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    Ritmo L spraying Monorex

    15 mts of pipe on at about 10 mts high max. Spraying monorex with TV 10 mesh then later a second pass. quality improves after a few seconds
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    The Lotus XS Continuous mixing machine

    Here it is
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    The PFT Ritmo Survey

    There are quite a few Ritmos out there being used now. I am curious for feedback. What do you use your Ritmo for ? Does the Ritmo do what you expected it to do ? Does the Ritmo do what you were told it would do ? Have you found the Ritmo not up to any job you asked of it ? Was you...
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    Sprayed Micro dash

    has anyone got a link to anyting about this. It looks like a 1mm dash sprayed onto some kind of receiver coat
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    Parex Tardex

    Anybody used it ? I have just read the spec and it says not to use below 20 degrees. Any ideas why not. I was gonna use it this week temps about 12-15 degrees in the day down to 5-8 degrees in the night. Not done an overnighter yet this year.:rolleyes)
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    very fine dash finish

    anyone ever seen this applied. It looks like a 1mm fine aggregate been pebble dashed to wall. My guess to apply it is lay a tight coat of maite or similar over the base coat and spray the aggregate at the wall using a hopper gun. Anyone seen it done
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    iphone 4 for sale

    its on vodafone network 32 gig £200
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    Monocouche In Neath near Swansea

    looking for someone to do some monocouche on a new build. Paying £13 a meter measured through. Must be CIS registered and please only Good, reliable and conscientious plasterers need apply. Its ready to go
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    Real German Crew

    Have a look at this. They are using mineral render equivalent to NOBLO ( same as bucket coat but you mix with water) its a 2 man team using a machine to help them. They have the whole elevation on in under 5 minutes. Thats mixed and on the wall and it then leaves the 2 of them to finish the...
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    Kayak for sale

    hobie kayak | eBay Ideal to take on Holiday and go exploring
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    p11 screed pump

    putzmeister sp11 screed pump | eBay
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    Hop Up

    Anyone got one of these. Telesteps 61209 Black Line Telescopic Work Platform | eBay I have also seen a much cheaper adjustable platform on ebay but cant find it
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    loved the original lomar but now they bought this out. I wish i did traditional now. Lomar spianatrice LOM110 - YouTube
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    Is there an I phone app fot tpf
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    pea gravel then screed oys doys

    anyone know of screeders who bulk the floor with pea gravel and then just pour a self levelling over it so it soaks up, binds and leaves a good finish
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    Watford I think

    Its a firm looking for someone to render about 350 m2 in Watford The subbies who asked me reckon they are really keen to get it done and would pay good money He hinted £15 or more a mtr I am only passing this info on so make sure you do any homework before you take the work on Anyone...
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    weber OCR

    anyone ever sponge finished this next day, ie. lay on one day, leave overnight, shave it in morning and sponge it to a finish
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    silica sand or grit

    where can you buy silica sand or quartz grit.
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    Insulation rail system

    is the above more expensive than dabbing. and is it good for shapely walls
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    lanco latex

    wats a rough price on lanco and monorex per tub or bag
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    ucking turned up for work today and what a day i can tell you. To start of i forgot my usual overalls so had to borrow my mates red ones. Anyway the jobs about 8 lifts high and theres this furry thing on the top of it throwing water butts down. I have to run along each lift wiv me hardhat...
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    RITMO L on Website

    Knauf PFT » Mixing pumps its all there. Comes with 20 mts material hose, built in tool box and new vibrator
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    How smooth for vinyl

    How smooth does the floor have to be for laying vinyls. I have noticed that a liquid screed is not good enough for them to lay over. I would think that maybe if there is anything sticking out it will pierce the lino but what about air bubbles etc are they a problem.
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    Ritmo roadshow is coming

    Knauf PFT Roadshow
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    Newish system

    Used the monojet today with a weber screed. D 8 1-5 pump. The poor bloke on the machine reckoned it was empty in under a minute 35 lts is pretty quick. it did 4 ton in about 2 hours. i used a rapid drying base screed and gonna top it off later With a bit of homework you could figure out some...
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    anyone ever used it.its for a retaiing wall and costs 57 bucks a bag that covers 12mm 1m2
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    tidy fish
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    Vat on insulation jobs

    Does anyone know if a customer only has to pay 5% vat if they have external wall insulation installed on a domestic property or the full amount
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    Why dya Think

    A Taylor Wimpey site has built a load of houses some in Brickwork and some in blockwork. They have put the roofs in gutters the lot. Some have windows but what have taken down all the scaffold. How dya think they will manage with the rendering. There are some big houses there and some...
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    Maths Question

    Getting confused please help me. if 30kg of material covers 1.65 m2 at 15mm. how thick in mm will 1 square mtr be if i use 33kg
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    Pricing Render jobs

    Use google street view and google earth to see the jobs and give a estimate. If youre in the ballpark then go see it and firm up the cost. No wasted petrol fees
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    35mm pipe

    its horrible and weighs loads and im knackered
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    Liquid screed

    done one today 420 mts over 3 floors. My biggest ever. Still falls short of the super screeders though:RpS_mad:
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    Good price for Weber OCR

    £4.19 a bag from CCF. I thought that was well cheap. I hope they aint 10 KG bags
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    hey Flinnly quay. How dya get on with your k Rend jobs. Its been quite on here from your camp lately !!
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    Joddy mix Ebay

    PLASTERING MACHINE (JODDY MIXER) MIXER ****BARGAIN**** | eBay UK Has anyone heard of this generation joddy mixer. It says it will mix multi finish and bonding. I know the old ones cant do this but nothing is mentioned on the website
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    Insulation Adhesive

    I know some systems have a foam available for fixing the insulation boards but has anyone ever used Pink grip dry fix adhesive to fix their boards. The spec sheet says they can be used to fix insulation to masonary and if they can fix a plaster board to a brick or block wall they will defo fix...
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    PFT G5 Mixing Pump
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    PFT G4 Spraying a topcoat

    The machine is mixing the material and spraying the topcoat on the wall. 2 people are doing this. Any mixing pump will do this. The material is the same as NOBLO YouTube - Fassade-Scheibenputz mit G4
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    The X Factor for spreads

    wonder who would win it and what would be so good about him.
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    Did you say you are applying your topcoat with the machine and finishing by hand
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    Liquid screed

    Did i read on here that you can buy the materials to mix your own liquid screed on site
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    s*p*r*lex and refina

    you can buy them on Ebay now
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    80 boards a day

    guy i work with aims for 80 boards a day. Average rate is 4.50 supply and fix gives him £3 labour he dont work 8-5 but does hit his targets. fukkkin good money. ps he wont earn that 365 days a year but when its there he will go for it. you could do well at a pound a mtr
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    weber rend xm therm

    what is this system. I understand its insulation/lac but not clear on the topcoat is it different to silicone or acrylic
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    A very good deal

    PFT Ritmo Plastering Machine from £ 100.00 per month on eBay (end time 10-Mar-11 09:04:50 GMT) What a great way to get into machine plastering
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    Good system for Rock face block

    What system would be 100% bombproof for application over rock face blocks. The problem is the rock face blocks are part of a massive retaining wall and they are slowly crumbling away. I suspect the water and frost is making them crumble. The owner has tried to repair it with cement last year...
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    When applying the base coat for systems like marmorit up210 i think that there is as much work getting the surface all i framed an flat as there is in doing a standard monocouche. When you spray a topcoat on the base has to be almost perfect which is a bit of a false economy. I was...
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    Anybody ever used k rend Hp 12 with a machine

    as above, i have been told it sets too quick
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    Brietling watch

    Gonna sell my watch. Its a brietling seamaster 6 stainless and titaninium paid £8,200 i would take 5k i am skint please