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  1. Marshy

    Hi im Marshy

    Hello all I'm Marshy and just wanted to say hello Oh I'm back to kind of f**k things up
  2. Marshy

    Anyone need a lift?

    As from Sunday 17th I'm free as had a last minute cancellation (typical around this time of year) if anybody needs a lift with a job I'm more than interested. Not too keen travelling too far regard how the weather has turned last few days. Don't mind bit of a road trip mind (y) All the best...
  3. Marshy

    Dragons Den here I come

  4. Marshy

    Same old same old

    This ones for you @Orangemachineman or tangocunt or whatever?? :)
  5. Marshy

    Im off to camp chaps

  6. Marshy

    what the furk has happened and where is the public bar!!!

    Just logged in and dont like this at all!! No "whats new" feature etc !!?? Ggrrrrrr
  7. Marshy

    Marshy eats big slice of Humble Pie !?

    Those of you that know me will be well aware of my dislike of Nela s*p*r*lex and the original premium trowels and my run ins with Ryan (plasterers1stopshop) are well documented !? To be fair Ryan asked me to try the "new" improved premium as he was convinced I may change my one sided view over...
  8. Marshy

    terror threat !!!

    No joke lads been tipped off anybody travelling west end London from 4am this morning should be very careful and according to the "threat" it's on the tube stations please please be careful people it's been shared on Facebook I may be a northerner but I do like some of you southern lads n lasses
  9. Marshy

    eze spat and pole

    Absolutley brilliant nothing more to add!!:RpS_thumbup: First flatten took seconds!! If you havnt got one?? Dont know what your missing?
  10. Marshy

    Luis Suarez as a child !?

  11. Marshy

    RobJacks Venitian Plastering open day

    Both myself and @SpankySouthport went to Applicart open day today in Darwen/Blackburn Lancashire and met @RobJack who is involved in the set up. I never knew there were so many variations of this kind of work and the show room set up is fantastic. Also microcement is on offer and to see proper...
  12. Marshy

    Brittany job update chaps

    This ceiling is 11m x 10m we did it one it on a rolling gauge!
  13. Marshy

    British Gypsum Tour

    I'd just like to take time out to thank @BritishGypsum for there very excellent tour! All the staff were brilliant and very hospitable and friendly :RpS_thumbsup: Thank you so much!! All the lads I met were brilliant @Wesley @Danny @scottie5 @UKPlasteringmachines @puddove @ryanswart really glad...
  14. Marshy

    Help !! which do I need??

    Hello lads n lasses, Basically I'm after a machine set up (idea of cost and so on) to be able to spray Tyrolean? I'm getting too old to keep doing large houses on my own with the plastic green Tyrol gun lol. Also I see a lot of these modern renders are spray applied but do you need to be kitted...
  15. Marshy

    amount of fixings per sheet of polystyrene??

    I've just been to a job and a house a few doors down is having ewi and the sheets are all fitted but they have only drilled/plugged 2fixings per sheet!!?? We got told (in Germany) that 6 per sheet were a must but admittedly we just did 4corners and one in the middle. What's the norm please over...
  16. Marshy

    A Textured Alternative?

    I'd priced a job to 2 coat render plain flat rubbed/sponged. Got a call today to say they fancy something textured like Tyrolean? Its a tricky job but Tyrolean will be a nightmare with all the masking up (on this job particularly) so cost would scare them off? so as you lot are up to date on...
  17. Marshy

    To mesh or not to mesh??

    Right lads I've got a large gable to do where the original render has blown completely (done very badly I might add) the brickwork underneath is a smooth common, (not engineering or accrington) its an old farmhouse not anything modern. I originally priced to mesh it but after reading a lot on...
  18. Marshy

    An Old Dog CAN Learn New Tricks!!

    Hello lads n lasses, As promised I used my new 16" stainless s*p*r*lex today on a small boarded out room about 4x3.5m2 and I'm absolutely gobsmacked!! All troweled to a top finish WITHOUT water!! I'm still perplexed as it goes against everything I have ever known,shown or trained to do!!?? The...
  19. Marshy

    Its Arrived !!!

    :RpS_thumbup: At last my new 16" stainless s*p*r*lex thingy has arrived !!! Roll on Monday so I can try it out :RpS_thumbsup: after reading some of your results on here I had to try it so fingers crossed and can't wait to see if the myth of troweling without water is true !!?? :RpS_confused:
  20. Marshy

    Sounds about right eh lads?

  21. Marshy

    England v Germany

    The Germans are up in arms over last nights football match starting at 20.00 !!I Its as if they have a problem with 19.45 or something?? :RpS_lol:
  22. Marshy

    belle promix 1600e ?? Good or garbage??

    Hi everybody (Hi doctor nick) my trusty Perle's mixing drill has died after over 10 years of faultless service and now need a new one?? I've been looking at these belle ones as the cement mixers are always good. its a minefield out there and some mixers priced at £400 + are out of my price...