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    Expansion joints

    Movement beads are specified to be set at every 6 to 8 metres with K Rend
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    K1 silicon

    Direct building supplies , travis Perkins ,Rowebb ,MKM
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    Scrape Render for New Build

    Hi nelis Get your applicator to get a spec from K Rend for the background to which you are applying the K Rend materials .
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    New one on me!

    Could it be Structherm,s structural cage system
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    I have just done another small job using LW1 used 10mm beads , 4 to 5 mum serrated scrim coat and them second pass 3mm over the beads. Again it was 15 hours later when I put the I bar over it, temp was around 6 . The material mixed well and I thought it was easy to apply. This was applied to EPS.
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    Looks good from here, did you mean silvery or slippery in your assessment,also I see you used Rockwool board was it Dual density or low density. Cheers
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    Insulated render - anyone used?

    Kaymo Check K Rends new range of Heritage lime renders and this Hemp lime binder Could be the answer
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    No mate , straight onto insulation or masonry
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    Good thing is , is that you already have a method in your mind . Good luck.
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    K Rend LW1 . Small area 5m2. Applied over EPS. Temperature 6c Materials mixed well and consistent and very light. Allowed material to set for 5 minutes and remixed for 5 mins. Laid on 6mm and used 4 foot serrated Darby . Laid in a scrim. Allowed first pass to pick up (maybe 1hour). Applied 2nd...
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    I am laying some on tomorrow, I will give my feedback over the weekend
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    new build house render

    Hello Merln6330 The mixed reviews you read are mostly down to poor application rather than the materials . I have been using K Rend for years and never had a problem and I have used Weber , Sto and other renders and never had a problem. Choose a render and then choose a good applicator , look at...
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    Re-doing Krend.

    Mix the R7 with HP12 and make a stipple coat and allow to dry , just enough to give you a key within your 10/12mm stop beads
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    Spraying. Brick effect mortar coat

    If you are using K Rend the spec says you can spray both coats , I guess it depends on the amount of area you are spraying and how you manage it. You could spray the brick face coat onto the mortar coat and flatten with a speedskim rule or similar.Dont mess about with the brick face coat too...
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    Weber pral.

    Primer and texture
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    Who said it?

    Just done one , blue grit day before and skimmed
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    Old school trowels

    Christ we must have been really bored during the holidays if the most popular thread was about old trowels.. Some great responses though lads .
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    Krend and coloured renders

    Hello Harry I have been using K Rend for years , HP12 HP14 with mesh and TC15 acrylics and silicone. I have also done miles of Render Only using the standard base coat and fibre coat never had a problem. I have used there dashing mortars and brick render mortars with great ease I have been...
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    Old school trowels

    if you can zoom in there is a price on the handle , I put this away in the 70s
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    Weber K-Rend Novice Questions

    Ok so you have a Weber spec , K Rend would be the same using HP12 render mesh and 3mm over the mesh and finish with TC15 and you can use that over the masonary areas if you use R7 acrylic . You don’t have to paint the TC15 just pick a colour
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    Weber K-Rend Novice Questions

    Omoeko,we need a bit more info. Is this an EWI enquiry or Render only. What sheathing /carrier board will you be using over the timber frame ie plywood or a Cement particle board to install insulation or a render only board.
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    Krend ewi

    It’s the new lightweight scratch render used it a couple of times . Can be used on Insulation and masonry with mesh applied between 2 / 9mm coats . Scratched back to 15mm beads Laid it on in the afternoon and scratch it of in the morning. Also can be dashed Hand applied or spray
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    Weber lac basecoat

    Hope that helps Cornelius
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    krend hp 14 onto timber frame render board

    It’s a good starting point , Cembrit Knauf & Euroform are popular and are always updating materials. Remember these are for Render only ,if you are fixing insulation a different type of carrier board should be used but the company’s named can provide details .
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    krend hp 14 onto timber frame render board

    Here is a BBA certificate that states you can use Hp12 and TC15 over a CP board but it does not specify which CP board . If you look in their literature there is a lot of info that will assist you when you are specifying jobs .HP14 can also be used .
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    krend hp 14 onto timber frame render board

    Jerseyboy I can send you a list of carrier boards that K Rend approve
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    Krend gp mortar

    Used to provide a scratch coat to give an even suction over masonary backgrounds . Cheaper than standard UF base coat . Not designed to give a rendered finish or to primer and texture
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    Pink patches silicone top coat

    The K Rend bashers must be disappointed
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    Advice please - sealing monocouche to window frames

    Hello ,who inspected your property ,was it specified that a cut into the window reveal was required. Did Weber provide you with any window reveal details
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    The renderers app

    Watch countryfile on a Sunday ,watch the weather on the BBC on Sunday night,Monday morning before I go to work,Monday night Tuesday morning etc etc even my granddaughter calls me when the weather is on .
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    Sealing render

    K Rend have their own sealer K Pro
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    Poxy weather

    We are all Doomed
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    HP14 curing time

    Hello Jay allow HP14 to dry for 3 days then apply primer and allow to dry for 24 hours and then apply texture
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    Hp12 over limestone

    Hello buddy contact K Rend they will advise you go onto their website and read the technical data sheet for HP12 from memory it says for backgrounds other than masonry and insulation seek advise
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    Hacking off over glass conservatory...

    Hello do you need to hack it off if it is solid could you not go over . Is it painted dash
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    What type of block work?

    Hello, is the house private or on a council estate and where is it .if it is social housing the house type will be listed and the local council or the Bre report will be able to identify the house type and what materials were used to construct it.
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    K-Rend HP Base Coat Cure Time

    Hi Jason K Rend FT has not been assessed to be used over a timber framed structure you would be better advised to use HP12 or HP14 with silicone TC15. K Rend will also provide you with a list of render boards that you can render onto. Good luck
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    K Rend painted stone house - batons ?

    Hello Rach,K Rend now offer a complete External Wall Insulation system ,give them a call.
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    Pebbledash options (advice needed)

    Hello,boarding over the existing could possibly be an option, would save a bit of time and mess rather than hacking it off. You could use a thin EPS or phenolic foam board if you are not concerned about the thermal value and scrim and dash it or texture.
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    k-rend tc15

    Markla the KRend TC15 is tinted in Northern Ireland,did you buy it direct from them or through a builders merchant. Did your customer pick the colour of a sample card , you can get a 5kg sample tub from KRend and make a sample before you buy the materials.
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    Adhesive or not

    Hello , is there a specification. Have pull out tests been done to confirm that the fixing you are using is sufficient . Which system are you using they would specify how they would install boards to a soffit
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    Equilivent to 120mm eps

    Hi Jim, The 120mm could be specified to reach a certain u value target on a particular construction. Building regs say that the target should be .3 it's a different target in Scotland and some housing associations request .28 or lower even. To achieve this target the type of fixing and how many...
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    New to the forum

    Hello there Whose system are you using
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    top coat wont go off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baumit and Parex do an additive but there is a lot of ammonia in them so be careful mixing and disposal of materials,they would have to write it into their spec which would then allow you to use it,they can also change the colour of the texture so if your doing a a street of houses you would...