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  1. Mickyboy

    Wanted putzmeister sp 11

    as the title says , is anyone selling or know of a putz sp 11 . Apart from the one on ebay Cash waiting Thx
  2. Mickyboy

    Going over parex with weber

    Hi guys On a job at the moment and the background is quite uneven . Normally I would give a base coat in Ocr before topping with weber pral m. I've got a load of parex scratch render off other jobs , could I use them as a base coat then top with weber
  3. Mickyboy

    Tiger strips using parex

    Hi Normally we are weber users , last couple of jobs we have been using parex and I have noticed a few tiger stripes . Back on weber this week and not a stipe in sight . Dies anyone know how these are caused ?
  4. Mickyboy

    Last Same day scrape

    Hi guys dont know about you but we have done well this year for same day scrapes. Today was our last one I think sprayed 80 m2 and just got it scraped and cleaned up for 4.30. Back to over night scrapes till next year
  5. Mickyboy

    Setting render beads

    Hi guys what do material do you use when sticking beads on new block work and uneven stone backgrounds .
  6. Mickyboy

    Rendering regulations

    Hi guys priced o job for a customer to knock of old dashing . Apply base coat mesh and acrylic topcoat . The customer accepted the quote and we got him booked in to start in 4 weeks time. today he phoned me to ask about a new regulation that states if your house hasn't had the benefit of...
  7. Mickyboy

    Stone quoins / brick slips

    Hi guys got a private dashing job to do , and I need to replace some stone quoins and brick slips. They need to match existing if possible. can anyone tell me where I can get hold of them . There the stick on kind thx
  8. Mickyboy

    Last 2 days been a nightmare

    Don't usually use k rend nut customer wanted it , started to spray yesterday but machine didn't seem to be running right but carried on . Got apex down the machine kept cutting out . Put stop beads across apex and sorted out machine ,or so I thought . got there this morning scrapped down...
  9. Mickyboy

    Receiver coat over dashing

    Hi guys got a dashing job yo do, the existing dashing is solid so we going to over dash it , would you apply a receiver coat directly over the dashing in two passes ( let the 1st one pull in a bit before the 2nd coat ) or would you let the 1st coat set and scratch it before you apply second...
  10. Mickyboy

    Hot Wire cutter

    Hi guys does anyone know where I can buy a hot wire cutter for ewi insulation , also the price if possible cheers
  11. Mickyboy

    Render board

    Hi guys Started a job on Friday, render board covered with Hp x base with mesh , tint and acrylic topcoat . When applying the base coat on the render board I was surprised how quickly it pulled in while bedding in the mesh. Is this normal ? . We were having to coat small areas at a time any...
  12. Mickyboy

    Knocking off render / pebble dashing

    Hi guys Were looking to buy a new breaker for knocking off render etc. We have a makita but it's a little under powered for the job. We sometimes hire a breaker but I find it's money wasted at around £50.00 per week. What would you recommend got to be good enough to do the job , but not two...
  13. Mickyboy

    Cleaning weber monocouche render

    Hi guys Got a customer who's got a rust staining down his render. He has used a soft scrubbing brush tried warm water with fairy liquid. But this hasn't worked. What would you recommend that won't take the colour out of the render. Cheers
  14. Mickyboy

    Pebble dashing with modern renders

    Hi guys Could you use a modern render as a base coat for dashing. If so which one would you recommend and could you use it in one coat application onto brick or block work. Whats it like regarding holding back the suction , thus giving you time to drop back and dash Cheers
  15. Mickyboy

    Sprayed this afternoon will it stay on ?

    Hi guys Sprayed this afternoon ( foolish or what ) when we left it was ok . Just wondering if the rain has washed bits off . Is it repairable in the morning . If so what's the procedure
  16. Mickyboy

    Worm and stator

    Hi guys I normally use a d6 stator for spraying weber monocouche, would you say this is the best one to use or would you recommend any other. Also what would you say is the average life expectancy of the stator ( ie how many bags should they be able to go through)
  17. Mickyboy

    Machine playing up

    Hi guys Had a **** day, 2 day machine played up just as we were finishing our spray. Ended up going to chesterfield to get a new part and when I got back it was wrong. How many times does you machine play up and ruin your days spraying?
  18. Mickyboy

    Weber v parex lanko scrub render

    Hi guys I normally use weber scrub render , but a customer insists on parex lanko . Just wondering what your opinion was on both products. I have never used parex, is it the same procedure as weber in application and finishing . I spray the weber with a putzmeister mp 25 Cheers
  19. Mickyboy

    Weber scratch render

    Hi guys Got a job on , the existing gable end wall needs rendering with weber scratch render. Which we are knocking off existing render at the moment. Attached to the gable is a new extent ion which has been newly rendered and painted, would it be advisable to cover the render with rend aid and...
  20. Mickyboy

    Hi fellow spreads

    Just come accros ur forum while looking for information on refina plastic trowels, been in the game 31 years and still loving it ,lol hope to Join in with your forum chats Mickyboy