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    Scud coat

    What was funny about my quote?
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    Scud coat

    Have anyone painted on SBR neat onto an old scratch coat then rendered over? I once had small render job to do where old render had been knocked off, I tried this and it seemed to work well, and I haven’t heard anything back about it, so must be ok
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    More crazing

    The only problem would be if the crazing showed through the paint where would I be? I don’t think it will though as I see lots of crazing in unpainted render, and none in painted. Probably the best option for him would be acrylic it
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    More crazing

    I rendered a house in December, mixed everything same as usual, only difference I used frostproofer in the mix, it had crazed to the extreme, when damp after rainfall but cracks not visible when dry. Thing is the client is blaming me. Although he told me at the time that he was going to paint...
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    pral m

    Put rendaid on Monday, leaving 3 days as you said, Putting on tomorrow, forecast gives cloudy with 7 deg high, if I use wickes accelerator, will I get same day scrape? If so how many ml per bag do you recommend? Thanks
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    pral m

    How is pral m setting over rend aid at this time?
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    Waterproofer on part of wall. Tricky one

    Looks like that is the width the chimney is going out through the roof at that point, so either the lead tray is too low, or likely no lead tray in it, have seen this before where tray was too low, so moisture gathers up in tray and seeps into room instead of seeping down the roof, but if no...
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    Hasnt earned a penny on that job....

    Agree 100%, and any plasterer that says they don't know what their doing or anything like that, don't have a clue what their talking about
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    Fixing bad Sand & Cement

    Personally I'd wet dash straight onto, the rough render finish would actually make a good backing coat for wet dash finish, would be the cheapest most reliable finish
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    Also clients think it's a finished job, but if they don't keep it clean it looks horrible , whereas sand cement painted stayes cleaner, and cheaper in the long run. Maybe I'm too fussy should just take money and run lol
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    Hate mono, yes looks good at the time, but couple of yrs later takes the pride out of your work by how bad it weathers
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    Is plastering worth doing?

    Do your lorry test it's easy carried, take on the cornice business and give it every ounce of power you have to make it a success and if it doesn't work out for you, you have lorry driving to fall back to
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    Sand and cement anyone ?

    Artistic good drawers
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    Just typical mono finish takes dirt like s**t to a blanket, rubbed up sand and cement painted far superior job, the old tried and tested finish, cream always comes to the top
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    Price increase

    Labour should rise 17% as well
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    Marshalltown s*p*r*lex

    Won't matter I'll not be buying one anyway, go back and see super flex work when it's painted, totally embarrassing experience, Marshalltown 14 x5 gold trowel for me, bit tougher on the elbow than a s*p*r*lex but better finish
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    Win An OX Trowel

    The wife wants me to win this if it means soft hands like Danny
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    Re render over mono

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    Re render over mono

    A client has asked me to re do a gable that someone done for him 3 yrs ago, its Weber one coat, rest of house looks good, but gable has a couple of lines across it, where scaffold was, must have dried when they where coating, and a few patches are very open with lots of holes. He wants me to...
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    Dot and dab external facing solid wall that's been pebbledashed

    Would prefer s/c every day of week, however with a single brick wall I would put on a 50mm insulated board and skim, no heat loss.
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    Punchy as fook

    As an old work colleague said to me once "it's a wonderful world, just wonderful the c-?ts that's in it"
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    Terrible skimming competition

    Judging by those photos I'd say this competition is over before it starts
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    Last Christmas..... George Michael

    These celebrities Kill themselves in wild lifestyles, us plasterers kill our selves trying to have a good lifestyle, maybe in the next life we'll be rewarded, and hopefully all these celebrities will be plasterers, just so they know what hard work is, anyhow RIP George Michael
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    One coat wonder

    Let's put this to bed, plenty of plasterers can 1 coat to a high standard as I often do, but sometimes have to 2 coat due to suction as I often do, but no right or wrong way, end product is what counts, hate this right or wrong craic, it doesn't be talked about as much in every other trade.
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    New years revoultions

    My da used to say I was a G** apprentice, none of my angles were straight, he'd look out a ceiling angle and ask if I was even straight lol
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    Hi guys, how do you gauge your waterproofer? Used to always use powder at ratio of 1 pack to 50kg of cement, but every job I go to now the builder wants to use liquid waterproofer for price reasons, anyhow all the drums say to mix 30:1 with water, how does this work with wet sand? Personally I...
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    Can't decide

    Watch how he trowels it after he rules, it's that soft he's pushing hollows into it, I wouldn't like to be skimming it after him anyway, the blockwork would be easier to skim ffs
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    Ultimate MT

    Don't throw your mt away anyway s*p*r*lex over bonding is a no no big time
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    Roughcast/wet dash

    Mix 4 buckets sand 4 bucket stone 2 bags cements 1/2 buckets lime best mix yet imo
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    EML Fixings

    Been a member 4 yrs only post when I need to, cause I don't talk shite, but still classed as a new member, why lol?
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    EML Fixings

    Allow approx 40 per sheet, 3 rows 200mm apart, overlap will save you 3 here and there but also you'll need an odd extra one in somewhere but 40 per sheet as a rule of thumb won't be far away
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    600 centres

    This day and age should be 400 centres end off
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    Refina plazi or nela s*p*r*lex

    Was talking to a man this morning who had been working in Birmingham and he told me that site managers are checking plasterers tools now, and anyone with plastic or s*p*r*lex etc, aren't getting on site
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    Linear metres

    They usually want to pay linear rates as opposed to through the openings to save money on their behalf, I would settle for 75% of your m2 rate for linear metre as long as you also get paid for beading. Otherwise stick to through the openings.
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    Used to like using Silver scrim by everbuild, but haven't seen it anywhere in stock over here this last few years.
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    Biggish ceiling

    Just get it on, when your standing waiting to give it a final rub, you'll be wondering what you where stressed about, you'll feel proud about yourself and look back some day laughing that you where even worried about a 3 bag lift, good luck.
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    The great things that come with plastering

    Getting a few minutes to yourself waiting on skim setting, day dreaming about euro millions
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    Where can Plastering go next?

    Agree on the plasterboard, should only be putting insulated board on exterior skin if required, sand & cement float then skim, best way by a mile
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    Replastering outside

    If I was to put on a thin coat of this stuff, brush with a fine floor brush, could I then wet dash onto it?
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    Replastering outside

    Cheers, was thinking that myself.
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    Replastering outside

    As title says a client has asked me to replaster the outside of his 25 year old smooth rendered house which is painted, the paint is secure. I advised to hack off the existing render and scud and scratch coat before dash finish. Basically he doesn't want to hack off the existing render, so any...
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    plasters labourer

    This is becoming extremely annoying, do a one day course get a labourer cscs card, then look for work, gumtree, agencies etc. Stop all this posting, you're doing everyone's head in
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    plasters labourer

    Glad to help, hopefully they contact you, good luck
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    plasters labourer
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    Looking for a start

    Try drylining crowds, from what I learned in London they have all the skimming tied up aswell
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    London work

    Back home in Ireland will never go to London again for work, tape and jointing has our trade ruined, plus big builders don't care about standard, figures are all that matters, heard about all this money in London, well £3 a meter in an awkward £10 million+ penthouse don't make sense to me, all...
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    London work

    I'm working in a city centre pent house with nothing handy about it, all small awkward areas, beating my head against a wall, expected to do it on £3 a meter, gonna head home, I could make these rates pay on different job but not this one, peeved off to say the least
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    Hi lads any price work going

    Is there much skimming work in London? from what I can see taping and joint is taking over everything, maybe a few pent houses to skim and that's it
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    any work in milton keynes???

    A mate told me LJR Interiors where looking men in MK, they always advertise on gumtree, but I know nothing about them.
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    Upcoming work

    I'm always in work but as said money here is poor, sometimes you feel what is the point? Done a job in maidenhead for an ex pat from home last year, money was a lot better than here, he said that I should be over making a few pound while I'm in my prime. But he wasn't involved in the building...