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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    Got back from work today and I’ve been delivered a megamixer mm30 , can’t understand it as never used the company before funny thing is I use a collomix
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    Master plasterer at 14

    piece of piss
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    Ok own up which one of you on here was it? Bloody flirt giving tea in fluffy pjs
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    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?

    Wife’s been hounding me about a new kitchen ,I can’t personally see a problem with the old one 20 years old from mfi but hey ho Nothing to do with plastering but thought I’d ask my fellow plasterers Suggestions please, and no she doesn’t want replacement door fronts
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    What is this finish?

    I’ve never heard of it, double the price of multi is it a re packaged cash in by supplier ? Also delivery start 11th May if British gypsum are opening on Monday I’m guessing stock should be in the suppliers of multi by that time anyhow surely?
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    My thought

    I’m thinking the governments plan is to buy time with the lock down to build temporary hospitals and temporarily morgues then open doors to go back to work and try and cope with the numbers of infection, On a lighter note I’m enjoying the break and the three weeks of no phone calls and I’ve...