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    work essex

    agency rang me today theres a 3 week job in essex 140 a shift shop fit out needs all your info today or tommorow morning if anyones interested diamond agency contact is james 01268570570 mobile 07827949072 they need two guys starting mon reffrence essex plastering job
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    plasterers union

    hi guys i spent few years in ireland working all over one day i was looking around for a bit of work found a site spoke to the foreman told me the prices ect asked me when can u start 3.45 a metre skim thought sweet spent a day on my own setting up water butts bags up scrim bead ect...
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    hi lads just woundered the the diffrence between krend and monocuche starting a job mon few houses inside and out and they want moncuche never used it is it base coat then second scabble finish ? cheers for any advice
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    Any need a hand this week

    Hi guys bit stuck this week vans down ect normal janaury crap looking for a couple days got cscs number lost the card thou based in luton area give us a shout if u need a hand thanx
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    airside pass

    hi lads dont no if this right place to post theres some work coming up in heathrow and luton airports i want to no if any one nos how to get an airside pass and how much will cost me cheers guys
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    any need a hand based in luton cscs ect

    got no transport at the moment im 38 reliable if u need 2 spreads my mate has transport cheers fellas
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    urgent plasterer banbury area or willing to travel there 2 days work 150 before tax

    need somone to cover a job for tommorow its some snags and rebeading around new fiited doors beads put up temp be4 they went in need to reajust and some boxing ins
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    lstn lads got a job in today not 4 me but somone here mght like its 50 a day uk in their currency ,,flights paid and digs 6 weeks mullti on board work its more like a holiday with cuople hits everday i said no cos its not enuf doe bbut 4 the guy who wants to travel maybe a new contact ..he...
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    feel like im begging

    ok here it goes im a good spread very hard working reliable 37 years old and just need some work got few rendering jobs lined up but as u can see the weather my site job is shut down for couple wweeks and all builders i no are qiute sick of it i no there are spreads on here that are very...
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    looking for work we are based in luton

    hi lads lookin for work ,theres 2 of us good clean reliable cscs we were told the last min site refurb we was on was shut do to aspestos found in the building our work is good not super fast we have done work for a guy here on the foum before just did some work at the week end for him kieth...
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    need work next week any one no ant sites close to luton lookin for any spreads

    looking any numbers or names for some work lads any help be appreacaited
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    is it me or is the multi lately a lot harder to finish :-\ :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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    3.75 a metre

    justb spoke to a mate of mine and he tells me that he is on 3.75 a metre on board on a hotel in clacton how come some peoiple get all the luck the company is vale interiors .....jammy sod
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    k rend and spray plasters

    hi lads been bac on site a week now doin stairwells forgot how hard site work was forearms are hangin any way, we are looking into these spray renders and stuff cos hand plastering is just now becoming tiresome just some questions is there a demand for these ?how expensive is the set up ? and...
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    my mate rang me today telling me e was ome early bout 1130 and e was really appy e said he had to srape bac an artex ceiling then bond it skim it and cove it custermer left him key and the money on the side he sheeted up and started scaping guess what the artex had not bonded to the ceiling...
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    two spreads

    be honest if there is two of you and no labourer and u do 3 hits aday how many metres a hit will u do .... two good speadz ;D
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    srimming hardwall

    hey lads was on site the other day float and set show house another spread was doing the other show house when i got a break i went over and had a nosey like ya do and he was scrimming the corners on the hardwall after it was set before skim what the f**k nver seen before does any one else do this
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    machine sprayers

    NJOBSTER - FREE LONDON JOBS PORTAL Bookmark and Share RSS APPLY FOR THIS JOB NOW Date Feb 09, 2010 Company Anonymous Location London / London Apply Exp spray plasterers &amp gib stoppers required Job Description: Required for large 6 month London based contract...
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    any way got job next week for a srceed dont do it my self only a days work for a srceeder and a labourer but u have to b good i am not makin any thing he will supply materials i will make sure u get a good rate its in codicote near hitchen pm avalibility end ofr next week 8)
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    plastering what is it now

    when i was young 16 years ago the first time ip icked up a trowl and hawk it meant something 10 years later s omeone said u will never get ruid of of hawk and trowl . im not sayin plastering aint made me money over the years but even when i have lost money people used to look and say wow there...
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    render ewi job

    dont know how old it is There are the following vacancies: 1) Installation Team Required: Installers Required for EWI External Insulated Render Systems: · Only experienced applicators need apply · Installing Marmorit Warm Wall Systems · Working in KENT and surrounding...
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    job midlands

    heres one for wigan lad ;D Plasterer Vacancy from Jobcentre Plus Job No: LAC/44343 Wage £12 per hour Hours 40+ a week, Over 7 days, Over 24 hours Location Bailrigg, Lancaster, Lancs LA1 Duration Temporary Date posted 20 January 2010 Pension details No details held Description Must...
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    found job in bolton

    found job Vacancy from Jobcentre Plus Job No: BOL/99175 Wage EXCEEDS NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE, PRICE WORK Hours 40 HOURS PER WEEK, MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 8AM - 5PM Location BOLTON, LANCASHIRE BL1 Duration Permanent Date posted 15 January 2010 Closing date 15 February 2010 Pension details No...
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    render machines

    i got a render jod to do after this f**k**g snows gone and iwas thinkiig bout these machines are they as quick ? i no its less labour intensive and could i hire one ?
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    morning lads i just spoke to someone bout angency work (see pulic looking for plasters whitby) idont no bout use lot but i i think agencies suck i used to do bits and pieces for them when i left school and when i was still learning my trade and 80 of the time theyd rip me off or tell me they...
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    site work offerd in leicester

    found on gumtree james leicester o7849456962 cscs
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    bag of skim cost me 5.65

    :o cant belive the price of skim now before cristmas did a job in arlsey found a supplier went to till and paid5.65 per bag thought the guy made a mistake then he told me i felt like i was bein laughed at :-[ then i remember when iwas an apprentice my boss told me metreage should be priced on...
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    does anyone need a hand

    based in luton no cscs but am goin to get it over the next couple of weeks can travel got van and tools tidy and reliable, render, skim ,vention plaster the standard is excellent so if u got any thing u need a hand with lads leave a message or ring us mobile is 07733980974 cheers ;D
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    free flo

    just wanted to know if any else used it its slows the finish down so u can av a smoke in between hits :D
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    hello lads

    just got used to the way the site works been on a couple of forums and there was a usally a two week preriod betwwen convosations lol im based in luton been a spread for 17 years now love my job prefer outside work than inside out of work at the mo ??? but hoping fings will pic up turning into...
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    jersy dandara

    spoke t0 the agent the other day theres 300 flat at 3.75 pms sounded good untill i researched the digs man pricy all the cheapos are booked
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    australia does anyone know anything bout the plaster out there

    just wanted to no if they skim out there and do they pay good also rendering
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    need work anywhere

    need work i do internal and external plastering coving artex tacking im tidy and reliable based in luton but will travel i never have combacks most of my work is in insurance work private gaffes can get reffs if u need cheers !