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    Damp Job

    How do folks Been to look at a job today they have got damp on an old extension single skin brick with render on the out side. The render is in the house next doors garden and caries down the party brick wall and its down to ground level. I will be removing the lower section and fixing a bead...
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    Damproofing Advice

    Hi yall after a bit of advice on a area of plastering am not to fimiliar with My mate has had a damproofing company in to inject his walls and render up to a meater ish, He could not be on the job when they wer doing it, but when he poped by on his dinner he asked them if they had injected the...
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    knauf Finish

    Not sure if its been disscussed before but hey ho Havent used it for years We used it on site when house bashing on boards not so good on re skims in my opinion Got to mix it thick to start as when you knock it through it thins down. So who uses it regaular ? Your thoughts?
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    Plastering courses

    So who's done one then ? What did you learn ? How long was it ? Remember when I started my apprenticeship around 99 after a week I was knackered and nervous about knocking up a mix (in case it was lumpy or sloppy etc) never mind going into it on my own as a living, saying that think i done my...
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    New Mixer

    Had a quick search bud brings up old threads with out of date links so hear goes again After a new 240v mixer looking to spend around £100 any sugestions cheers Tom
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    Hi all Been floating around hear for a while thought I best register and say hello, Iam a time served spread with around 9 years experience and still learning. cheers Tom