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    Re render over mono

    A client has asked me to re do a gable that someone done for him 3 yrs ago, its Weber one coat, rest of house looks good, but gable has a couple of lines across it, where scaffold was, must have dried when they where coating, and a few patches are very open with lots of holes. He wants me to...
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    Hi guys, how do you gauge your waterproofer? Used to always use powder at ratio of 1 pack to 50kg of cement, but every job I go to now the builder wants to use liquid waterproofer for price reasons, anyhow all the drums say to mix 30:1 with water, how does this work with wet sand? Personally I...
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    Replastering outside

    As title says a client has asked me to replaster the outside of his 25 year old smooth rendered house which is painted, the paint is secure. I advised to hack off the existing render and scud and scratch coat before dash finish. Basically he doesn't want to hack off the existing render, so any...
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    Upcoming work

    Well, was just wondering if there is much work coming up in the near future? Would travel to any part of UK, do a good job, possibly looking for something after Easter.
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    Hi guys

    Been a member on the forum a couple of yrs now, but not very active. Well just a Hello before I maybe post on other threads, by the way great forum, good craic