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  1. TheRussian


    Random one I've had today... Just done a quote for a potential client, as soon as I got there to price up I was told they've had another plasterer in and they've quoted 800 quid for the job and said its too high for their liking. Now I walked through the job with them few heating pipes about...
  2. TheRussian

    Site to domestic

    Aup guys. I'm currently a site spread and just wondering how different is it to do private jobs from site work... I want to start doing some private jobs at the weekends for some extra dough, even if its just the simple stuff like how clean you are when your skimming or finding the work...
  3. TheRussian

    Hop ups/work platforms

    I'm sure this a common problem with us vertically gifted individuals I need to find a work platform that's 300mm high. I can't find anything i don't want a stool I already have one and I can't use stilts and don't wanna buy them I'll probably just end up on my arse staring at the ceiling instead...