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    Ritmo L wanted

    Looking for a clean Ritmo L setup. PM me @middevonplastering or email me at
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    Hello Strangers

    Hello boys, who is stil on here. Is wizard mr Gibson still around.
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    Best machine by far

    I have used most machines and in my opinion the PFT machines run all over the rest of the s**t out there . The ritmo is out standing and the back up is second to none .
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    Wheres that G** t**t fanny man

    This place is full of want a be plasterers . Crook of s**t . Where is that knob fanny man . Anyway , where's that bottle of red . Machines will put all you f**k*r out if work soon . Lol
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    We have a lot of mono render in andover to be done before Christmas. We are looking for gangs who are interested . It's all new work using parex . Anyone interested email me at
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    Just a reminder to everyone

    Before long we will see frost so just a reminder to all of you who owns a machine, make sure you get into the habit of draining all the water from the machine now. For those of you who are new and don't know what I am talking about, if the water freezes inside the machine , you will have learnt...
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    Taunton area labourer wanted

    If there is anyone who wants a couple of weeks teaming up with a couple of our lads for external render in Watchet. Cement boarding first and then spraying it. No experience needed just hard working. Email me
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    Tackers and metalers

    Anyone know of tackers and metalers looking for long runs of work. New builds andover / portsmouth areas
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    labourer wanted somerset

    Labouer or young trainee wanted to join a machine rendwr gang. You must have transport and be willing to work away at times. Full training will be given. Email your details to
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    render gang needed

    We have 200m house to mono in poole., Dorset but has to be started next week. Anyone interested email me at Paul jul plastering
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    Looking for renderers southampton

    We will have mono work in and around the Southampton area and we are looking for EXPERIENCED machine gangs who are looking for work in this area. If your interested, pm me your contact details plus 2 references of other contractors you have worked for.
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    Concrete tent

    Tents that turn into concrete in less than 24 hours. [VIDEO]
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    its says a place to say hello, so hello
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    TACKERS AND STICKERS WANTED ( Portsmouth area)

    Right, a firm we carry out render for is looking for GOOD tackers and stickers for work in the Portsmouth area , sitework. We have worked for them for over 2 years and never had a problem with payment . if anyone is interested then pm me , I dont want to put there details on here for obvious...
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    140m2 of mono at ROMSEY Hampshire

    we have 140m2 of mono ( Parex) to be done at Romsey. machine or hand but needs to be started this week. email Me at also have work in Andover .
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    Skimmer needed for house in Southampton

    If any of you boys want a house to skim, new work in Southampton pm me. This is not for us but a firm we work for want someone asap. If you pm me I will pass your number on .
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    external insulation board work

    isle of white We are looking for experienced labour to carry out fixing of insulation boards, The job is on the isle of white with around 4,000m2 . We are also looking for experienced labour to apply mesh and basecoat to a high standard as the top coat will be sprayed. If your interested...
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    Thought i would post this for all the lads who has not seen it

    Ritmo PFT Ritmo spraying gypsum multifinish - YouTube
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    This is funny

    This is so funny mtech.wmv - YouTube
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    Now the frost is here just a little reminder to the newer boys to make sure you drain down your machines, if you dont and the water left in the water system freezes you could do some expensive damage .
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    did a weber over night

    me and Stuart sprayed about 60m2 of weber and left it over night, I dont think we should have done that because according to the boys, it was really hard. You lot dont think we would have done that if we had to rub it back do you but i will tell the lads on monday that we were very sorry ...
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    Trainee-labourer wanted

    1) Right before we start PLEASE read the bloody add, if you dont tick the every box then dont contact us. 2) Were not discussing money on here so dont ask 3) if you not interested then move on and dont post stupid bloody messages. were looking for someone who would be interested in learning...
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    breaking in a G5 the Monkey way
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    Plasterer/labourer needed

    Right, we are looking for someone who has at least the basic skills and is willing to learn and work hard. We only carry out machine work , renders and internal mp75. You will be working along side one of us so you do not need to know about operating a machine as we will teach you. If your...
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    taking the piss or what

    Is this bloke having a laugh, says some bits missing, right, like most of the machine UTIFORM PLASTERING MIXER MACHINE | eBay UK
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    arranged to render the back of my place this weekend, had it all highbonded and meshed, went over to the stores to pick up the render which was delivered on friday, chuck half of it in the van , picked up another bag to see they had sent parex g00 which is white, i ordered g20 which aint white...
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    g4 on ebay

    Come on then, who bought the g4 on ebaY, if its working they got themselves a little bargin. if you did and you dont know to much about machines give one of us a shout before you fire it up. you really want to back flush the water system first or when you fire it up it will push all the rust and...
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    plasterboard lifter

    selling a refina board lifter. there about £500. It dont have the tilting head on it. just up ak and down. It makes boarding on your own a breeze. as i work all over the place there is a good chance i could meet up and deliver. I only want £350 for it...
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    Market Place

    Just wondering how you are all finding work, Do you plenty or just month to month.
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    deleted post

    where is merlins post about 90,000 m2 . someone deleted it. bet it was benders bum chum, fannyman
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    40m2 in an hour

    me and merlin sprayed , ruled and spatted a front of a house today in an hour start to finish with our secret weapon. try that by hand.
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    board lifter for sale

    selling my refina board lifter. ideal for anyone who tacks ceilings on there own. 300 collected
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    hello you bunch of ugly T***s

    Im back boys and girls , not been able to logon for the past 2 months from home for some reason, anyway hello
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    machine labourer

    We are talking about looking for someone who is interested in working in and around the Milton keynes area , it will be mostly external work using a machine. You dont have to know anything about machine work as we will train you . You will be carrying labouring type work to start with. You need...
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    Dot & Dabers wanted exeter

    I know a firm looking for GOOD d&d boys. £2m2 . pm me.
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    Wurzel for sale

    WE have a wurzel for sale, he has to go because after every sentence he says: I ave to say. He also eats more than the rest of the farm animals, he will need collecting as it would cost to much to transport due to the waight of the fat (french word)er. please see the pic below , I know its ugly...
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    up and running

    just wanted to let everyone know that the lord and downing forum that was hacked is now back up and running ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    There are some Gods on here ( or think there gods) ;D ;D who think they can out perform a machine so lets put it to the test, lets say a standard 60m2 wall , 2 or 3 lifts of scaffold and let the gods take a machine on, we will let you mix you first tub of gear , the wall must also be finished...
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    we had spunky spraying today, did ok as well for his first time
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    Price of these

    look at the price of these stilts
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    Refina Panel lifter

    selling my Plasterboard lifter, Its the orange one refina sells. Its the dogs for boarding on your own and if your using 15mm or fireboards which are heavy then it pays for itself in no time. The one im selling does not have the tilting head but...
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    G5 For Sale

    Selling my G5 as we have too many and its just sat there feeling left out. If anybody is interested pm me or monkey. were looking for around £2250 for it . we can also supply a brand new genny if needed for an extra £1800. comes with everything you need to start spraying.
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    Spraying MP75

    here's a little vid of us spraying mp75. ;D
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    tacking and plastering in oxford

    We have heard of some long run work in oxford for you boys Tacking £1.00 m2 Skim £1.80 m2 Hard and set £4.50 Anyone interested contact merlin
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    skimmers needed in portsmouth

    we got some skimming onto board using mp finish on a job in portsmouth, most high level but can be done off electric lift. must have cscs card. £2.35m2 labour only. PM me or monkey. start next week.
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    seen it all

    seen it all today, we had to prep some boarding ready to skim on a job me and monkey are on, the tackers had put up all the thincoat stops down the concrete ceilings, stu was scrimming when he noticed the stopeads where fixed with the 3mm lip over the inside edge of the boards so they all had to...
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    work boots

    got a pair of Steel Blue work boots today, there the dogs, real comfy and well made. recommend them.
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    new tools

    do you think knauf have fitted these lads out, i like all the brand new tools
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    selling panel lifter

    hi chaps, Im selling my panel lifter as i dont use it anymore, Its not one of the cheap ones sold on ebay, its the orange refina one. it dont have the tilting attachment , you can board any flat ceiling one your own , ideal for overboarding. Im looking for about £350 for it and its like new.
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    Me and monkey have just got a 40" s*p*r*lex , will be using it on mp next week and let you know what its like