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    How's it hanging?

    Mundane question....but how does everyone hold their scrim roll when prepping? I always end up juggling the tape between hands when knifing it in to corners etc. A proper holder looks cumbersome and OTT, but maybe they work?
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    Hot skim

    OK, searched the forum and didn't get a cut'n'dry answer so here goes... Chimney breast to skim around multi-fuel stove. Cement board on metal stud construction with areas that will exceed temperature for gypsum plaster. No problem with priming but... What high temperature finishing plasters...
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    Render over sectional dashed garage

    A local childcare centre have asked me if I can smooth over a sectional garage wall as the kids are cheesegrating themselves on it whilst playing. They've asked for a couple of quotes already but have been told it can't be done (!?). It can't be knocked off like a normal wall so going over is...
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    What would you do...?

    So, it's been a hard day and you're knackered. It's dark and it's bluddy freezing. You go to load the van and find that the tub of Bond-it has split and pissed all over the debris and random tools littering the van floor.
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    Noob signing on...

    Hi, just introducing myself. Been skulking in the shadows for years but have taken a lot of good advice from this forum so thought I should come out of the closet...err well not quite, but you know what I mean. Ex-engineer, ex-physics teacher been in construction for 4 years. Do everything from...