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    Hi, with using Ecorend before it’s applied can you use a different type of primer or does it have to be s10 bonding primer. Cheers
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    Just stand against the wall close one eye and look down it
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    Work available - Liverpool

    Why don’t you just ring him?
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    Work available - Liverpool

    Just be nosey here, but you say you don’t have any transport how do you get to your jobs or plan or getting to future jobs with all your tools or if you need to grab gear?
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    Poor lass

    I’m 1 of the 3 was skimming her bedroom ceiling caught her taking snaps and helped her out all in a days work
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    charachters you have met over the years1

    Many years ago when I was a young happy aspiring plasterer in the 90s I once worked on Roy shaw house in Essex the bare knuckle fighter. He seemed like a decent bloke. we use to get there at about half 6 he be up, top off doing weights and he come in asking if he wanted a spar. Never got a cuppa...
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    addiction cost me everything

    Who cares in 100 years from now no one will even no we where alive, apart from when are great grandchildren are doing a family tree pull up are files and think what a t**t he was a plasterer and then forgot all about us again ‍♂️
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    Self cleaning renders

    Sand and cement, paint it white and get the Mrs out there once a month with a bucket and ladder problem solved.
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    asbestos worries

    I just want to hear more about this airing cupboard it sounds fascinating, keep going.........
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    Not plastering related, but could do with some personal advice please.

    I was in a similar situation years ago and at the time I thought my world was closing in on me and one day someone said to me “one day it will be over” and now years later I met the true love of my life got a great life see my kids all the time and I think about what he said all the time and...
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    4 metre high walls.

    How do you no he was a southerner. Just because he killed in London doesn’t mean he was a southerner........ where was you the night the murders happened. I think I’ve got my prime suspect and solved the mystery
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    Looking for advice

    Only a bit of friendly advice mate take it or leave it. Although you call me thick? Wow are we back at school? I think your mum and dad must of been thick well your mum and the milk man Good luck
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    Looking for advice

    Don’t listen to them. I agree with you it’s a easy job. I’ll give you a few tips for when your skimming, use hot water to knock up, it holds it back So will give you a bit longer to apply also put your heating on will also help hold it Back also don’t apply pva to the bonding just skim straight...
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    Plasterers only to buy plaster campaign

    I did think it but he looked scared shitless when I caught him couldn’t get his words out.
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    Plasterers only to buy plaster campaign

    A pallet got delivered to site last Wednesday as I was packing up looked out the window a w**k*r sparky had his boot open and chucking bags in there couldn’t believe it by the time I got over there he had 9 bags in there! Told him he either pays £50 a bag for it or put it all back so he put it...
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    Crazed plaster

    I’ve seen it before where someone left hardwall for a few days then skimmed it without pva just went off and went like that
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    Starting the trade

    And leave all your cables sticking out and not put in sockets.
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    new build

    When I first started after mixing up for about 6 months I use to get put in the worse cupboards with pipes everywhere and once I mastered that I was allowed out.
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    Bit of advice

    Knock your house down and start again only solution to this problem the crack will get so bad you’ll probably get Lost in it. Just my opinion.
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    Happy Birthday to our Queen.

    Wouldn’t of liked to be be at the front and need a piss .
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    would you get married again be honest

    I wouldn’t ever get married, once upon a time had a nice house plodding on in life brought the ex an Christmas present which was to have a old tattoo covered up next thing I no I’ve been kicked out my house and he’s moved in . Now many years later I’m happy got a nice house, work hard and single.
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    Ronda rousy story

    I’ve watched that, I was thinking imagine being married to her you wouldn’t Want to argue with her
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    Lottery win ....

    If only! probably raise ours to give more to them, because can’t have the rich losing any money in this!
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    I think China have massively covered up the real numbers of deaths and infected people, I’ve read somewhere that it could be close to a million people who died from it out there.
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    UK lockdown this friday

    yea spoke to lizzy last night
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    UK lockdown this friday

    I heard the same thing
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    Universal One Coat

    Yea totally agree just never done it on artex only boards was Just wondering if it comes up ok with the one coat on artex.
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    Universal One Coat

    Just the one coat?
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    Need advice.

    Another keyboard warrior
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    Need advice.

    Ok mr banner
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    Need advice.

    Don’t turn green on us will you now!...... Look mate no hard feelings I’ve got a decent plastering company with about 25 lads on full time, if your ever stuck for a bit of work give me a shout and I’ll chuck you on with labourers board loading.
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    Need advice.

    Come on then hulk, what’s your advice? Ow and write proper English
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    Need advice.

    Take all the tiles off have the whole bathroom back to block work then dot and dab with green moisture board and skim.
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    Taking 2 month course. Introduction and questions

    Hi, mate welcome along. With the window wall I would chip it all off and I no it’s annoying but if the room down stairs you’ll have to take the ceiling out and come of the wall the above it. Only way you’ll get it spot on level then get a big tub of tartin pva bond ( Wicks is the best place)...
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    Too long between coats.

    So you put on a coat of multi and left it?
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    new tape measure

    Don’t even use a tape, just do it by eye!
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    Hello, please help.

    Best bet would probably be go back to sleep!
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    Could of cried

    So today finished a house for a customer it was a big house half re skim half new had the lounge to do today fire place was float and set, bit of a nightmare job because the customer wasn’t having skirting board so had to go right down to the floor and not leave a gap (looks stupid if you ask...
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    This really annoys me

    Yea but with people like that say they do a bedroom I would charge £350-£400 aim to do it in a day. They will go there say £100 a day and take 4 days and people don’t like it when your earning £350 a day I’ve had it a few times before.
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    This really annoys me

    Someone sent me this ad that he saw......
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    Angle beads

    I remember my 1st pint mate, don’t worry
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    Angle beads

    How do you put your angle beads up on plasterboard? Staple? Screw or stick up?