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    How to get glass finish

    I have a good finish but was just wondering how to get a proper glass finish I know the painters don’t like it but it does look good. Is it lots of dry troweling or is there another way or a certain trowel to use? Would really appreciate some tips thanks
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    One coat plastering

    Want to try one coat plastering. Any tips? Can you use standard MF or must you use one coat plaster? Would really appreciate any advice, thanks.
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    Can you dot n dab in bathrooms?

    Just wondering if dot n dab in bathrooms is ok because would be quicker than screwing in batons
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    When to use speedskim

    never used a speedskim, when using speedskim on final coat I heard you use it twice. So do you wait for the plaster to firm up a bit like when troweling or just do it straight away? Please help thanks
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    Sponge floating

    Tried the sponge and couldn’t get the sponge marks completely out. when using sponge do you flatten the final coat sooner than normal and apply the sponge straight away while the wall is still pretty wet? And do you flatten out the sponge marks straight away or wait a bit? Would really...
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    Feb 2 in 1 bottle

    There’s a feb 2 in 1 bottle both waterproofer and plasticiser. I heard your meant to put waterproofer in scratch coat and plasticiser in top coat. This 2 in 1 should be alright for both coats right?
  7. J

    One coat of pva?

    For small areas could you get away with using one thick coat of pva before skimming?
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    Skim over wet bonding

    Just skimmed over some wet bonding and some bubbles/dimples have appeared. Anyway to get rid of these?
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    Hardwall on damp walls?

    I have stripped the old plaster off a wall and the bricks are still pretty damp, could I just use SBR bond then use hardwall? Or does is have to be sand and cement?
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    Can you dot n dab in bathrooms?

    I know you can’t use bonding or hardwall in bathrooms. You are supposed to screw moisture resistant board into battons or Joyce’s. but can you dot and dab? Or can you use sand and cement?
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    When to use corner trowel?

    should I use the corner trowel after flattening the second coat? Or is the wall still too soft then? So should I do it after the wet trowel instead? Would really appreciate some advice, thanks.