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    Opinions please

    Been asked to mono the back of an extension. But there's a catch and trying to think of the best way to do it. The rest of the building has already been done a few years ago and the top half of the back. Now they've had a stone wall taken down and want the back doing fully. The top that's...
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    Daft question would like confirmation

    Got a fireplace to do in next few weeks. This one is for myself as having a multi fuel stove installed. I'm going to be using k rend on the breast and sides of the chamber. The rear wall of the chamber is done in stone. I'm going for the rustic look on the whole breast to tie everything in. I...
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    Wall partition composition

    Just bought a house and started doing some work to it. One of the internal partition walls between box room and stairs has got my mind going as I've never come across it before. I was about to start taking it down to pinch a few inches of room. The wall seems to be made form 50-60mm of...
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    Interesting BG conversation

    Got a call this morning regarding the pure finish . Apparently they're sending out samples blah blah. New product this that and rest of it. Well as some of you may know it's not new and I've used a lot of it over the last 18 months. It's great stuff but too expensive. Anyway long story...
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    Identify the stones!

    Got a job coming up which involves patching a section of dash. Long story but due to insurance has to be just what's removed. (Pissed up driver gone through from of house) Anyway any help with the closest match would be great. We've been through the won't match 100% with the customer and...
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    Anyone local to Rutland LE15

    Anyone local to Rutland LE15 that's looking for work. Had a 3 bed semi that requires skimming and extension that requires rendering that will be ready in a few weeks. It's a bit too far for me to travel and I'm up to my eyeballs in local work. Though I'd see if any of the good lads/lasses...
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    Look whats turned up today!

    @Vincey Using a few bags this afternoon so will be able to give my opinion later
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    Does anybody know which model

    This pft machine is.
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    WARNING TO ALL Do not let this donut anywhere near your work

    @Rjl2088 what a waste of space this kid is. Don't get me started with this guy. Just do not be fooled by him like I was. I'm now £1200 out of pocket 3 days free work to finish off his bodge and got to pay for locks changed because hes still got they key! And boy oh boy the mess. Mate had to...
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    Apprentership available Doncaster

    Actively looking and have a slot available for a new apprentice to join me. Either fresh or already started nvq. Good opportunity for someone and thought I'd advertise here before going directly to the college.
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    Spread needed south Yorkshire

    As title need a spread for various domestic work mainly in Doncaster but also South York's. This initially will be on a sub basis but need to be available at short notice. This could/Will potentially lead to a full time basis for the right person/person. Initial rate negotiable depending on...
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    Coving ideas

    Been away from the site for a while now thought I'd pop back with a bit of a dilemma I've got. Got a bathroom to cove in the morning straightforward enough the snag is the tiles. Customers gone from a full tile job to just around the bath. Trying to think of the best way to deal with the...
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    First time in 12 years I've had a customer ring me up and tell me a room I've done the skim on the ceiling is blowing in places. Haven't been back to look but blokes sent me some pics and it definitely looks like it's blowing. Standard 15 year old house Matte painted ceiling. Pva and skim...
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    Try before you buy!

    Just been sent this to try before I buy.
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    Just taken delivery

    Of some expamet thin coat angle and stop beads Boxes of 50. 2.4m 55p+ VAT per bead on both Quite impressed at the price especially the stops as I've never been able to get anywhere near that even for the cheaper shite. The likes of whack and r&j are knocking angles out at 59p+ And their...
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    That moment you realise....

    You haven't got enough skim on the van to finish the job! Schoolboy error. Thought a bag of hardwall was multi and didn't bother looking! Great
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    Anybody want a 5 grand damp Job!

    Just been to look at a job for a letting agent Landlady paid someone 5 grand to do 4 walls. All the job was was a hack off and tank with bitumin then patch up. If that's not bad enough agency rang me today to ask if I'd go look at it to sort it out. So went in and WOW. I drilled wall to...
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    Don't you just love builders merchants!!

    Use jewsons for majority of my gear. Just gone through my January invoices. They've over charged me by £100 just in January alone. Some bone heads getting both barrels in the morning! Love how they set your terms then charge you more. I went in for some acoustic insulation last week. As it's...
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    Thinking of new mixer

    Thinking it's time to get a new mixer. Been a user of many a cheap mixer over past years and whilst they've never given me any trouble and lasted me years I'm thinking about paying that bit extra to get something that's quieter and generally better. I've been looking at the collomix but...
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    Domestic spreads required

    Work available and at the moment on an ongoing basis. It's all domestic based and must be of high standard. Not interested in site bashers and metre eaters. Give me a shout so we can discuss further
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    Any decent doncaster based spreads need work

    I've got the phone going constantly at the minute and looking into the possibility of subbing some out. Any spreads local to doncaster wanting work? It's all domestic based work. Could become quite regular for the right lads the way things are going. My standards are high and I'm not interested...
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    Who the f##k paints walls with sandtex

    Just finished the worst day of my life today. Started a job on Thursday which was day and half job. Due to being struck down with norovirus. I had to pack up and make my exit after gracefully shitting myself walking up the customers stairs Thursday morning. Went back today as I had to finish...
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    Am I being paranoid?

    Started back tuesday doing some ceilings in a house. Finished up Friday. Still haven't been paid and been promised bank transfer since Friday. Long story short women lives in Leeds and it's a rental. Met Tuesday morning for keys and cracked on. She called in Thursday to check how I was...
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    Need a lab for 1 day on Monday

    Need a labourer for 1 day on Monday Must be able to cut board (insulated board) Its in the doncaster area. Will be a paid day cash Need a hand tacking a ceiling in a extension Must be able to drive Reply or Pm me if interested
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    Anybody else got a phone call from BG

    Anybody else had a text and phone call from BG? Text me on Friday saying bg want to talk to spreads and I've been selected :lol: Thought no more of it. Anyways got a call from the fella today asking if he could come up and see me and get some opinions from me on what's right and wrong and...
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    Got a new toy today!!

    Brand new ox utraflex. Haven't used it yet but I physically compared it to the s*p*r*lex 1 and 2 by refina and it's definitely the better trowel to the feel ad also the most flexible. Also a little dicky birse tells me it's actually a nela trowel branded ox :inocente:
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    Dri coat problem today

    Had a room to sort today that had some damp work done a while ago. 3 walls dri coat where the damp was treated. It's been stood a couple of 3 months as they had a plasterer in to do a load of work who was with the best will in the world useless So I got the short stick to re skim all his wank...
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    So what did I do with my day off....?

    Like the plonkers we are I cleaned my trowels!!!! I mean seriously I get a day off and what do I do "Oh I know I'll go get my tools out the van and clean them" Give them a spit Polish for good measure :lol: Is it just me or does a clean trowel make it feel like everything goes on smoother...
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    Anyone else noticed...?

    Anyone else noticed that hardwall has started to stink recently? Never noticed it before Roughed a few walls for a customer this week and went back the next day and thought their drains were blocked!!
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    Possible labourers wanted from Monday onwards

    Possibly needing 2 maybe 3 labourers from Monday onwards in Doncaster for a job. If all goes to plan there's the possibility of athe least a weeks work could be more. Experience in Dry-lining preferred Plastering improvers or general labourers
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    Want to see some good boarding?

    Dropped into a job before I went on holiday to help a damsel in distress. Plasterer let them down AGAIN! Had a couple of days twiddling my thumbs before I went and was bored shirtless so thought why not. Was in the holiday mood so did it blind and a bit more for the holiday kitty. The brief...
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    There's some right nuggets about!

    So just back of my holidays yesterday and Start back Monday. Just get a phone call. I need a quote for a kitchen ceiling and walls Walls need bonding and Skimming. OK no problem. I do the do diligence and get the address etc. Proceed to ask what state the kitchen is in, is it empty all the...
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    Awkward coving suggestions

    Got a customer who I've done some previous work for who wants her stairs and hallway sorting. Rip original in situ cove down record ceiling etc etc. All good no problem. The trouble is she wants it recoving (in 127) an the main wall has an integral internal and external curve. I don't have a...
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    Why does it feel like were always up against it?

    Had a great week this week so far doing some work for a regular customer No pressure no hassle! Then boom today walked of the second job in the last 2 months All over access to the property!!! What it boiled down to in the end was a flaming parking permit! I specifically asked twice to be...
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    I need to rant and vent my frustration

    Turned up to work this morning at 8:30 as agreed, nobody in! Called and said they'd be 10 minutes. Half an hour later they turned up! Go inside (this is the second attempt at this job) After initial viewing and quoting told the guy the boarding was horrendous and needed rectifying either by me...
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    New van time anybody got a new trafic/vivaro?

    Got fed up of my old combo van and iv had my money out of it. It's becoming a hassle with messed up deliveries and she's about to start costing money. I've done some sums and which ever way I go it will definitely need to be some sort of finance deal. There's just not enough good used vans...
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    my rant of the week!

    Don't you just love it when you go to price a job, agree the price write it down what's to be done all in front of the customer , get nearly to the end of the job and the walk in saying you haven't done what your supposed to have done!!! Went to look at a job for a friend of a friend who's...
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    Turned up to new project and look at this!!

    Turned up up to a new job what could be an amazing barn conversion. Upstairs nearly all completely boarded by the owners brother who is supposed to be a plasterer it made me absolutely sick. Look at the state of it I daren't even put a straight edge on it. Told the the guy it needs to...
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    Gave in to the curiosity of it all as one of the pals has been using one for a while and bangs on about it. Was also reading the posts about plazi and supaflex. (Just needed an excuse to buy a new gadget to try) got a good deal so if it's w**k it'll gayer dust in the van Got the 16" version and...
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    Awkward ceiling

    Just been to look at a job it's a kitchen ceiling not a large area at all but would be a nice filler job to tie up half a day I have spare coming up the blokes boarded it himself but because the wall units are so high you can't get a screw in the wall edge of 2 6x3 boards opposite sides of...
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    Adhesive on wallpaper

    Just need a bit of advice gguys finished a coving job for a customer who went ar*e over t*t about decorating before having coving fitted all the walls were wallpapered first i advised they had done it wrong but were adamant they wanted the coving doing they now have an issue that there is...
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    Render help!

    Right fellas had a day to forgot today! Rendering my own porch and it has gone belly up hoping someone can help me out as I'm scratching my head i did the scratch coat last summer and that has been fine I finally got my new windows in so thought as I had the day off I'd knock it out in no...