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    Big Sam

    Is back in the game. if anyone has West Bromwich to go down in an accumulator, you may as well throw the ticket away. very harsh on slaven though
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    Gypsum beads

    @Vincey has got this one bang on, they really are the kiddies but expensive and hard to get, only sig and walls and ceilings that I know of. for anyone who is unaware they are 35mm
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    Board finish

    Never let it be said I don’t talk about the game. anyway this stuff pisses all over multi. That’s it
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    Stay safe my old friends and foes

    Shits hitting the fan fellas/lassies, real bad times are ahead. the economy aside from food will be non existent, in at best weeks worst just days. i only see two scenarios when this is all over, taxes will have to go up massively well north of 50% to pay for all of this or as I think may be...
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    First bet

    Of the season Derby to win BTTS £10 yields £45 ( or more likely fu ck all)
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    Season bets

    @algeeman @Simon85 @stuart23 have you done season bets, winners of all leagues e/w ? Has to be done by tonight
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    Algee days

    On behalf of @algeeman and as his appointed agent we are now selling algee days, these are 1 day courses on how to put more meterage on and earn more money. 1 day courses are £350 (non refundable) It will be hard work, bring your own tools Lunch (no time for this) Limited space available so...
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    The invasion

    Continues Not a woman or child in site, I ask I this if there country they are allegedly fleeing from is so dangerous why would you leave behind your mum, your wife, your children ...
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    Toronto shooter

    Named today as Faisal Hussain, his family say he suffered with mental health issues, @flynnyman ? Not this old chestnut again.
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    Why are we tolerating this ? It’s time we expelled this vile culture from our society.
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    Sam warburton

    Retired today at 29, I’m not a big rugby fan but this guy was immense and put his body on the line every time for his country and the lions, a gentleman and a true warrior.
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    Player of the tournament

    For England for me it’s either Trippier or the mighty maquire he has been immense, at times has looked like messi carrying the ball forward lol
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    I never doubted them

    @Lodan @Vincey happy days
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    I’m trusting you both

    @Lodan & @Vincey i have 6 ceilings to board using the fire line boards on my own and at nearly 44 with a beaten up body and a shot shoulder, I could do with the help so I’m just about to purchase a boardlifter based on what you both have said. Hopefully our ever flourishing friendship doesn’t...
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    Pc b*ll***s

    Why in the gods name am I having to listen to a woman analysing a mans game, fair enough a female presenter but fu ck me the world need to get a grip. Talksport is the same now. Out of inter how many women imams are in London ? Has anyone ever heard Sadiq Khan call for equality and women imams ?
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    So it turns out

    The bus was a lie after all, it’s actually getting more than the 350million a week extra after Brexit lol @flynnyman @johniosaif @stuart23 @Fatarm @Squarehead @vfr12 and whom ever else was crying over the bus lol as Anna Soubry would say “suck it up” ya sniffling bunch of anti British...
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    Doesn’t happen to me often

    But when you turn up to do a full 4 bed re-skim and this happens The walls are just dust every room every wall.
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    Has the tourist been busted ?

    His children have been took into care, it was just a matter of time wasn’t it @johniosaif At least they are safe now, shame on you.
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    Well done sadiq and dick

    cressinda and dick have presided over London taking over New York for murders this year, first time in modern history. Labour fail at everything
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    So has it affected your ability to win work ?

    its been a while since we have discussed "the scheme" Has anyone been asked by a client if they are on it ? Has anyone not got work because they are not on it ? Is it even still live lol. I’ll be honest I still don’t know anyone on it (outside of here) nor has any client asked if I’m on it...
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    Simply sublime

    not only the greatest tennis player of all time, but in my opinion the greatest sportsman of all time. 20 grand slam wins
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    Miocic v DC

    confirmed bout after coaching on the ultimate fighter. Can’t see anything other than a Miocic win
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    Great weekend for MMA fights

    what a weekend for fights DC v Oezdemir, love to see DC getting knocked out again Stipe Miocic v Ngannou, can’t call this one but I suspect the experience of stipe will see him retain the title And my fight of the weekend Rampage v Sonnen not sure if it’s on British tv though
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    Few days in saffron Walden

    if anyone is local to here there is a few days dot & dabbing, before new year or straight after.
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    Rumour has it Nate Diaz v Tyron Woodley for ufc219

    love watching any Diaz fight, hope this happens he gets the win and gets to face Conor again to shut him the fu ck up
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    AJ v Wilder

    wilder knocks joshua out very quickly I believe. Hearn doesn’t want to make the fight for this very reason
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    And here we go again

    but the apologists will keep on apologising. Absolute disgrace. Get a grip Britain
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    I see EU democracy in full swing today. Shocking scenes
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    2 murders and confirmed shouts of allah akbar. Who is responsible for this I wonder.
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    Trump proved right yet again

    so he tweets that the bomber is known to British authorities, as usual the left jump all over it, as does Mrs May. Guess what the bomber was arrested 2 weeks ago and freed.
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    Jon jones busted again

    I hope this a mistake, real shame and waste of talent if true
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    the tv channel for the Conor fight

    just been announced its on sky sports box office £19.95 that will do me nicely, i imagine this breaks skys box office record
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    the season bets are in

    league winners i have Man utd Aston villa Bradford Coventry ( was tempted with the mighty luton though ) for a return of £18,119,17 i did it as an each way bet Relegation I have Huddersfield Burton Gillingham Crawley for a return of £229.69
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    Dc v Jon jones 2

    This weekend, who you taking ? I don't think I've ever seen jones so focused and pumped for a fight, I'm predicting dc is getting beaten up and finished inside 2 rounds. However it goes I just hope Dc gets his arse kicked, he is one guy I just can't take too
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    What a game of a rugby

    British lions, absolute heroic performance to a man. All blacks were not bad either lol
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    Corbyn said in his Glastonbury speech

    "Every child should have the right to make music" I totally agree and we should all March on Downing Street to force the government to abolish the oppressive law that says children have no right to make music, shame on us. What there is no such oppressive law pmsl what a nugget...
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    Bellator tonight

    Gutted it's a card stacked and can't see it anywhere on British TV
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    This gets the juices flowing
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    Gold cup

    who you got Can't look beyond "order of st George" But as an 8-1 outsider "big orange"
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    GGG v Canelo

    who you got ? On paper triple g wins but I've not been that convinced in his last few fights, so I'm backing the underdog again and going for canelo
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    Matt Hughes accident

    very wierd, was it an accident or was it on purpose ?
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    It's on

    the biggest fight in history Floyd v Conor As some of you will know I've never been a big Conor fan, and still believe he lost twice to Nate Diaz, but I'm stating here and now Conor wins this is the 3rd round. Most will say he doesn't have a chance blah blah blah, for all of clouds good...
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    What was the rendering product

    That could go straight over paint ? That was on here recently
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    Remember this

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    Gove is back

    Despite his betrayal of Boris, he is a very good conservative MP and also a brexiteer and popular. Good move this one.
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    Nigel Farage

    We need you back Nigel, if not the most popular politician then definitely the 2nd ( toss up with Boris ). Without you ukip is nothing and without you brexit is in danger.
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    Labour and the dup

    its a funny old world isn't it @Jurek @Simon85
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    Rafael Nadal

    Never been his biggest fan, but 10 French open titles is some achievement. Totally destroyed Stan wawrinka today
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    I thought you all said JC was going to win

    LOL, the numpty still thinks he can form a government. A complete tool
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    3rd election defeat in a row

    but somehow this one is a victory lol, that's how far the left have fallen, celebrating defeat pmsl