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    Thistle pro finish.

    They only do a metre square panel in bg land!
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    Its on bgs spec sheet as they say not enough plaster goes through the holes if only stapled
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    Just out of interest how many of you bed thin coat beads in finish before stapling/nailing as recomended by bg
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    So why is board finish still available if multi is supposedly suitable for boards?
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    Plastering work - not impressed what shall I ask for to sort

    Did he come into the house or throw it on the wall through the window. My first coat is as good as that before being flattened!
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    Repeat customers

    Member of cnd?
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    Other trades !( Savage )

    Bastards have cut them in half as well!!
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    Manky Boab

    Always went to work smart as we went to work in 3.0 vauxhall senator then changed into s**t clothes to work.Changed to smart to go to pub lunchtime and normally went home after. Even now go to work tidy, keep van mint but work like a tramp!
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    Plastering Over Existing Wall Plate.

    Best to ask the Architwat, he decides the spec.
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    What a load of tosh bg at its best!! We only make it, if theres any problems it the spreads fault!!
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    Reinforcing mesh in skim.

    Remove the boards you f**k*d up and replace them, meshing new boards is a joke and you already sound like a cock.
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    Sack the lab if youve got to devil before finishing wall and you've forgot the eml for the wall plate.
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    Plaster did not cover angle thin coat

    The bead corner is supposed to show, looks like the rest you should worry about
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    A good architect would of explained to you about light ingress when he showed you his planned glazing scheme
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    Sunlight is in the range of 100000 lumens on a wall and a 100watt led worklight is around 10000 so judging a wall with sunlight at a severe angle is not fair and realistic!
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    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    Danny will have to rename to "Is this acceptable plastering forum"
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    Is this acceptable finish? Work is done, but not sure about quality

    He had a Rolls Royce, used to turn up on a Site I was on and take the hod out of the boot when the Sun was there, normally had a s**t old van. Fork lift driver wouldn't move anything for us he thought we were all on mega money!!
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    Mark up

    Of course they do, if bg put the price up the merchants pass it on so the cost goes up. So your saying bg haven't put there prices up ever? and its just the merchants being greedy!
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    New Plaster Big Cracks

    Woodchip paper will fix that ;)
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    Is this acceptable finish? Work is done, but not sure about quality

    Seems to be the normal standard of finish now, so woodchip paper may be the best option!!
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    Is this acceptable?

    Being serious for a moment, do you have a damp issue, bonding should not go to paste!
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    Is this acceptable?

    £749 :)
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    Is this acceptable?

    As you've got £750 to finish the job I'd do it but unfortunately your a bit fussy ;)
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    Is this acceptable?

    Can you use multi finish on limelight? Thought the idea of not using bonding/hardwall is because of the gypsum drawing the damp
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    Is this acceptable?

    Theres many on here would be more experienced than me in that type of work but I dont think hardwall would be any better than bonding from a damp point of view
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    Is this acceptable?

    You shouldn't have to tell him anything, if he's anygood at all he'll apologise for his mens work, know how to put it right and do it. Plasterers dont leave bad work, theres no point as it takes the same time and effort to do good or bad. Chancers leave bad work because they dont know any...
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    Is this acceptable?

    The issue is working around picture rails, architrave etc. Not insurmountable for the right price but I'd rather do more straightforward work for an easier life.
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    Is this acceptable?

    You were lucky to get a plasterer in desperate need of work to do it. I would of run a mile, lifes to short to reskim s**t like that:frenetico:
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    And back to normality

    I like January, start of new opportunities, evenings getting lighter, summers coming. December definitely worst month.
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    Is everyone’s phones still ringing?

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    Is everyone’s phones still ringing?

    Dont get me wrong. I've earnt well, spent well and drank my fair share but have also realised after many years, nice things need to be replaced again and again and life ticks along quite happily without spending loads.
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    Is everyone’s phones still ringing?

    I did 4 small jobs last year, nothing booked in for this year so far, Just how I like it Worked on sites for years chasing money. Finally realised you dont need the big money. Just learn not to spend. They can stick there £60000 cars and £40000 vans.
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    They certainly have £51900 starting price :reloco:
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    Vauxhall Nova SR I bought in 1985
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    I'm more worried that mcvities say there biscuits are going up 5%. Its hard enough getting a cuppa and a biscuit out of the c**ts now!
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    Cheeky b***rds

    Just another chancer. Take pictures of completed work. Then write a letter telling him you've done everything quoted for and give him 7 days to pay or you'll take legal action. Keep copies of quotes and letter/photos Dont dig it up that gives him the upper hand legally even though you might feel...
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    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    Unfortunately you've been done. If you were quoted/charged £100 for this crap you've still been done. Good quality plastering needs no prep before painting. Ask for a refund or take him to court, hes not a plasterer!!
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    Vans in Manchester

    All this technology thats being brought out and most are buying is going to bite us in the arse in years to come!
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    Vans in Manchester

    The big issue is when all towns/cities and even some major roads charge or maybe do not even let any vans that aren't zero emissions in. Then the value of your euro 6 will drop like a stone. Hopefully this wont happen for a while, but its definitely coming. I'm keeping my euro 4 for as long as...
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    Vans in Manchester

    Euro 6 was only brought out in 2015 and with the big "climate" push coming I think things will be changing very quickly especially around the next election. Push bike and trailer coming soon
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    Vans in Manchester

    Euro 7 will be coming soon, then zero emissions so dont spend loads on a euro 6 or you'll have to change again in a few years.
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    New ceiling and cracks forming along edge of wall

    I had a similar problem a while back, took my van in for a service and six months later I got a puncture f**k**g wankers!!
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    Replacement paddle

    Get it shot blasted and sprayed in custom paint to match the transit sport :love:
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    Vans in Manchester

    Cant you keep your van and if you need to go into city centre pay the fee and pass the cost onto customer?
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    remembrance sunday

    When shes helping you do your big ceilings tell her to get it on the ceiling not her hat☺
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    What to do with belongings whilst plastering?

    The customer may be wants it done all at once it may not be the plasterers choice!
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    What to do with belongings whilst plastering?

    Pisses me off when people say they cant clean out rooms. What are you going to do when carpets are fitted a carpet fitter will expect all rooms to be clear. Take it outside and burn it, then buy new after its plastered and painted!
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    Then why doesn't everyone blow out stocks and shares and invest in crypto?