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  1. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    A Venetian plaster shower room completed today. The client wanted a white finish with underlying movement. After extensive dabbling with sample boards the finish below was finalized and applied. One happy client!!
  2. Mike814

    Another small feature wall

    Another small feature wall in the Carrara finish supplied by Andy from Goldtrowel IMG_3310_zpsf3ef86c4.jpg Photo by Mike8141 | Photobucket IMG_3309_zps5ac3811f.jpg Photo by Mike8141 | Photobucket
  3. Mike814

    Facebook page

    Hi there, i've taken the plunge into facebook technology and here is my page. Hope its not too pants!!!!
  4. Mike814

    Venetian plaster sign board

    I've just refurbished a restaurant/bistro for a client. It is a rustic style finish and after discussing venetian plaster with them they asked if it was possible to create a signboard for them.
  5. Mike814

    SBR Primer

    Quick question for fellow venetian plasterers. Has anyone ever used SBR primer before base coating with Carrara or Lime wall finish etc? cheers
  6. Mike814

    Feature Wall

    Just a few pics of a feature wall i done in my boys bedroom and also a venetian plaster feature board with transfers
  7. Mike814

    Venetian plaster laquer

    Hi everyone, As mentioned by Robjack on another thread it is possible to use a lacquer instead of a wax to waterproof the venetian plaster. Question 1. Has anyone tried this before and how did it affect the finish. Question 2. What lacquer did you use and where is it supplied. Cheers
  8. Mike814

    Kitchen Splashbacks

    Just thought i would have a crack at posting some pics on here. Feel free to slag off accordingly lol!!!!!
  9. Mike814

    I've tried marble plastering

    Hi there, this week after much study and research ive finally put things into practice and had a go at venetian plastering. Only on a test board i hasten to add. After two attempts the third was quite a success. I have to admit that the videos on youtube etc do make it look rather easier than...
  10. Mike814

    I'd like to try marble plastering

    Hi there, My names Mike and have just joined this forum. Im a sparky by trade but have been plastering to a high standard for around 6 years now. I've recently discovered venetian plastering and really fancy having a go and possibly making a business out of it down here on the sunny coast of...