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    After 30 years on the trowel and declining health I made a decision to look for employment in something a bit easier, I went for an interview for a job banging picture frames together this morning, dead easy job. Well fook me if in the interview I was told because I had worked for myself all my...
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    What's the inside like

    Seen this today, there's 2 people plastering in the house, god knows what it's like in there
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    Getting rid of some tools

    Alright Boys and girls, it's been a while since I was last on here so I'm not up to date with what's going on. As the title says I am getting rid of some of my tools as I no longer need them, ie rifina mixing drill 110v mm30 with trany and leads, and 2 x14inch nela trowels, 1 is a nela flex...
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    Poets day

    Piss off early tomorrow’s saterday
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    Punchy as fook

    cant fookin believe it, I just went around to a job to drop some gear off for after new year and some fookin odd jobber I knew years ago is in there plastering my work for £30 a day less than me,he shat himself when I walked in, he is also putting on half of what I would have too. I am fookin...
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    Aches and pains

    I thought it would be nice having some time off over Christmas, I wasn't prepared for all the little aches and pains though, I feel ten years older, reckon I should go to work and work it out the body. Anyone feel like that? I'm in my mid 40s and doc said my arthritis is in an advanced stage...
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    Customers & other spreads

    Cut a long story short, started a three day job on Friday after being held up for two days by a plumber, thrashed myself on Friday and left myself one day to finish the job. The customer wanted me to finish the job yesterday but I was booked for shopping with the wife. The customer phoned me...
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    Tyzack trowel

    can anyone recommend a descent dealer for these trowels please. There's plenty online but I'm just a bit worried they might be s**t when they arrive in the post. I don't have a single merchant that can get them, travis, jewsons, bradfords, build base!!! No one.
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    Obsolete tyzacks

    What's this all about? I had my favourite trowel nicked from a tool box left on a job so I thought I would take the opportunity to replace my other 2 tyzacks but have been informed by spear and Jackson that the 2 trowels I want are no longer in production!!! I know I haven't got a chance in hell...
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    Hello from somerset

    Hello, I'm rich, been plastering nearly all my life, I'm 44 and I don't drop none