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  1. hollybank

    Carlite Bonding

    Managed to find a bag of bonding at my local diy. com. It seems more like Hardwall. I know there is a shortage but what’s happening? @The Apprentice @BritishGypsum ????????
  2. hollybank

    F*****g knob

    140 a day on site no hassles cards in,is that better than being your own boss.? That’s what a bloke I know is going to do . This is site work.
  3. hollybank

    Expensive finish

    Just been on eBay just look at what at what this finish is bid up to Fkin crazy
  4. hollybank


    Anybody suffered with a hernia?I think i have one after lifting insulated and soundboards on my own. Symptons pain and burning pain in the top of the groin area. Whats the operation like and how many weeks did you have off work? I can do without this as im up to my neck in it Jan and Feb
  5. hollybank

    Tylorean colours

    Hi just priced a render job up hack off and render in sand and cement[im not confident in mono]i know there is off white and silver grey in tylorean colours just wanted to know if you can spray weber to give the same effect with a tyrol machine as there is more colour choice as the customer...
  6. hollybank


    I think this. is the best place to put this as its the most visited area. I got a call on sat morning from hmrc saying i was being fraudulant not paying an outstanding bill of £1750 and you have had every chance to pay it and they have called at my house several times for payment The caller gave...
  7. hollybank

    Overboarded an artex ceiling today

    As per title it had beed previously dropped and overboarded then artexed what an absolute pig to overboard the previous people had put 4 x 1 on the side of the joists an inch or so lower to save them filling in the wall edges. What absloute knobs.
  8. hollybank


    WTF have they done to the new bonding in the lighter purple bags not the bonding 60,mixed a full gorilla tub full and its going off in the bottom of the tub a few mins later,stuck on the trowel etc. Yes it used to stick to the side of the tub,but why have they messed about with this now as it...
  9. hollybank

    Rendering inside cow shed

    Hi i have to go and look at job in the morning to render inside a cowshed,its already rendered apparantly so needs knocking off the loose and render. Its having a fiberglass resin on top of the render when it is fully cured. Will it be ok to use sand,cement and lime at 5.1.1 two coats or will it...
  10. hollybank

    Cullamix for sale

    Hi i have six bags of cullamix for sale after a job i have just completed in silver grey which the builder overordered,will sell all six for £50 ovno so thats a massive saving only problem is its collection only from the stoke area.Thanks.
  11. hollybank

    K rend or Cullamix

    I have a little tyloreon job to do after using sand and cement to render the front of the house,anyway the builder has come back from TP s and has been told by one of the yard lads that everybody is using k rend instead of cullamix.Is this true can it be done? I am using the hand applied tyrol...
  12. hollybank

    Bond It or WBA

    Hi has anybody used a product called plasterers pre grit from a company called bond it as an alternative to wba,does it do the same job as i have seen it in a local builders merchants as a cheaper alternative to wba/thistle bondit. Thanks.
  13. hollybank

    Carlite Bonding On Ceilings

    I am working on a house built i would say in the 70s,all the upstairs ceilings have plasterboard on them and they have been devil floated in bonding and skimmed,any ideas why this was done this way???I have never seen this before and i am intrigued why it has been done like this.Thanks.
  14. hollybank

    Your help on this one please

    Been to look at a job tonite,the internal walls have been rendered with sand and cement and looks like they have not been devil floated before it was skimmed,so inevitebly it has cracked where the render has shrunk and the skim is hollow over the walls.I have to take off the old skim and rekim...
  15. hollybank


    After 30yrs plasterering been using Hardwall for the first time thurs and fri as the builder has bought it in.Im plastering a classroom and corridor at a local school and i tell you what i cant seem to get to grips with it.I have always used browning and it seems better to use than this...
  16. hollybank

    10 day courses

    Just been to finish off a job today around new windows,the tiler is there not the usual one that the customer uses.Anyway he gets talking to me it seems he has been made redundant from his job and gone on a tiling course at one of these quick learn places! How much was that i asked 700 quid he...
  17. hollybank


    Taken down a partition wall todayJust been to dispose of the plasterboard at a private tip probably a total of six 8x4 sheets and had to put it in a seperate skip to went to pay and came to nearly £20.What a rip off so basicly you are paying half the cost to buy to dispose of them. >:(
  18. hollybank

    rendering inside chimney breast

    Hi i have taken all the fireplace out of a house was wondering what was the best thing for neutralising the sulpher that has formed on the inside.The customer wants me to render inside so he can put a multi fuel stove in.Was thinkin good brush down and coating it in thick pva with neat cement...
  19. hollybank

    new member

    Hi everyone, My names Ant ,just stumbled on this site and read some of the banter going on and really enjoyed it.Still looking at ways to improve my work after over 20 odd yrs of the same job .All my work is on the domestic side so i have to carry plenty of sheets with me and have worked...