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  1. J

    Pressure testing

    Do any of you guys do pressure tests on your r n s to see if it needs changing or tightening before setting machine up? If so how do you do it? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Spraying basecoat

    I don't normally spray basecoat but had a bash at it today as I was on my own. It was hpx it went thru the machine fine but it wasn't coming out of the gun very well. I tried moving the air backwards and forwards but it didn't change it much. I think I had the gear a bit stiff but what size...
  3. J

    Render and set with k rend gp mortar

    Anyone ever used k rend gp for render and set? What's it like to skim? Has it got waterproofer in it? Iv also got some outside work to do with it aswell, we have to do r7, scratch with mesh embedded and then top off. What does top coat pull in like? Is there much suction...
  4. J

    K rend gp mortar.

    Hi We got a job to do with k rend gp mortar. Never used a bagged s&c before and we are spraying it. K rend spec is 2 coat, scratch with mesh and then top off. Total 16-20mm I'm gonna use 15mm beads n just stick them on to give me a bit more depth but is this stuff likely to pull in on the...
  5. J

    Water setting for chalk on a k4

    Hi are any guys on here using chalk through a k4? What water setting did you have it on? Thanks [emoji106]
  6. J

    Equilivent to 120mm eps

    Hi guys Iv been given a few ewi jobs to do the company who has sold the jobs have specified they'll use 120mm eps insulation. Is there any other kinds of insulation I can use that will give me the same thermal efficiency. Iv heard about kingspan k5 and I think 50mm will do the job but is...
  7. J


    Has anyone sprayed k rend lw1 yet? Iv done the course on weber m1 but can't really remember much about it. Are we alright to spray a lift with first pass embed mesh then put second pass on straight away? Or will it just all slide down the wall? I'd like to put second pass on straight away...
  8. J

    Next pallet piss

    We were spraying k1 spray today done 40 bags on first pallet then 40 on next then started on the next pallet and it turned to piss. I thought it was r n s so changed that then got it going again with same consistency coming out. Any one else has this??? It's on a k4
  9. J

    Need a bigger van!

    Yeah I know I could try and keep it tidier! But I need more space... half my tools are in my mates van and I keep having to take top motor off k4 which I could do without. Also need to empty van every time machine comes out. What do you lot have? Iv been looking at mwb crafter/sprinters but...
  10. J

    K4 weber chalk water setting

    Hi I'm using weber chalk thru my k4 for first time next week. I know how to set it up with k1 but I got told what to set the water at which made it easy. Also I mite try putting wickes hardener in it to do same day scrape if i can. How many bags do u get thru to a barrel of water? 30ish...
  11. J

    Machine insurance

    Hi Iv been looking around for machine insurance and liability insurance for the me and the 2 guys who work with me. 10 grand on the machine cover Plus legal cover and all that bollox it's around 800 quid a year. Does that sound about rite? Iv never bothered before but I think it's about time I...
  12. J

    Thinking of getting a k4 or G4.

    Hi I'm thinking of getting a new bigger machine. Brought a second hand pump before and guessed our way to get it working. Now we have the hang of it we want it to put the gear on twice as fast. Been looking online and the k4 seems like a good pump and seems like a good deal with the genny...
  13. J

    Thin coat render over existing render and painted brick

    Hi guys We had an ewi job to do over a few existing rendered walls on a terraced house. The guy is now saying he doesn't want the insulation he can't afford it. (He is a landlord to a rented house) But he still wants the k rend acrylic finish. Can this be done? It's not ideal I know but we...
  14. J

    Stucanet render carrier system

    Hi has anyone ever used this system? K rend have specified I use it over painted block work. Looks pretty good but don't know about cost of it and haven't had a chance to ring around yet.
  15. J

    New stilts time!

    Hi Iv had my mt 2.0 stilts for around 8 years they've done well. Iv bodged the straps, Iv bodged one of the heel bushes together with a long bolt, the height clips have no pins in them and the notches in the leg are all rounded off the handles on the leg clips are gone so hard to get off once...
  16. J

    K1 onto hpx slumping

    Hiya We sprayed 45m2 this aftetnoon with our strata pump for the first time which went pretty well considering it's the first attempt! The pump worked brilliantly which was a relief after the bad experiences Iv heard about on here. Only problem was we were spraying k1 silicone onto hpx but it...
  17. J

    Lime to replace blown sand and cement

    Hi looking for some advice on a job I have to price The customer has a big extension around 5-6 years old which has been sand and cement rendered with no beads up side of Windows to try and give a barn kind of look which looks ok but the whole lot of sand and cement render has left the wall due...
  18. J

    G5 caddy???

    Hiya Iv been offered a G5 caddy without the caddy control module. It's a big building firm in Norwich that has the lockup which is full to the brim of building materials and other tools that they've come to own over the years and at the back is a G5 main chassis with the mixer,gun,tool kit...
  19. J

    Water butt??

    Hi Iv tried to do a search on this but it's not working. How does everyone have water butts set up to give enough pressure to run their pumps? Do I need a water pump in the butt that feeds the pump? Or can I put the water feed out of the bottom of the water butt with a hose running in the...
  20. J

    Strata mp016

    Hi guys Anyone know much about these machines? There's not all that much been said about them on the net. Does anyone know if they can be set up to spray finish? Like the Ritmo and m100?
  21. J

    Water metering probs

    Anyone ever had any problems with the water metering getting stuck on an sp11. Our bagger got called some funny names yesterday when spray render turned to spray paint! Then we realised it wasn't his fault where the meter counts down it was getting stuck at 5 litres. Does it sound fooked or...
  22. J

    Have I lost pressure?

    Hi iv got an sp11 bmr I think well some sort of sp11 anyway. Haven't had it long and done around 10 houses with it, the last say 3 jobs we've done with it when cleaning out the ball gets stuck when it gets to the small pipe. I haven't tried tightening up the r&s because it still seems to...
  23. J

    Light patches

    Hiya we have done 5 houses in pral m buff n they all look great but there's one wall where on the stress patches there must of been less suction n not gone off enough because they're lighter patches. Is there any way we can sort this colour out? Or has anyone tried getting some paint colour...
  24. J

    Air bubbles

    Do any of you guys get air bubbles on the join where you meet 2 different lifts on the scaff? The gear has skinned up a bit but not set then where we spray the next lot under it we rule it off n get quite a lot of bubbles on the join when we scrape it back. We get over it but it takes bloody...
  25. J

    Same day scrape yet?

    We're gonna spray a loada pral tomorrow and we done a next day scrape last week n it was a bit too hard n it took us until about 2pm to get it all scraped back so I was thinking about goin for a same day scrape we will start spraying at about 7 45 n it's over cast n 7degrees over dry block work...
  26. J

    Cherry picker?

    I've been spraying from a cherry picker last few days has anyone else tried it? We thought it was gonna be a major pain in the arse but it hasn't been that bad. The builder told us he's seen people do it Before but I think that was just to get us to go along with the plan
  27. J

    Stress patches

    Hi there Me n my mate nearly had a fight today while beading up! He wanted to do stress patches while we were beading up but I said that sounds bit dodgy to me. We've bedded it into rend aid before but never into pral then sprayed it next day or day after. My argument was that we will be...
  28. J

    Next day scrape

    Hi guys I've got 5 new builds to render in pral m we have done mostly same day scrapes up until now but this time of year I think that's outta the question. My question is what temp can it drop down to overnight while the gear is still wet? And does it matter if we get any kinda light rain on...
  29. J

    Is this a cheap ritmo?

    PFT Ritmo Powercoat | eBay What do people think about this machine? Anyone know what this lot would cost new? I'm a bit sketchy About buying one for skimming because I dunno if it'd get used enough to justify the cost. Who else uses a machine to spray finish on new builds?
  30. J

    Sp11 2nd attempt

    Hi we had the pump out again today to spray a small job. Got it up and running no probs today done all the prep few days ago so it was a good start and once we were up n running we got the 1st wall sprayed n ruled off in around half hour. Then we went up to the top of a gable n got the top...
  31. J

    Sp11 first use

    Hi We have had our sp11 in the firm for around 4 months but only used it for the first time the other day to spray mono. The guy from putzmeister came and showed us around the machine when he delivered it and ran it with water in and told us everything about it but that was about 4 months ago...
  32. J

    Spray finish cost

    Hi iv been thinking about getting a ritmo to spray finish and had a chat with one of our builders today about changing to spray finish on new builds houses and they said they'd be up for it if it was same price to supply the gear. But can't find any prices on gb thistle spray or knauf mp online...
  33. J

    I want a ritmo! I think

    Hi Iv been looking and reading about the ritmo and it sounds good. And I like that it can be used to spray finish. Who uses it to spray finish? Because at the minit most of our work is site skimming with multi. How does it work would you spray your 1st coat on then speed skim it then once uv...
  34. J

    Weber onto foil back celotex

    Hi iv been asked to price an external job onto celotex which has already been put up. I'm on the weber xp therm course next Thursday so I'll probably get the answers I need on there but need to know now really to price this job. Last time I was there doing the mono course I saw in the demo...
  35. J

    Mono on toplights

    Hi iv got a job to do with weber pral some is thermalite panels with red brick which I'm putting rend aid and full mesh on. The other part is fully in toplight blocks (lightweight white blocks with plenty of key) Has anyone ever gone on these with mono? Did you just one coat it? Full mesh or...
  36. J

    Expansion joints

    Hi been pricing a mono job on a house. There's a lot of breaks around the house so I don't think it'll need any expansion joints in but the guy asked me about it and I was pretty vague with the answer. Am I right in saying anything over 9meters with un re enforced block work will need an...
  37. J


    What do you use for masking windows, soffit, bricks under drip ( on the job I'm pricing iv got around a meter of brickwork under the drip ) I think it's gonna go everywhere until we're used to this spray business Cheers
  38. J

    Weber rend aid

    Hi Iv got a job to do in monocouche and we've just purchased a machine. We have done loadsa monocouche before but hand balled it on. No fun!!! obviously we will use the machine to do the monocouche but the job is a mix of smooth reds and blocks and a few thermalites thrown in for good luck. So...
  39. J

    Plastic trowel plastic???

    Anyone know what kind of plastic they use to make the blades on the plastic trowels? Eg the plaziflex?
  40. J

    K rend

    Hi iv used k rend lotsa times on new builds but got a job to do with 2 gables boarded in bluclad and the one side underneath is red brick with some thermalites here n there. Can I one coat all this if I push the mesh into a tight coat 1st or do I need base coat on it all 1st?
  41. J

    Who else is still doin it outside?

    I do like doing a bit outside! But not this time of year! Private customers can be talked round but this bungalow we're doing for a builder won't wait. Done all inside now and scratched all outside. It's over grey thermalite blocks on most of it where the new walls are. And a few reds on the old...
  42. J

    Refina mixer trigger?

    Hi there! Hope everyone's alright and keeping busy. To save me dropping my mixer into the Menders does anyone know where I can get a new trigger for my mm21? It's still working but only at full speed/full squeeze. I know it's an easy 20 minit fix so would rather do it myself. Any help much...