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    heavy buckets

    I'm getting older/wiser and these bloody refina buckets are getting heavier any ideas on any form of lifts/jacks to get the gear on the board ?? scooping is too much agg almost needs a lift like a barbers chair to jack it up ?
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    War on the horizon

    So it looks like a senile old b*****d has replaced a succssfull businessman to be leader of the most powerfull country on the planet and we worry about multi finish ......................:censored:
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    second grant

    So are we all in agreement, that because of said plaster shortage, we as plasterer's have all suffered from lockdown and this has affected our business income. so we are entitled to another grant from rishi .
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    dewalt mixer 240

    as previously mentioned just got my hands on one of these, very impressed , 1800w its the same as megamixer and £100 pound cheaper . has plenty of power and three settings for speed, and a nifty safety catch on the trigger. worth mentioning that if you fill in all the serial numbers on the...
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    dewalt 240 v drill

    Anyone had any experience of the dewalt 240 v drill , same as flexvolt by the looks 1800w dwd241 £235 on fleabay, dewalt
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    looking for work

    as above lads, had a few days here and there but nothing consistent, all aspects of spreading, gold cscs, public liability and all that jazz - basicilly an organised subbie looking for a bit of extra work- you know the score !! i"m in aldershot hampshire-and yes i have got a horse and cart...
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    hi all, we are seeking a new lad to learn all aspects of the plastering trade, not just skimming!!!! and yes, there is more to plastering than skimming- we even lay floors!!!! would ideally suit someone who is young, dumb and full of cum!!!:RpS_crying: we are based in aldershot and work mainly...
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    weber through coloured render

    hi guys any advice welcome, i have got a garden wall to do on an old art deco place in guildford, client wants weber through coloured render, i have never used pre bagged before , so is it scratchcoat, bead, (plastic), then top coat next day also with regards to rubbing up do i use a normal poly...
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    hiya chaps, i have just been converted to board finish after years of multi finish, i find it produces a nice tighter finish and i am not stood around waiting for the bloody gear to pick up, especially over skimming poxy artex, just interested as to what you boys use?
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    dead multi

    used a load of multi finish today from wickes, dead in the ground or what- hung around all day, is it something to do with the polythene that has appeared in the bags, and yes it was in date (june) cheers chaps :P
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    salt free sharp sand

    hi chaps hope all is good! anyone know of any places to get salt free sharp sand from? around guildford i have got myself involved with a tanking job (yes i know)!! crap job, but work is tight and need is must!
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    hiya folks i am looking for a schooleaver with an interest in learning plastering, have tried many places but no one seems interested????? would obviously be on a trial basis first to see if it works out! i am based in near guildford surrey, take care chaps. :) please pm me