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    how to handle situation?

    Sorry just re read your post As you say mate your job was done. I would tel the customer to ring said plumber uless he was sub contracting to you. And explain he has stained there grout they would sharp ring him if he walked oil throught there carpets. Offer the customer a soulution and tel...
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    how to handle situation?

    Re do it and Seal Guard it do a search for it its exspensive but fantastic. suprised the grout stained with that is it water proof grout What area is it ?
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    What causes skim to crack?

    Just been to look at a flat I skimmed over 6 months ago. Full re skim walls and ceilings uni bond and skim. There is hair line cracks appeared all over the place, on every wall in the flat and some ceilings . The cracks are hairline and go vertical horizontal and at angles and the plaster can...
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    offered a job for £

    Whats that all about Oasis
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    OAP Discount

    OAP Discounts ? ' What you talkin about willis ' ;D
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    offered a job for £

    Stick at it mate its out there just got to find it ;)
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    Damp Job

    How do folks Been to look at a job today they have got damp on an old extension single skin brick with render on the out side. The render is in the house next doors garden and caries down the party brick wall and its down to ground level. I will be removing the lower section and fixing a bead...
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    12.5ml boards

    12.5 for dabing and ceilingd unless space is an issue or profiles price of board should not be an issue its the right tools and gear for the job always
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    Skimming over Easi- fill?

    PVA joints Skim in two if needed plent of water on the joint and brush it in. Give it a mist coat of paint when dry if there is any snags catch them with easy fill and sand
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    Frozen pva

    Bucket of warm water for me
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    Ceiling advice

    Without seeing the cornice i would just say board tight up to the lip and skim it flush
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    Damproofing Advice

    He new there was a rabbit off from the start All sorted now the guy came back out and tryd to say he had done it and ask if we wer trying to pull a fast one after a bit of talking to he admitted to not doing it >:( and asked if he could come back on monday to put it right :o and he would need...
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    Damproofing Advice

    Read the thread before you reply with a view let alone a pointless one ;) cheers to the the other guys for the views hes got him comming back today am gona pop in and have a word also
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    Young College Kids!

    Got to say I was s**t hot at college ;D, I spent most of my time tiling as passed all the plastering stuff they gave me then again I am some boy ;)
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    RATES m2

    Yip straight up seen the quote a guy got, worked out at £900 to skim a bathroom When the guy said are you re boarding floating etc hw was told thats what it costs what ever is required ::) p.s the same went for tiling :o
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    RATES m2

    £44 psm Skim if you use B&Q Fitters
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    Damproofing Advice

    Cheers Lads Its definatly not been drilled from outside as hesaid he could not get to it because of the bushes at the front of the house, on further inspection of the walls tonight there doesw not apear to have holes drilled any where there are a few old holes but these do not show signes of...
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    Damproofing Advice

    Hi yall after a bit of advice on a area of plastering am not to fimiliar with My mate has had a damproofing company in to inject his walls and render up to a meater ish, He could not be on the job when they wer doing it, but when he poped by on his dinner he asked them if they had injected the...
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    How do I plaster a large ceiling in 2 parts?

    Rolling set as already said nothing amatureish about it at all its a part of plastering and covering big areas where there is no angles, joining walls etc
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    new van

    Yeah split screen panel 1962 prices range from 4k ish for a shead to anything up to 60k for a samba or barndoor thats worth around 12k. finding a decent commercial van over 40 years old is hard you just have to look at some of the 2yr old vans that come up for sale that are used for work
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    new van

    Second that with the T4 Cracking vans converted mine so no good for carrying the 8x4s ;D Got a t5 for work and would also reccomend just mine has had new gear box clutch and fly wheel under warrenty before i bought it its now done 90k so be care full on buying second hand or buy one with the...
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    Stilts and laminate flooring?

    Laminate and stilts :o dident bother with sheets :o I will stick to me hop ups never had a problem. did once work with a guy who used them 'can you pass me this can you pass me that' For me Iam out
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    Cracking in Finish

    Take along a plasterer with you to sort it out ? Keep the heat off if poss More PVA Apply a better coat of finish check what you have done is all sound prior to doing all of the above
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    knauf Finish

    There will come a time,, but ? Yeah its totally different to Multie doesent like been applied thick Its good for new boards on say a conservatory with new white frames its cleaner than BG multi tom
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    knauf Finish

    Not sure if its been disscussed before but hey ho Havent used it for years We used it on site when house bashing on boards not so good on re skims in my opinion Got to mix it thick to start as when you knock it through it thins down. So who uses it regaular ? Your thoughts?
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    Give the carbon Marshall a go there spot on also got a perma shape gold seems ok only used it a few times Both 13X5 Got a 10inch aswell
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    multi dried rough in patches????

    So you always knock up two mixes up. even if you are only putting on 4 or 5 handboards full ?
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    Hello fellow muck spreaders= wot credit crutch

    ;D ;D
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    multi dried rough in patches????

    I recon it was all to do with the prep and your technique nothing to do with the mix as you said it was mixed ok ? did it suck in in sections or what what was the background ?
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    how much a day

    Got to be a wind up that Oh yeah as for telling lads they need to go back to college, there is a spell checker you could use 'good or what' or you could always go back to school ;)
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    To old or what ?

    Whats your line of work now?
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    how much a day

    Price the job. he will just keep pushing on a day rate but you wanna be doing three sets on a day rate realy. £100 a day ?
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    breaking in a trowel

    Swap it with him for your shiney new perma shape if he wont give you it the tight git Failing that try all the above ;D
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    Cracking in finish

    are they scatterd hair line cacks so the wall looks like a map if you get what i mean
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    Bargain X2
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    domestic work

    As me job depending + mats
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    Plastering courses

    Cool Its a lot about being a good business man Any more
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    Plastering courses

    So who's done one then ? What did you learn ? How long was it ? Remember when I started my apprenticeship around 99 after a week I was knackered and nervous about knocking up a mix (in case it was lumpy or sloppy etc) never mind going into it on my own as a living, saying that think i done my...
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    Plastering over artex...

    Depending on the pattern etc Scrape the high spots pva tight coat of bonding (maybe a hand full of lime added) two coats of finish trowel to perfection ;) job done Very rarely over board unless required, which is not that often in my experience
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    public liability insurance

    Yeah my thoughts aswell apart from all me tiling gear wet cutters dry cutters my makitas etc and the fact they will have to brake into it to find out there is nowt worth nicking always get business insurane on me van normally get a better deal aswell
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    public liability insurance

    Thats good 119 quid for £1500 worth of tool cover Mine is around 110 with 500 tool cover and its a VW T5 no military crap
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    Multi finish and plasterboard

    As above but Multi purpose will be fine Does what it says on the tin Why you ask ? Edit: Post above was added be fore i submitted mine used both with no broblems on board ever. We used to use a board finish with carlite added on most jobs before multi
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    public liability insurance

    Payed 65 quid for 2 million cover 250 excess Just for myself as sole trader no tool cover etc