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  1. irish_spread

    Plasterer in east London /Essex

    Hi all A few of you will know me as a member on here and will know I'm not really fit enough to work at the moment. I am, however still getting a lot of calls on domestic work for damp proofing, boarding and skimming. You won't need to know a lot about damp proofing but MUST be able to float and...
  2. irish_spread

    Claiming benefits

    Evening all. First of all, thanks to everyone that has helped me out recently, much appreciated. Health updates are my new asthma medication seems to be working and my heart seems ok. Unfortunately my hands shake that much that I can't even hold a cup of tea or put a spoon of sugar into a cup...
  3. irish_spread

    So long suckers +2years

    With all the doom and gloom re the minus 5* temperatures and snow etc I thought I'd try and cheer everyone up with the news that I'm going back to the tropical Caribbean paradise island of Tobago to do another 28 rooms. I was supposed to go back last April but I had pneumonia caused by a bad...
  4. irish_spread

    HALFTIME review

    I'm a dinosaur re new products. Tried it for the 1st time this week. Had about 2m2 of damp proofing to do. Rendered using Sovchem Rendermix as w/p in the s and c. Normally I would allow up to 4 hrs start to finish for skimming in these cold temperatures. Happy to say the skimming took 2 hrs 15...
  5. irish_spread

    Park side collated drill

    Anyone tried one ? Bought one in Lidl today , impulse buy. Gave it a brief 5 min trial at home but seems not to auto feed too well, may be my kack handed use, any views as it'll be going back on sat if it's shite
  6. irish_spread

    Broken in trowels

    After breaking a 10yr old ss MT, my mate taking one of my worn ss tyzaks to Ireland with him and leaving a ss broke in MT in Tobago last year because I was supposed to go back this year I'm short on trowels. I'm left with only one broken in ss tyzak and a 20 yr old Carbon MT which I'm loath to...
  7. irish_spread

    BLOCKING gps.

    Its easy, go into settings and block. Good job. I can't black fliney . NO MORE gps !,,!,,,!!
  8. irish_spread


    Got it from eBay, a universal tap adaptor, won't fit every tap but fits small sink taps and my bath taps. For about £4 it saves all that faffing around and going downstairs for water. An hour on one job if it works pays for it, or if you live in down south, 5 seconds
  9. irish_spread

    External latex

    Ive got to latex a stone floor in the porch area of a church which is semi exposed to rain etc. Not a big area but I was thinking I'd need some kind of waterproof latex, moderate traffic type gear that I could trowel to a smooth finish ? I would have posted in the screeding section but its full...
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    As above. I'm a Paddy, been living in London for 25 yrs, bought the house, had the kids , lived the dream and got hammered every night for 20 yrs but now I'm bored. Don't get me wrong, London is a fantastic city but me and my Polish Jewish Mrs have had enough aggro from the local south Asian...
  11. irish_spread

    Mesh in s/c

    As in the title , any of you lads use that ewi mesh in your scratch on traditional sand and cement ? I've used it on a few jobs and never heard anything back re any problems. Just wondering, because the mesh is fine is there a courser mesh, not eml ? Cheers in advance
  12. irish_spread


    Hi peeps Dunno if any of you use these. I work on my own most of the time now and have given up on putting 8x4's up on my own, use 6x3's now. Just seen some board lifters on eBay from a German supplier at £99, too good to be true ? Just wondering do they speed up the job including set up times...
  13. irish_spread

    Sweaty nuts

    Been in the West Indies for a couple of weeks now and thought I was getting acclimatised. Builder sent out the multi from London in December (winter mix stuff I'm thinking). Anyhoo, had a 50m2 ceiling to do on my own today off 2 beer crates and a plank, no labourer. Oh my feckin God, 36* C with...
  14. irish_spread

    Clay pigeons

    Seeing as this section isn't really being used, how's about a clay pigeon section ?
  15. irish_spread


    My poor Larry hAs had a runny nose for weeks, now it is bleeding . He's under geneal anaesthetic on Tuesday for a nose flush thing. Gutted
  16. irish_spread

    the #BGSmoothie Smoothie competition discussion thread

    So far so good , 2 days and not off topic
  17. irish_spread

    Kitchen tile makeover

    i considered it but Larryfooked off in the garden
  18. irish_spread

    Cheap marshalltown stilts

    Romford tools selling them for £150 incl. the QXL ones ithink. They're online at romford tools also
  19. irish_spread

    Parkside electric winch

    Dunno bout u guys but I work in London and a lot of the rendering jobs I get are the fronts and sides of semis? Not really a 2 man job so I normally knock up a load in the morning handball it up onto the scaff then start rendering. Tough going. In Lidl today spotted a 500w elec winch which can...
  20. irish_spread

    Multi or Board

    As per the title, which is best for tiling on ?
  21. irish_spread

    Tv work

    Hi guys, As a lot of you probably know I do a little part time work for Channel 4. It's not huge money or anything but because I don't have the modern equivalent of an Equity card I can't really do freelance work for other companies. My agent (sounds grand, it's not ) has been approached by One...
  22. irish_spread

    Condensation mould

    Did a bit of damp proofing for an old boy last summer in a sitting room and he called me back to do another couple of patches in a bedroom couple of weeks ago. Solid wall bungalow, rendered with s/c and sov rendermix. Cured the penetrating damp but now he's got condensation mould at low level in...
  23. irish_spread

    Super flex review

    V good
  24. irish_spread

    Reading glasses

    Happens to us all, creeps up all suddenly if we don't wear reading glasses as we get to 40+. Am I correct blaming BG for all the misses/filling or is it them feckin daywork pisss in a bucket painters ?
  25. irish_spread

    Cornice identification help please

    Hi Hi lads, mate of mine wants to know what this cornice is called, possibly where to source it. He's based in High Wycombe, that's near England . Size 130x130. Cheers, eddie
  26. irish_spread


    Hi lads just tried to place an order online with them for a drill, twice, came up invalid details. Tried another card, same thing happened, all of this after 8pm. Sent an email explaining, got a (automated ?) email saying they were having problems with their automated payments suggesting I make...
  27. irish_spread

    The GREATEST sport you will ever watch

    Hurling. SKy now show it live.These guys don't get paid, they do it as a hobby. They show it on Irish TV in a lot of pubs in the Uk but now Sky showing a few matches.. Was in me local on Sunday, the English and Sikh guys amazed by it. Total determination and real skill. Replay in a couple of...
  28. irish_spread

    4mm mesh

    Hi lads I've used this 4mm in standard s/c scratch coats and havnt had any probs so far. In my (humble Opinion I have to say, even though I'm great) but I'm a bit worried about the bond between the 1st coat, mesh then 2nd pass in the scratch . It seems 4mm's too small ? What say you fellow...
  29. irish_spread

    Sky Sports

    Gutted. Ive had Sky for years, now behind my back, my mrs has subscribed for the sports package. She said she did it so I can watch the Irish GAA matches at home. Thats Sunday afternoon without her down the pub bollixed. Fuming:RpS_cursing:
  30. irish_spread

    Blind plasterer required

    Hi guys An opportunity has arisen for a blind or blind and deaf plasterer for a proposed Channel 4 documentary. It would be helpfull if you had a sighted labourer and a 2 and 1 gang would attract a premium. This vacancy is open to all UK residents, bot not those in the Northern part of...
  31. irish_spread

    Cleaning bottom

    What do you guys do after a sh1te ? I normally use toilet paper but if it's really bad I have a bath. Not every week obviously :RpS_thumbsup:
  32. irish_spread

    Cordex floor covering

    Top tip. when the cordex gets mucky, as it does, roll some watered down Pva on it and stick old newspapers to it. Nice n clean again. jobs a good 'un :RpS_thumbup:
  33. irish_spread


    Contact Danny If you have any problems then please contact Danny at
  34. irish_spread


    Hi lads Pva prices going thru the roof so why not make your own ? ive got 100kgs of VAM to sell, £3000 for the lot :RpS_thumbsup: @onestopshop, @carobyn
  35. irish_spread

    Bill of Quantities

    Got a call today from a contracts manager in Norn Ireland that I'd done some work for years ago here in London ( ??? WTF, can't remember) asking for a tender on external rendering to 51 new build garages in East London. Anyways, each of the garages came with a 150+ page PDF which I couldn't be...
  36. irish_spread

    Everbuild SBR

    Just got delivery from Wack, as usual, completely different to what I'd ordered. They were matching a Zedfix price so I thought I'd order some Everbuild SBR as it was only a tenner. Anyway it's arrived and tho I haven't used it, it literally has the consistency of water. Is this normal with it...
  37. irish_spread

    Pee'd off

    Asked to price a job last week , "has to be daytime" I'm told. Sox I can't, working during day I say. Long story short, trapped nerve in neck on weds so look at job and give price. Haggle haggle haggle, agree price so " i can start Monday" . They ring to say what time on Monday ? , "8 am" I...
  38. irish_spread

    Hitachi site radios

    Being a higher end plasterer and above using tesco aldi or makita, anyone tried Hitachi radios ? Views ? i love you all, even the gays xxx
  39. irish_spread

    Rendaid etc ?

    Did a Tyrolean job for an ethnic person about 6yrs ago who had got a fellow ethnic to render a new build 2 storey wrap around extension. Told the guy at the time the render was allready blown but he wouldn't accept I was telling the truth etc. anyways, he phoned on Thursday to say the 'wind'...
  40. irish_spread

    Fibrous plasterer

    Hi lads. Got to price up an insurance job in East London /Essex which will need approx 30 linear m of cornice applied. can send pics if ur interested in pricing. mark Bond I'm not interested
  41. irish_spread

    Product reviews

    First of all, thanks Danny, Refina and Emir. i shall be giving a review on the Refina mixing drill and Emir non suction float over the next few months. I will try to be as objective as possible. Danny, I don't know if I told you my Citroen Relay van will be due for its 1st MOT in January . I...
  42. irish_spread

    Londain Abu

    Well done London Gaa team for getting into the Connaught final (regional final of Irish GAA finals) first time ever, come on you London Paddies :RpS_thumbsup:
  43. irish_spread

    Stanley bades

    They are the best brand like Bosch. Anyways, I snapped the top 2 mm off a fairly new blade while foolishly trying to use it in a 'padsaw' lol fashion and I'm feckin gutted as this also happened last November, while I have to admit I was verrrry verrrry peesed. i have a very good freind...
  44. irish_spread


    Dunno if any of you lads can help but I'm having problems with my Pva roller. The sleeve is fine, albeit a bit hard in places. The problem seems to be with the roller cage. When I'm pva'ing it seems to. 'Jump' on every revolution, I'm thinking it might be a worn bearing or something ??? anyone...
  45. irish_spread

    A monkey could do it

    Damp Proofing Very straightforward damp proofing required around kitchen on Victorian terrace house in Walthamstow. Kitchen was extension to original house and showing very slight signs of salt penetration in a couple of small spots plasterwork. Therefore looking to get the following walls...
  46. irish_spread

    New shower wanted

    I need a new shower. I'm quite happy to do some advertising to get one. I think BG moisture resistant boards are great :RpS_thumbup:
  47. irish_spread

    Ceiling board ?

    Did a job today for a nationwide attic insulation co. who I repair their foot thru ceiling jobs in the south east. The job today was a typical house (20/30's) in Enfield, nth London. Funny thing was the ceiling was boarded with a kind of flexible MDF. Bumpy as feck. The old dear who lived there...
  48. irish_spread

    Plastering in 5 days

    After years of plastering and waring my body out, I am now prepared to give all the hard work up and train someone up. It will be an intensive 5 day course. No timewAstwes need apply. Jj 079866 72204
  49. irish_spread


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