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    Anyone Know What This Is?

    Just cut a hole in the the ceiling to confirm 100% what it is. Never seen this before. It’s very light and soft. Looks like it’s made of wood fibres. 15mm thick. Must be original as it runs in to the coving. Anyone know what it is? Should I get it tested? Thanks
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    Advice Needed - Cowboy Plasterers

    #1 Hi all, I'm having my flat converted from a communal heating system to an independent one, so whilst the upheaval is happening, I thought it would be a good time to redecorate and get the ceiling re-plastered as there were a few previously repaired cracks in the lining paper that bugged me...
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    Hi - Here for advice

    Hi all, I came across this site, in the hope of getting some valuable advice, regarding a shocking job I've had done. I was a carpenter for 4 years when I finished school, before moving in to IT. I have a good sense for detail and appreciate good quality workmanship. Thanks, Rob