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  1. Jace

    help looking for paddle

    Right fellas As the title suggests im looking for a specific paddle i used it today when i worked with another gang for the day and although its smaller than my basket type paddle it munched through the mix and took seconds to get it perfect. Its taken me all nighg to find it online but i cnt...
  2. Jace

    parts missing

    not my parts there ok i found all them earlier but i keep getting almost all of the forum missing appart from which ever section ive just come out of, even if i refresh the page it take 2 or 3 refreshes before it all comes back again:RpS_confused:. @Danny anything to do with the upgrades??
  3. Jace


    hello helloo helloo helloo hello hello is there any body out there out there out there there there ​there
  4. Jace

    makita heated jacket

    has anyone seen or got one of these jackets for the winter months ive been toying with the idea of getting one this weekend but i cant decide if it will be uncomfortable with the battery and ill not just have to buy the jacket but another set of batteries and charger as ive only got 2 14v li ion...
  5. Jace

    beads anyone know what beads these are hes using and where to get them from fancy giving them a try:RpS_confused:
  6. Jace

    claymans Japanese trowels

    as said above i met paul the other day as hes doin a job down my way and managed to wangle one of these fancy jap trowels off of him, well i decided to give it a go on some multi today i wassnt expecting much from it but i have to say it was pukka, i still laid on with my marshalltown but i...
  7. Jace

    bg unifinish thread/sticky

    whats happened to that then orrrrrrr when did bg ask for it to be taken down??
  8. Jace

    stabilising a shagged out concrete floor

    Got a small floor to screed but the newly laid concrete looks like the cement was guaged with a spoon not a shovel and as a result just brushes away how would u guys stabalise this before screeding would a 1.1 sand cement and sbr slurry be enough then screed when tacky. Ive never seen such a...
  9. Jace


    Had a go of this stuff for thr first time today just got the beads base and mesh up its only a small area and the builder knows ive never done it before. Its ok to use anyone got any tips for me
  10. Jace

    work lights 110v

    anyone got any recomendations, mines broke i could proberly fix it but i dnt think its all that good anyway cheers
  11. Jace

    carbon steel

    anyone had one or know where to get one from my current ss is only any good now for final trowel over its soo thin now. any tips for looking after it muchly appretciated as ive only had ss before so never had to stop the rust before thanking you kindly you bunch of...
  12. Jace

    just a quickie

    alright guys got a screed job on tomorow but its an all week jobby so the screedis goin to be joined in a few places im goin to put brick ties in to join the screeds but i was wondering if there was anything that i should apply to the joint aswell before i start the next screed i.e. sbr or pva...
  13. Jace

    external screed??

    right guys ive been asked to screed 3 areas in a garden, but i was just wondering will screed be ok outside to the elements and what would you add to the mix just to keep it weather tight, just waterproofer or is there something special (never been asked to screed outside before) also they want...
  14. Jace

    bonded agg driveways

    anyone any experience with these i just wanna know if im goin to mix the stones with the resin instead of boradcasting, and trowel it out can i mix in a large gorrilla tub with a whisk weve done them before but we broadcast as i said before but this is in a garden and dnt really wanna get stones...
  15. Jace

    k rend

    well guys the time has come for me to have my first go at k rend only ever done trad render before, the fella im working for asked me about it and i explained that if he wanted normal sand and cement then im all over it but i have never done k rend before, he says its ok hes never had it before...
  16. Jace

    distinguished road

    just noticed that peoples profiles have "said name" is on a distinguished road i was just wondering what this ment??
  17. Jace

    sikadur 32

    anyone any experience with it ive got to use it soon and im reading the tech sheet for it and it says to clean tools with sika thinner c but the guy hasent bought me any, ive asked him for some before and he still hasent got any and i dnt think he intends to, my question is will i be alright...
  18. Jace


    just orderd a new mixer guys, out of interest what does everyone think of the makita ut2204, i know its not the biggest strongest mixer in the world but i desperatly needed a new mixer to get me through till i get a decent pay out for a job
  19. Jace


    alright guys im being a bit thick here but i cnt work out where the smileys are when you reply?? can someone please show me how simples it is
  20. Jace

    my baby

    ceanna grace rowley due on the 11th born at 4:07am on the 12th weighing 7lbs 15 oz baby is fine and fiancee is fine too considdering she gave birth on the living room floor with nothing but 2 paracetamol, total labour time from start of contractions to birth was 2hrs 26 mins. sory this is not...
  21. Jace

    cost of travis perkins materials

    was working in clapham common today and needed some supplies so i went to the local travis in banham just down the road, bought 7 multi and 6, 2.4m skim beads, i was expecting to pay bout 50 quid ish, price came back at 84 quid, i asked for the individual prices £7.22 a bag of skim, £3.20 a...
  22. Jace


    alright guys just a quickie got an artex ceilin to reartex onto the exsisting stipple. how far can i expect a 25kg bag to go?? been a while scince ive had to do artex not really sure where me tools to do it are now haha