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  1. Arelewis

    PUTZ Valles Plastic Finishing Trowel

    I got a chance to use one of these this week: Just used it for final trowel-up/polish after everything was flattened. IMHO it is the muts-nuts!!! Effortlessly leaves a silky glass like finish to the plaster - bootifull. Felt compelled to give it an endorsement (not the nasty kind you get...
  2. Arelewis

    s*p*r*lex: Nela or Refina???

    Firstly - SORRY! I'm guessing I should probably start off by apologising just in case this one has already been done-to-death but I'm new to the forum so please forgive me. I'd like to invest in a s*p*r*lex trowel and originally liked the look of the Nela but have been told that the build...
  3. Arelewis

    Hello - New to TPF

    Hello All! Just a quick first post from me to say hi as I'm new to TPF and TPF is new to me. I stumbled across it whilst watching plastering vids on YouTube (sad I know) I'm coming back to plastering having had a long break away from being on the trowel and am amazed/impressed at how the...