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    Scotty new motor [emoji6]

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    I know wrong section but MF section dead Will be doing a party wall that needs soundproofing, clients done his research and can't up with a few solutions, problem is a lot of them is just a waste of time.. We have 3 different depths to work to due to stairwells etc. A 20mm system entrance...
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    Basement Damproofing

    250m2 basement I'm pricing, will be a Soverign chemicals job.. The difference from others I've seen is the floor in a couple of rooms... it's lifted the floor in mounds, they are planning to have the floor level dropped by 6". The question I need to ask is what is the best process for dealing...
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    Bucket coat acel

    Anyone know where we can get some of this gear? Sto-Additiv WE @wesly @owls @Rigsby @dansouthcoast
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    Ruptured Bursa

    Went to A&E yesterday with a swollen knee and pain when moving it apparently it's a ruptured bursa. Anyone else had this? If so how long till I can bare weight on it properly? @johniosaif :)
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    Government slowly getting rid of all energy saving initiatives

    Linked in is yet again lighting up with disgruntled energy sector workers, the latest cut is Solar PV.. Personally I seen this coming somehow even though the government has got to cut the Co2 emissions by 80% by 2050.. Again personally I wanted nothing to do with anything that is subsidised...
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    Tape & Joint

    Builder looking for tape and jointers in Burscough Lancashire for a large unit. PM me and I will pass you his details.
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    Kingspan K18 72.5 & 62.5 prices

    Anyone ordered these lately? Any idea of prices and where would stock them rather than special order? Cheers
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    Weber Blue Azure

    What's the chances of finding 14 bags of Blue Azure?? Will it be a case of buying a full pallet or will they order 14 for me? Damn sample book :-(
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    Looking for a Hoover :-/

    Typed in builders Hoover in Google hoping to give me some ideas.. The first one that popped up.... Polish builder sacked for humping hoover • The Register
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    Such thing as??!

    A through coloured skim?? My initial thought was no but who knows???
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    Labourer wanted tomorrow manchester

    As above labourer needed possibly 8-9 weeks work for the right person. Need CSCS Contact me via email or PM
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    Makita BFR550 bare

    After a new collated screw gun cheapest I could find is £194 on fleebay anyone know of one cheaper?
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    CSCS Green card

    What's people thoughts with the changes that have come into effect from the 1st July 2014.. No operatives card only labourers card will it make a difference? I'm in the process of getting NVQ level 2 and have 4 years left on my operatives card so won't Make much difference to me but for...
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    3 small sites coming up mid August - September

    Will be Board/Tack Dab/Stick Skim 5000m2 each site Macclesfield, Hastings, Folkestone Decent rates not shi*e site rates! Pm or email me some details
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    Kopite scum!! ;)

    Oh dear just heard Suarez has been at it again lol Can't comment as not seen it tbh just facebook lit up with it @Bagrat @plasterjfe
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    Eze spat??

    Anyone got one and what size would you recommend? Was thinking 800 as any bigger doubt there would be enough pressure?? Also is the pole and attachment any good?? Will it fit a decent decs pole with Screw in?? I'm thinking flexi blade would be the best bet?? Cheers gents
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    Any spreads close to southport?
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    First little mono help plz gents

    Do I need to sbr thermals? Going to fully mesh just so I can sleep lol
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    Where my..

    TPF mug @ Danny ??? Only been about 6 months :p
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    Big bucket trowel??

    My big bucket trowel broke last week, got it from wetherby but wetherby is 30 miles away from me, has anyone got one from any of the sheds or screwfix or toolstation that are big as in one fills a board?
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    Whopper builders!!

    Got asked to go do a patch in an artex ceiling about 1 square foot he says! I chuck yeah sure it is! Get here the whole ceiling need hacking off and reboarding and skimming then artexed.. Fckin clueless these fckers! Standard :)
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    Just had a phone call..

    Fella wants a quote for full house dab and skim.. Had 3 people come to look at it, 1 quoted the other 2 one of them said its to much for me to quote for and the other said its to much for him to take on it would kill me!! Wtf going on people turning down full houses..
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    Officially ready to go back to work!

    Had more than enough time off now sat at home crawling up the walls!! So bored its unreal don't know what to do with myself!! Role on the 6th and hopefully sooner! It's just not what I'm used to, had maybe 2 whole weeks off this year and now another 2 all in one :(
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    H section rule

    Anyone know where I can buy a H section rule 2.4 in the northwest?
  26. SpankySouthport

    Everton smashing Newcastle..

    Shocking first half Arti..
  27. SpankySouthport

    Low suction Polly float...

    I would certainly be a tester ;)
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    Customers neighbour!! Set up the morning, roll and stroll kitchen and through to the front door, then set up to mix in the alleyway at the side of the house as this is the only place as kitchen is too small bla bla bla, put 2 big dust sheets down and half of one over next doors stone so just...
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    Coving barrelled ceiling?

    Coving a half curved/barrelled ceiling.. can it be done?
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    Artex err

    Customer insisting on having artex reinstated!! :RpS_thumbdn: Not done any for years! Spend most of my time going over it! They after a fan effect can't remember how to set it out to get them uniform? any help men? clue arti and co :RpS_thumbsup: artex sealer may be handy anyone any idea...
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    TPF App??

    @Danny what's the crack with it?
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    Best bonding agent for reskim..

    Sick to death of getting flash sets on reskimming ceilings!! I'm giving them 3 coats of pva near neat and I'm still having to double them up almost straight away!! Wtf is going on its only the ceilings as well, and I'm not talking big ceilings 1 today was about 6m2 and had to double it up...
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    Plasterboard props??

    Anyone bother with them? i never have but just been offered 2 for £20
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    vinyl !!

    Any alternative to stripping all the paint off wall that have had vinyl paint as a first coat? its peeling off very easy any bonding agent sort this issue? its the shelling off I'm concerned about rather a bonding issue?
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    Is there any spreads not busy??

    Need more men!
  36. SpankySouthport

    2 spreads needed for Liverpool

    Some patching, floating, then full reskim needs to be complete by next Thursday!! PM or reply here with email
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    Looking for labby/apprentice, NW Southport

    As above looking for a young lad, looking to get into plastering.. Must have.. Whillingness to learn Good time keeping An alarm clock! Common sense Initiative Must not.. Be late Moan Be lazy
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    Baby gauges

    Baby gauges in this heat and its still drying and cracking in places!! :RpS_cursing: How is everyone else handing this heat?
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    Fckin hate site work!!!

    Turned up today started at 7 setting up to top 160m2 that we scratched yesterday, ****** ceiling fixers come in and start fitting the ceilings!!! ATM there is about 6 different trades in the same area... Coming to work and nearly fighting because numpty people couldn't run a bath!! :RpS_cursing:
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    Skimming lottery!!

    FFS on site this morning weeding through the shitty bags left over at the bottom of the pile, pick 4 out and start knocking them up, about 1/4 way through a big old window wall with 3 big reveals and my arms aching already and the mix is flying in!! Ragging I start throwing it on in a fit of...
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    Any dabbers?

    Needs some dabbers for a site I'm on office block to do in leyland., dont know what the rates are yet..
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    Van van vans!!! :(

    Need to find a van!! What vans do you men have? Vivaros? Anyone? Heard a lot of bad things about them, but there's one at a garage near me fella seems quite honest, said it came in as a part ex and the fella said its been a nightmare but he's done all the bad things, ie egr valve, gearbox, can...
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    Internal render..

    Anyone ever S&C scratch coated then hard walled then topped it off with a S&C finish coat?
  44. SpankySouthport

    S & C fibres where from?

    As above, I know wicks do them in small bags but its not close to me
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    Do I need to wait for the tanking to full cure before I scratch coat it? Bits have cured other bits where wall were soaked are still dark?? cheers
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    Mixing S&C with drill??

    Ok so I'm gonna give mixing S&C with my drill a go what is the process? Water first if so how much?
  47. SpankySouthport

    250mm extension

    Any massive drills!! :RpS_laugh:
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    Just bought one of these..

    A little excessive for removing render!! Weights a tonne :glare: