12. Ianspreader

    Ritmo water settings

    Just wondering what people set the water for spraying weber pral m? They are a bit diffrent to the g5 lol
  13. Ianspreader

    What do people think of this???

    What you guys reckon of this Compact Pro 30 -
  14. Ianspreader

    240v/400v machine

    Hello just wondering if any one uses a machine which you can use 240v or 400v and if they are any good? Cheers for your help again
  15. Ianspreader


    Just wondering if any one makes a monocouche samples to show customers.was just wondering if any one knows where could buy the containers to do it cheers Ian
  16. Ianspreader

    Weber approved

    Just wondering if any 1 is a approved weber applicator and how do you become one and also is it expensive?? Cheers for your help again ian
  17. Ianspreader

    Webber xp/m1

    I went on the training day at webber was a top course but was a while back.i just have a few questions on the system,apart from the compressed seal you have around insulation what other seals do you need to fit?what system is it to insulate and render below dpc and can you do a same day scrape...
  18. Ianspreader

    Water butt valve

    Hello just wondering if any 1 could find a link for the toilet system which is suitable for a waterbutt cheers for your help Ian
  19. Ianspreader

    Best protection materials

    Hello I am struggling to get a decent protection tape to stick to brickwork and was wondering what every one else used?? Also any top tips on covering up before external rendering would be brilliant cheers for you help again Ian
  20. Ianspreader

    Rendering on painted stone

    I have had a job come in sand and cement rendering on a solid painted stone built wall it does have quite recessed pointing and the point is stuck 100 percent was just seeing how you guys would deal with it thank you for your help ian
  21. Ianspreader

    Pft G5?

    Just wondering if any of you guys are using a G5 and what do you think of it cheers ian
  22. Ianspreader

    Smallest diesel machine???

    Hello spreads just wondering what's the smallest diesel machine there is and does it fit in the back of a van?? Cheers ian
  23. Ianspreader

    15mm krend

    I have always been told that you use 15mm beads for Monocouche but why is that can't you go down to 12mm? Cheers ian
  24. Ianspreader

    Utiform mini???

    Hello machine people just wondering if the uniform mini machine was good and does it handle Monocouche cheers ian
  25. Ianspreader

    Webber xp

    Hello just wondering if any of you guys has pumped webber xp through a ritmo m before and how it went cheers ian
  26. Ianspreader

    Top video

    Really good plastering video How to Pronounce Plastering - YouTube :rolleyes)
  27. Ianspreader

    Tackers and stickers required

    Hello think I have posted it right area.I have a 3 bed detached house to tack and stick not very big thou about 130 boards ish.the jobs I oxfordshire new build be ready in about a week Friday direct message me if interested cheers ian
  28. Ianspreader

    Wooden tool boxes

    I have worked with a couple of old spreads who have made there own wooden tool boxes was wondering if anyone else has made one and any one got any pics cheers ian
  29. Ianspreader

    Rendering dormer

    Hello fellow plasterers, I have been ask to render newly built dormers with a through coloured Monocouche system,It is timber constructed with ply wood over the top. I did think about a thin coat system but they really like the scrapped finished. Thank you for any help or suggestions would be...
  30. Ianspreader

    Stone repairs

    Hello hope all are busy.i have a rendering job where I have to make good stone work as well I.e sills,reveals/architrave and is all being painted over again but paint has been stripped so was wondering if any one knew any top tips and what material is best thank you for your help...
  31. Ianspreader

    Ewi concrete sills

    Hello about to embark on my first ewi job looking forward to is a retrofit and there is concrete sills which are too small also a big cold bridge,so was wondering about different solutions my plan was cutting flush with existing render and insulating and put new upvc sill over the top. He...
  32. Ianspreader

    Where can I get one of these?

    Hello hope your all busy, just wondering where I can get one of these EIFS Bucket Dredger Scoop | BUCKET SCOOP & OPENER | Hand Tool | EIFS | Demand Products don't want to get a expensive refina one as I usually use a spot and stand would just be handy for little jobs and thin coat render cheers ian
  33. Ianspreader

    Thin coat primer

    Hello I am using a Baumit thin coat system with top coat of sep02 good stuff going well but real pain with primer how do you guys apply it and what pile roller do you find best with it p.s I don't have a machine cheers for the advice ian
  34. Ianspreader

    Curved or flat?

    Hello what's best curved or flat marshalltown trowels? Also is duraflex much different cheers ian
  35. Ianspreader

    Has anyone used this stuff?

    Has any one used baumit sep02 thin coat render? Just seeing what procedure or advice you guys have on it cheers ian
  36. Ianspreader


    I found this video on you tube solid plasterers in auz never thought there was a lot of it done internally I.e tape and joint just wondering if any one on forum has been over to Australia working?
  37. Ianspreader

    Does any one have one of these looks a handy tool just wondering if any one on the forum uses one and what for really cheers ian
  38. Ianspreader

    eBay mad

    Found this on eBay I have seen better bags thrown on the skip lol 25 kg bag of plaster | eBay :RpS_laugh:
  39. Ianspreader

    Fixing cornice help

    I have a job come in fixing a basic plaster cornice around a plasterboard room.i am not doing it on my own working with another plasterer but was just seeking some advice or good tips.he says stick it up with cove adhesive,cut mitres tight and make good with the adhesive,draw a line to work to...
  40. Ianspreader

    Unifinsih still needs pva

    Hello hope all had a good Christmas . First day back only a small job 3 bag set over existing painted artexed walls.the good points of the unifinish was straight in and putting on which saved time also it does seem to of stuck well on the paint.the bad bits are its like chewing gum when it...
  41. Ianspreader


    I own a transit with a full steel bulkhead.i know it's from packing away wet tools but can't be helped with being a plasterer but the van roof is running with water does my head in lol wondering if anyone had found a decent solution to this cheers ian
  42. Ianspreader

    Aldi drill

    Brought a workzone paddle drill from aldi just thought would be handy to have a 240 drill aswell save lugging transformer about.was just wondering how noisey it should be mine is very loud also is there all sparks in the drill. All seems bit weird lol think will see about a replacement lol
  43. Ianspreader

    Mixm8 review

    received my mixm8 (Mix M8 | The most advanced mixing tool on the market) from the forum the weekend tried it out today for first time today. The good points: -mixes a bag of skimming well with no lumps -ideal for mixing with cordless drill -no damage to buckets -Brilliant for small works or...
  44. Ianspreader

    Dash over dash

    Hello just thought i would ask you guys some advice.working on house at the mo and the pebble dash has gone bald lol but the backing is hard as concrete so what my plan was scrape remaining stones off, plasprime x or sbr slurry and apply further coat and dash into this sound any good? Would you...
  45. Ianspreader


    Using multi today and they are advertising uni-finish any news in it says you don't need pva anymore?
  46. Ianspreader

    Thin coat render Oxfordshire

    Hello I have been asked to price up 40sqm of webber thin coat render and need a hand with the work and pricing up if any one is interested give me a shout cheers ian
  47. Ianspreader

    Good job?

    Alright landed a job skimming boards 2.7m high 2000sqm at £4 Sqm .does the price sound good? What Would you lot expect to do?. First big price job so looking forward to it also suspended ceilings which is a bonus
  48. Ianspreader

    Wet dashing this week

    Hello everybody, this week I am mainly wet dashing/roughcasting . I have never done this but am working with a experienced plaster of 40 plus years who's method is scratch,float the wall, lightly key with nailed float while wet,when dry throw aggregate with cement over backing.does any one else...
  49. Ianspreader

    Fecking scaffolders

    Hello everybody, I webber pral m"ed a double garage with a room above and the day after I finished the client got the scaffold down and of course they have marked it like they always do. They have scuffed the texture of and there is a coluer difference much lighter looks awful. So was after some...
  50. Ianspreader

    Plasterers in oxfordshire???

    Just wondering if there is any plasterers on the forum from Oxfordshire area just good to know incase of needing help with jobs also if there is any machine plasterers that I could help out, see how good these machines are lol cheers ian