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    DeWalt corded mixer

    Just tried out my new purchase... The new dewalt DWD241 24OV corded mixer... Well impressed so far, better than the mega mixer and only cost £240 ...
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    Grit does not always work

    Just got a message to say a ceiling i did over 5 years ago failed...
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    New block work

    I've a garden wall to render and am just wondering best ratio? Done 15 yrs of internal stuff and odd externals but always been brick work.... The wall is a 7.3n hollow block.... Was thinking 4-1 scratch and 5-1-1 top.... Is this ok ?... Ta in advance...
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    Hasnt earned a penny on that job....

    Semi detached house in the next street has been being refurbed over the last month or 2.. about a month ago a team of lads started to k-rend it, looked like they wereydoing a good job (even though it was snowing at the time of applying )... a week or so later the scaffold is down and sparky...
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    Terms and conditions

    Just drafting up some terms and conditions as i am fed up of repeating my self to every customer and they only hear what they want to hear, especially about emptying rooms etc... whar sort of thing do you guys put in yours ( if you use them ? )
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    Domestic spread tip of the day...

    ALWAYS TAKE LOTS IF PICTURE'S Got a call last night to say a wall i skimmed 2 months go had cracked and the skim had blown...... went straight round and the skim had blown... the walls had silk paint on so gritted before skimming so was interested to see why..started to break the skim off...
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    tanking question info please

    evening fella's .... i need some advice on tanking, when i have tanked in the past i have always treated the brick work with an anti salt treatment then tanked the brick work and then two coat re-rendered with sbr in the render and slurried coats in between.... i know there are ways of doing...
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    1st try of extra time

    Had a large ( ish) ceiling to do today and was struggling for a lift with it so thought I would give it a try..... well impressed..... after 30 minutes of throwing it on the gear was all but as fresh as when I mixed it....... even went and made a brew and had my luck in between trowels...
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    renovating plaster

    hi chaps just after a bit of info on lime lite renovating plaster, i have a tanking job coming up which i would like to use this on as its an external wall which cannot be injected...... i take it i have to scud the tanking before rendering ! could i build out the thickness in one coat (two...
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    stick to the foam

    lesson learned... after 2 years with a foam backed plazi flex i needed to purchase a new one because it had become that worn through use and rubbing nicks out with wet and dry... thought i would try the foam less ones as the foam ones always look like its coming un glued ( even though it hasnt...
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    What ratio ?

    I do a lot of damp coursing in old brick houses and scratch with a 3-1 mix and top with a 4-1. But the house I am on at the moment has I kitchen extention out of a dense concrete block. Will my mix have to be weaker so it doesn't blow ?? Ta for any help
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    pral m advice needed

    been to look at a job today and the owner has bought the house part refurbished, 3 of the garden walls have been scratched with mesh bedded in but the scratch is not very deep and the last wall has had the mesh pushed onto a thin coat of gear but is not really bedded in.... any advice would be...
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    speedskim sf

    Any one using these and happy with them? Started a thread recently about wanting a spat for ceiling as am suffering after doing a day of ceilings but got no definite answers so bought an sf speedskim as I could use the same pole as with my normal speedskim...... been using it all week and it's...
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    need to buy a spat

    as the title says i need to buy a spat as its taking me days to recover after doing ceilings as i have pinched tendons in my shoulders, i am not to bad after just skimming but do an awful loft of overboard and same day skims so can spend an 8hr shift working above my head... I have speed skims...
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    sealing a ceiling

    evening guys just want to pick your brains..... i have some artexed ceiling to skim and did the 1st one today and struggled to seal it... i soaked it with 3 coats of pva but this was drying in minutes , got the 1st coat of skim on it in 8 mins but had to scrub it with my splash brush to get the...
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    first day with uni finsh

    called in at travis this morning and saw they had half a pallet so thought i would give it a shot... had a small bathroom to re skim and was glad it was small at 7.75+vat which is an offer till April then 8.50+vat. cant say i was over impressed with it, i didnt want to get caught out so dampened...
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    only time will tell

    had a few beers one night last week after clearing out my shed and decided to sell my spot board as it hasn't been out of the shed in 6 months as on a lot of my jobs a don't have room for it or I get tired of cleaning it, so sold it and put the money to a r#fin# alloy bucket scoop.... it arrived...
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    any body use this ? is it better than just pva ? I have a ceiling to skim that was skimmed by a d.i.y-er several years ago and has never been painted so think it will suck in like a bugger..
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    tryd some thing new today thanks to the tpf

    after reading several posts on here i tryd toppping of my s and c scratch coat on the same day instead of leaving a couple of drying days inbetween and im well impressed, i was rubbing it up less than an hr after putting it on.. result.
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    how long do you wait ??

    if you have sand and cement rendered and skimmed some internal walls with water proofer in after a dpc , how long before the customer can paint it ? I normally tell them 6 weeks . what do you think ?
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    is it just one of those things.

    I know its been done to death but have a customer complaining of cracks in a room I floated with sand and cement, and would like your view how I can guard against it. the room was bare brick so I pva'd it the day before, scratched a 4 to 1 coat with water proofer in I then left it 4 days, topped...
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    serrated spat

    ive seen these being used on you tube and was wondering what the advantage is and when and where to use it?
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    builders merch need to improve

    its at this time of year that shows why b and q are taking a lot of the trade off the builders merchs, i want to work over xmas as i went away in dec for 2 weeks and need to keep jobs moving and the merch shuts down for 2 weeks!!!! ive had over 30 bags and 25 boards off b and q in this time.but...
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    problems with sand and cement after a dpc.

    im just after some advice as ive had a problem today with rendering after a dpc. 7 days ago i put the scratch coat on and with the house being empty for months ive had 2 dehumidifiers on to get it nice and dry for the top coat. today the walls looked nice and dry so topped them off, after a...
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    exact angle corner trowel

    bought one of these off ebay last week and couldnt believe when it came that marshalltown had put their name on it ! it was so flimsy and cheap, on the box it states that it will work on angles between 90-150 degrees!!!!! like my *ss it does it will go nowhere near 90 degrees! any one else out...
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    how to clean your work clothes

    today i found the best way to clean my work clothes! i started a new damp course job and things were going sweet until i managed to put my breaker through the lead water main!!:RpS_blushing: i got soaked and put over 1000 litres into the property, after turning off the stop cock i found it...
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    clean sand ?

    hi im after some advice on sand for internal rendering after a dpc, when i did a local dpc course we were told to use a clean washed sand so not to have salts and contaminates in, so ive been using washed river sand from a local merch but they only sell it in 40kg bags and they are doing my head...
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    is it ok to put coving in with artex

    hi there people ! some one told me the other day to use artex to install coving, ive used drywall adhesive to do this for years but dont like the colour as it high lights the joints and even makes good joints look bad! cove adhesive is good but very costly!