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    Hi there!

    @Clarke90 check out my profile page - about me :RpS_wink:
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    Hi there!

    Hello there Clarke90 loving your avatar xx
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    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    Yes please xx :RpS_wink:
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    machine for hire

    Oh boy am i interested :RpS_drool:
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    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    WOOHOO!! Hello boys!! :RpS_love: This section is right up my alley :flapper: Check out my profile boys xx :RpS_wub: (I haven't updated it since I joined though lol)
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    work wonted

    LMFAO >> WONTED :RpS_laugh:
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    Hello! And some ???

    2 rite u need to watch that Nisus m8 he's a rite sneaky so n so lol :)
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    Help! Dodgy Cowboy Plasterer

    You could've sbr slurry the wall then sand & cement with feb or lime then multi. Or I seen someone use this dry coat from gyproc then multi on top. I did the 1st one on my friends house a year ago after he injected it & it's ok still.
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    Use feb or lime in sand & cement mate.
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    Render mix?

    Just read there's a hydrated lime aswell WTF!!!!
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    Render mix?

    Lol thanks Kemp, what lime do you use the hydraulic stuff & where can you get it?
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    Render mix?

    Someone on a diy forum a while back. Why is it wrong then? I seen bricklayers do it when they was workin next door to the factory I used to work at a few yrs ago!!
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    Render mix?

    Thanks spunky i will google feb. And can't believe that Andy called me a chancer I've been professionally plasterin for 2 & a half years now!!!! So I've got a lot more experience than most of the new lads on here!!!!
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    Render mix?

    Lol. Another spunky :RpS_laugh: I have done a search on other forums & i was under the impression that when renderin using a sand and cement mix, add a little washing up liquid, it will help it stick to the wall! True or not!!
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    Render mix?

    Lol. Another spunky :RpS_laugh: I have done a searcforemother forums & i was under the impression that when renderin using a sand and cement mix, add a little washing up liquid, it will help it stick to the wall! True or not!!
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    Tools ?????????

    Hiya Viking, buy all marshalltown stuff mate as this will make you look more professional & more apeallin to a potential boss. That's what i did, but i haven't been took on yet, but i'm doing ok on my own. :-)
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    Render mix?

    Hi guys, I've got a small renderin job to do next month the mix I'm thinkin is gonna be 3 sand, 1 cement & a good squeeze of fairy liquid for scratchin coat. Then 4 sand, 1 cement, 1 hydraulic lime & some more*fairy for top coat. Will this be ok for blockwork garage?*
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    Super flex spats

    Would it be any gud for floating say bonding or hardwall mate to get it level for skimmin? I need summat similar for the job I'm on it's 2 coats of bonding & 2 coats of multi finish. All bin hacked off by customer lol.
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    Super flex spats

    Would it be any gud for floating say bonding or hardwall mate to get it level for skimmin? I need summat similar for the job I'm on it's 2 coats of bonding & 2 coats of multi finish. All bin hacked off by customer lol.
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    smooth over hi build

    Hi Buddy what i would do is scrape of the high spots, then pva the walls & reapply sum hi build with a hawk n trowel whilst pva is tacky, then go over it with a plastic float to achive a smooth flat finish! :RpS_thumbup:
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    One for the Scottish lads

    Have u got any work near Shropshire Beady? I don't mind travellin a bit i cud go to scotland but not till i've got my car fixed. But need sum work to pay to get it fixed to go to work etc bit of a catch 22 ain't it ffs!!
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    Sounds like a courser too me!! The country's full of em!! :RpS_lol:
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    Why dya Think

    Why would a cherry picker be on a building site? surely he would be in a field !!
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    painting plaster too quickly

    I did one a few months ago a utility room ceiling I skimmed it on the morning then painted on the afternoon with silk emulsion from homebase it was ok cause silk is quite sticky. :RpS_thumbup
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    thinking of packing in and sub work out ??

    :RpS_laugh: The littlest hobo LMFAO :RpS_lol:
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    Stoke is a right dump I wouldn't live there if you paid me lol. Kebab king you will be on rogue traders lmao :RpS_laugh:
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    6in wetting in brush

    Spray bottle for me! My friends a hairdresser so I got them for free off him :RpS_thumbup:
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    new today looking for fun and good times

    Hello Stevo, my name is Duncan & I'm 31 & also looking for fun with like minded people :RpS_thumbup: I know what you mean about being frustrated lol :RpS_wink:
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    lol name calling :)
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    Not a wind up mate you can buy stirring sticks just not sure where? And no it wasn't obvious to use a bit of roofing batten, what do you want me to do go on the customers roof & remove their roof tiles Lol :) doesnt matter now any way the jobs done it was only 1 wall in a bathroom that will be...
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    thanks d*m**o but i dont mean the cheap paddle ive got one of them, its an actual stirring stick im after? thanks anyway mate where you from ? Warrior i did stir it! In the tub with my brush then poured into my rolling tray, but this was'nt enough as i found out later. Irish you can have it...
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    Used some PBA for the first time yesterday on a wall & it was all going well till i realised most the grit was still in the bottom of the tub ffs!! By then it was on the wall. It skimmed ok this mornin but was a bit worried if it will stick properly without the right amount of grit on the...
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    I can't artex lolThe paper they've got is laura ashleigh!Probably from b&q or summat.Can you get ready mixed paste? cause I know I will make it lumpy & won't look very good will it !!Just need some tips how to put it up like??
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    Oh bit far for me matey.Is that you in your avatar pic? :)
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    Yeah Brighton was wild lolz!! :)He's just a friend I've known for years.Anyway papering tips pleez guys
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    I had the same trouble a couple of years ago & in the end I paid £650 for a 5day plumbing course at my local training centre.Now I can do the same as a pro plumber can without the bloody call out charge & rip off rates they charge!!!!I can refit a bathroom sweet & take off rads n stuff like...
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    Hi guys :)Not been on for a while, been at my friends in Brighton & no tinternet.Right I did a small dining room skimming job just the walls.And I had a phone call saying they would like me to go back to put some work right!!So went round & there's lots of hairline cracks ffs!!I said I would...
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    Rendering job!

    I did the inside of the extension last month, they boarded it & i skimmed it, then he asked me if i can render & i just panicked & said yes lol. And he asked for a quote, so i just thought a week plus mats, it's 2 small walls & window reveals etc. My neighbours garden wall i did was spot on...
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    PVA outside

    Read a few posts on here!! Can someone explain why you shouldn't use it?? If a wall is pva'd & 2 coats of render with waterproofer in & then 2 coats of masonry paint, how the hell is water going to rewet the pva behind all that????:huh: Can't get me head round this argument ffs:RpS_cursing:
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    i think its good

    Oh sorry pal i didn't realise i do apologise, i'd been on the wine all afternoon:RpS_biggrin: i have a good sense of humor too lol. You been plastering long matey? That d*m**o blokes work looks terrible what a cowboy ffs!!!!
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    Rendering job!

    Hi guys got my 1st biggish rendering job, so far i have done a garden wall & that's about it really.:RpS_biggrin: This is a small extension only about 9-10 squared metres and it's new blocks. Can i push the beads into scratch coat or do they need putting on 1st? How long shall i leave it...
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    floor leveling compound

    OMG you are ChrisW not ChrisM lolz. sorry pal!!
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    Bucket trowel

    I bought a cheap bucket trowel from b&q & i used to use a smaller bucket trowel with a rounded end. And Casper i thought you were 54ish lol. Sorry pal!!
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    floor leveling compound

    I don't know him sorry, he is also called Duncan??
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    i think its good

    You obviously haven't been doing plastering very long kebab king!! even i can see that the ceiling needs half a bag of easifill on it. whoever did that job is a very messy plasterer. You should do a course & maybe you will be pointed in the right direction for a career in plastering. I...
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    floor leveling compound

    you can put it over liquid damp proof membrane from wickes's but ChrisM is correct!!
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    Rendering outside wall

    what i would do is weak pva over the bricks to seal it, then when dry a thick pva & render when tacky with 4 sand & 1 cement for both coats. And before anyone says anything i did my neighbours garden wall like this 18 months ago & it's still there:RpS_tongue:
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    Well that's all i use a cordless!! I bought one of them green Bosch cordless drills from homebase & a mixer attachment from wickes's. I can mix one full bag of multi finish in my gorilla tub no problemo!! So i don't need to worry about 110v or 240v i can mix anywhere, iniside, outside...
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    Trowelling up!

    Hi guys, Wondering how many times you all trowel the ceiling or wall once the 2nd coat is on???? After 2nd coat I flatten it sraight away then again 5 mins later, then spray bottle & trowel it straight after that, then again another 2-3 times till it starts turning brown in small areas then...
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    What's the best starter van for a plasterer?

    Well guys the way it's going my £2000 is slowly going down. No work at the minute, rent to pay, partying most nights. Think I'll just stick with the car for now & blow the lot lolz!! Off to see a mate in Brighton in a few weeks hope the car makes it lol.