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  1. lurpak

    Streaks in finished wall

    Not. Finish is flawless as always. slags
  2. lurpak


    Anyone into them? Looking at road legal raptors. Had a suzuki ltz off road 450 or something years ago never really go into it tho. thinking road legal one
  3. lurpak


    First £5000 takes it
  4. lurpak

    Anyone noticed

    Or remember when they scared the piss out of people saying the coronavirus deaths would keep doubling and soon be 100,000 a day? Looks to be that UK peaked at 1000 a day official deaths (9/10 of those with an average on 3 underlying health conditions) it’s then started dropping day by day ive...
  5. lurpak


    Lockdowns getting expensive, keep buying random s**t. Anyone into motocross? Not had a bike since my 20’s. 35 now. Picked up this lil beast today. CRF250
  6. lurpak

    Did I hear that right?

    Watching the coronavirus shite on news. 9/10 coronavirus deaths had underlying health conditions. On average 3 underlying health conditions. So in other words, out of the 13,000 uk deaths, 11,700 were knocking on deaths door. So that brings us to 1300 Deaths in 5 months. Bare in mind, 1500...
  7. lurpak

    How are the cheapys fending?

    Bet them £80 / £120 a day lads are feeling it now and starting to panic. Genuinely intrigued as how people who are running low on cash are managing now? No money coming in / money still going out. Only a matter of time before the cashflow fails.
  8. lurpak

    Boris out hmmm

    This whole coronavirus thing has left me confused from the start. Just has to be more to it. First 71 year old prince Charles apparently gets it, before we know it he’s made a full recovery. Then Boris apparently gets it. Posts a series of videos not coughing once. Suddenly ends up in hospital...
  9. lurpak

    2 days for Boris

    Until my bet comes in. £20 returns £220. predicted straight away he will return from ‘intensive care’ in 4 days perfectly fine and then UP the lockdown rules to allow police to arrest / fine etc. £136 cash out at min
  10. lurpak

    Porn under floorboards

    I found my dad’s old hidden porn collection when we were cleaning out his attic. Really vintage stuff. I’m glad I found it though, I had forgotten how blonde my hair used to be.
  11. lurpak


    Well that just sums it all up
  12. lurpak

    f**k**g Refina buckets

    The white plastic ones. Replaced by time served one (hole in it) about 6 months ago with 2 new ones. I even said to the bloke at TW Wholesale that they feel thinner and he said nah. Cleaning all my buckets out of boredom and guess what. Both leaking. Not noticed before as knock up soon as...
  13. lurpak

    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    Keep seeing s**t shared on fuckbook. When you actually read these articles, very often you can spot things like this So basically they don’t actually know if she had it at all, yet can print papers saying she did, scaring the s**t of of people.
  14. lurpak

    Another 3 deaths

    Getting ridiculous now. Wouldn’t normally worry about this sort of thing but can’t deny the figures. Please make sure your curtain poles are properly attached if It’s above your bed as it can fall and kill you in your sleep.
  15. lurpak

    Just another day in Brum

    Nice to finally meet you @Stevieo
  16. lurpak

    Blue grit failure

    Couldn’t make it up. Could. Just did. fooking bored @algeeman sitting in van again
  17. lurpak

    British Gypsum Beads

    The plot thickens... Spoke to my pal who does new builds. Mentioned the beads being decent. His firm got fined £1500 by British Gypsum for not using their beads. And it’s now compulsory if using their skim. Anyone heard this? @BritishGypsum
  18. lurpak

    Vinceys wet dream

    Boxes n boxes of bg beads. You rate em vincent?
  19. lurpak

    Customer not happy with work

    Couldn’t make it up! Could. Just did. My works flawless. Clicked that fast though didn’t you. Merry xmas you bunch of c**ts. You’re all sound really even @Ritch Going to try trim up a bit for 2020, so won’t see the usual curry pictures. Just weighed meself, nearly 18 fookin stone. xxxxxx
  20. lurpak

    Render Porn

    Like how this was filmed and edited:
  21. lurpak


    took a lot of effort but should of seen his lil face xx
  22. lurpak

    Steef can you fix it

    Lil xmas jobby. 0 electric 0 water tenants ready to move in Jan. umm
  23. lurpak

    Trowels for sale

    14”x5” Marshaltown stainless steel Gold xtra lite permashape pre worn trowels. £35 + postage 3 available
  24. lurpak

    This one of yours john

    Proper spreads do rendering
  25. lurpak

    Plant based diet

    oh look at me I watched a documentary now I’m a f**k**g vegan. Be protesting outside local butchers next. Bore off.
  26. lurpak

    What’s in the bottle

  27. lurpak

    Drinking on the job

    Might start drinking more often at work having a great timez might re skim bathroom tomorrow nightZ was never happy with it
  28. lurpak


    2 in 1 day. Wanting cheapy cheap plastering. Anyone else getting chancers ringing
  29. lurpak

    Boris Johnson naked pictures leeked

    Couldn’t make it up! Could, just did. Fookin bored. What you saying @algeeman few games on tonight?
  30. lurpak


    Always read menu. Always order chicken madras n garlic fried rice. Sometimes with a keemanaan. Any recommendations for something different
  31. lurpak

    Happy Monday

    Love Mondays. Just gobbed it and basically face planted a toilet. Toilet then fell with me. Covered in toilet water. Trowels ok tho.
  32. lurpak

    Gyproc BeadTape

    New tape by Gyproc for sticking beads on, tried it today and what can I say.. it works. Couldn’t get a clout nail in so this tape was ideal. Also handy for sticking tools to wall etc. I *think* it might even work as a scrim tape too, will try it later.
  33. lurpak

    Plaster shortage again

    Went to load up for tomorrow (wickes) no board or multi. Great. Here we go again
  34. lurpak

    khabib nurmagomedov

    So he’s fighting dustin September 7th.. I suspect another boring hugging/mauling. But surely it’s only a matter of time before he gets found out. Nates back. Tony’s ready.. Thoughts
  35. lurpak


    Is @Stevieo ok? He’s either dead or actually doing some work.
  36. lurpak

    f**k*d again

    Can’t even get on here now
  37. lurpak

    Cheap pricks

    You’ve driven me to this. Gotta make my money tonight on the town. Do you think sparks tell other sparks they’re too expensive doing a re-wire in 2 days for £2500. Do you think they’ll go in at £300 a day x 2 instead? Do you think gas go in at £400 a day instead of £3000 for a like for like...
  38. lurpak

    5x4 living room ceiling over-board and skim

    Guess how f**k**g much. Labour only. Guess how much the customer wants to pay
  39. lurpak

    Reactions disappear

    If I click ‘like’ or ‘agree’ or whatever, sometimes when I look back at the post it’s gone @Danny
  40. lurpak

    f**k**g BOARD FINISH!!!!!

    Has been nice too. Been using it for a few weeks now. Choosing it over multi.
  41. lurpak

    What’s happened to Tapit

    ‘s tape reviews?
  42. lurpak

    Moral dilemma 2

    So I’m having a piss on the job when I hear a bang. A little hidden trapdoor opened. So I take a look inside and see a gold bar! I retrieved it out, turned out it wasn’t a gold bar. It’s one of those big cleaning wipes. BUT THERES SOMETHING INSIDE... 2 BRAND NEW unused drywall screws...
  43. lurpak

    New hopup

    Customer had one and I was very impressed so went and brought one. £50 from wickes (£45 with tradepro discount) Really happy with it, feels solid and doesn’t creak like the cheaper ones. It also folds completely flat.
  44. lurpak

    f**k**g MULTI FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Has been lovely lately.
  45. lurpak

    Prefer skimming artex than...

    Plasterboard. Wow I feel a tonne lighter getting that off my chest.
  46. lurpak

    Too muggy

    f**k**g rotten. Had a shower. Got dressed. Need another shower. Tried take t-shirt off it got stuck nearly broke my arm. Hate the humidity
  47. lurpak

    josh warrington vs kid galahad

    This should be a good scrap. Josh is the bookies favourite. I think Josh’s intensity will be too much for Barry and he will get a stopage in the later rounds. But alot of people are saying Barry will outbox him and get the decision.. Thoughts?
  48. lurpak

    England vs Netherlands

    Beerio time
  49. lurpak

    Evening Alf

  50. lurpak

    Multi Finish 60 is here

    Fookin hell. After the crisis of low stock, wickes has pallets of fresh multi. Used a few bags to day and it stiffens up fast as fook. Had an old bag of board finish in van so tried that and was normal so deffo summat with the multi.