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    keeping a wet edge when dashing

    thats the way to do it, plenty of waterproofer in the scratch, never no probs
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    Sticking flipping render beads on!!!

    stick em on wif bonding in or out for all u use lets u av time 2 set em right, av no probs over years. use,s up ur left overs
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    for wet dash wud mix 1 cement/1dash stone/1 p/sand
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    what ever you put as your quote, be sure they will bring it down and be prepared to wait on your money, that is if you even get it all , not a fan myself of this method but i know needs must and all that
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    per metre rates

    i know what your saying been pricing for many a year , have heard many squads just rime off sand/cement prices, skim only,etc, etc was trying to gauge a fair price, as some of the fiqures? seem to be tight to do the jobs. thanks for getting back
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    per metre rates

    i know its bit of lottery some of prices i heard i wondered how it could be done. if there was enough work about would stick to private.
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    per metre rates

    been doing mainly private work for many a year. have had chance to get into some commercial work for a building company have been asked for sq/m rates. any you guys in your wisdom give me some pointers with out ripping the henrys out of it, trying to get the jobs.
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    eml sheets

    did,nt see the job but sounds like more than building paper missing
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    Re: quoin stones a simple guide spot on kirk good advice
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    forming socket box recesses in deep render

    i do this type of work myself from time to time sounds a great idea. will try out, cheers m8
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    always good to rule off scratch before top coat.apply k-rend and straighten walls then close with trowel leave to take but don,t leave till set hard as you will not have any arm left when you scratch it,use k-rend float in circular movements as not to leave lines in walls, once you have done one...
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    Plaster bands

    ain,t seen render bead for bands,seen quion cutter. Will look out for bead,thanks for getting back
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    ring ring

    know what ya mean,the ph can c hawks full of muck
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    Plaster bands

    Hi, hav,nt done any plaster bands for a good while,done them before using timber rules was wondering if there was any new ideas, tips, tricks to ease the task. what about quions . c u 8er :