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  1. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    Just wondering what people are roughly charging m2 for lime render? Spec is saying we have to use a premixed/bagged render, Base coat at 10mm and top coat at 5mm. What would people be roughly charging on a labour only m2
  2. mikeadams1985


    We are stupidly busy at the moment and could do with an extra pair of hands for a few jobs we have on. Its mainly cornice fitting, but we do have a nice restoration job we could do with a hand on also. We are based in liverpool, but works is all over, mainly north west. Couple of jobs in...
  3. mikeadams1985

    Busy Busy, looking to expand moulds

    Im after a quick expansion to the moulds available to me. Busy busy and dont have time to make more myself, so looking for any that are available. cornice ceiling roses arches columns corbels niches fireplaces you name it, im interested. 07841919406 if you have or know of any available.
  4. mikeadams1985


    When posting it helps if the location is in the title. can i f**k be arsed clicking every post to find someone in my area. If you WANT the work make it easier for us. soo... thinking of an apprentice in the liverpool area. Fibrous Plastering ONLY! Your trowel will become a bench scraper here!
  5. mikeadams1985

    Recon this is work 1k

    Going to get this tomorrow, agreed a price of 1k You think its Worth it? got a job coming up and ill need two towers. to buy brand new wihtout the youngham is about 1800 2x 4.2mtr high 8'x4' boss alloy scaffold towers and a 5.2mtr youngman and hand rails to link the two
  6. mikeadams1985

    Few photos of manchester corn exchange

    Heres a few pics from a job i did with the help of Ben and a s**t load of Starbucks :) Design, Manufacture and Install new column capitals to allow for up-lighters to be installed behind
  7. mikeadams1985

    Liverpool work fibrous work / no experience needed

    I have a good 2-3 weeks work in Liverpool for anyone who has a cscs card and is interested in doing some fibrous work. You don't need to be able to do fibrous work. It's more labouring really but I will show you have to do things to make the job more interesting for you and will happily let you...
  8. mikeadams1985


    Had an email from mulberry the expensive hand bag make. Asking for a price for 700 yes 700 plaster cobels by February! Not sure if its a wind up or not. Frank did you get an email about this?
  9. mikeadams1985

    Sealing bare brick

    Anybody know the best way to seal internal bare brick. Im sure i heard on a job once some giys sealing it with linseed oil or something, made the brick a warmer looking cooler too (if that makes sense.) its a fireplace thats been cleaned, and re pointed and i want to seal it and give the brick...
  10. mikeadams1985

    Spotlights and insulation.

    Just thought on. I've a flat fibreglass roof that's been insulated with knauf loft insulation. Boarded and plastered. Cables in. Now I've Just thought with the insulation and the heat from spots. this a problem..potentially fatal?
  11. mikeadams1985

    How many mixes

    How many mixes would you hit a ceiling this size in? It's 24 ft x 11ft. Fresh usual skim. As you know I'm not a plasterer. I've done the whole house and it's fine.but im not quick and this is the biggest lid ill have tackled. So just wondering how many mixes YOU would tackle...
  12. mikeadams1985

    Which plaster do you use?

    Just curious as to which plaster the fibrous lads use? We use to use @BritishGypsum herculite no.2 and fine casting / plus But switched to lafarge prestia casting and prestia creation a few years back. Got a bag of fine casting the other day to finish a job off and can honestly say it's...
  13. mikeadams1985

    Collapsed hearth

    Got an old fireplace in the new gaff. Been cleaning it up and tackled the heart tonight. Its uneven to **** with brickS. Lifted one out and realised that the back section isnjust hollow and goes down a few feet… mainly filled with dust.. The ground floor house is a concrete floor built...
  14. mikeadams1985

    Which insulation?

    I've got a flat fibreglass roof to insulate and I'm unsure which insulation to go for? Rigid foam style like celotex or the fibreglass roll stuff? The house gets freezing so I'm happy to spend the dosh on whatever is best. Suggestions? The size is about 24ft x 12ft
  15. mikeadams1985

    Purchase order

    I gave a quote for a job. Which involved alot of patching. Chips here and there and holes in cornice here and there. Alot of it. So I priced this part of the job at day rate. So man quote was 14 days on day rate @ x amount I got the job and started today but only just noticed there...
  16. mikeadams1985

    Odd one here

    I priced a job about 7months ago. For. Various bits of cornice repairs and moulds to match. Was only about 700 quid . Price agreed and a date booked in about 3-4weeks away. About a week before the date I informed him I needed his deposit before I made anything. Received the deposit few days...
  17. mikeadams1985

    If theres one thing the customer can do

    If theres one thing the customer can do for you to make your day that little bit better, Besides doing the work for you what it is. Keep it clean! I have to go with having the room empty of everything, makes the day so much easier.
  18. mikeadams1985

    Working alone

    How many of us work alone? And does the silence of being on your own drive you mad? Been working on me own for years and I think the solidarity is driving me insane.
  19. mikeadams1985

    Damp help

    Evening all, so after reskimming the room, and leaving to dry then applying a couple of miss coats of paint i have noticed damp in the wall. So can anyone advise? The house is built in 1880 it is a Victorian property. The walls in question(there 2) one is internal seems to possibly be on both...
  20. mikeadams1985

    Possibility of work for a labourer. Liverpool City centre

    I might have a job coming off some time next few months which will open up the possibility of a labourer helping me out. The work could last up to 3 months Mon - Fri 8-4 Ideally someone with some basic human skills! No tools Will be required. Ppe will be provided. Just turn up and graft...
  21. mikeadams1985

    Quick questikn

    As I don't do plastering I'm a bit stuck here. Is there an skim bead for a wall that is not 90? I've got an external.angle that is ...i dunno 70° degrees it's boarded out and want to know if such a bead exists? Like one sided?
  22. mikeadams1985

    Plastering straight.

    Is it just common these days to just.skim over a wall regardless of the shape underneath? How.many of you will bond out and get it straight first? On a job today and it's a 23 ft long wall. Fitting cornice and ive had to.pack.out of the wall.and of the ceiling in some.plaves as much as 3...
  23. mikeadams1985

    TPF Shirt :)

    Received mine awhile ago and not gonna lie, it just got chucked in the back of the van with me other work cloths. So dug it out and made a few changes. TPF now has some credibility being along side my name.
  24. mikeadams1985

    Can't access a post

    Why can't I view a post in this section about a company. Is it me your talking about haha. I can see it. Just not open it says I don't have permission.
  25. mikeadams1985

    Plasterers directory

    Been doing some thinking of late. Would the forum be open to a plasters directory? either part of the forum or separate? A way for us tradesmen to get ourselves found, a yellow pages just for plasters type of job. For a small fee get ourselves listed and have our contact details, address etc...
  26. mikeadams1985

    Vacume cleaner

    Just picked one of these up form b&q for £35 quid, cant go wrong at that price. gave it a test run round the house, and was great, even on the dog hair! light, and bagless. plus the handle thing is really long so no bending over to hoover for us tall'ns
  27. mikeadams1985

    The dreaded van clean out

    So how often do you give the van a clean on the inside not the cab. been putting mine off for a whole bow but think it's time I attacked the beast.
  28. mikeadams1985

    Odd one

    Just got an email asking to look at a job, now thats great, mix of run in situ cornice and some bullnose reveals and stuff on windows by the looks of the drawing.. but wait...there using another firm to do half the work and want me to look at the rest... sounds like getting one guy in to skim...
  29. mikeadams1985

    'tips and tricks'

    click that only makes the page reload and go to the home forum page. others work fine.
  30. mikeadams1985

    how fsr qill you travel

    Last few jobs I've been on have been between an hour and 2 hours drive. The customers are shocked that i'm not bothered to drive that and they always say 'oooof long travel up from Liverpool ain't it' I don't see an hour or 2 hours drive as far for work. Is that just me? How far is pushing it...
  31. mikeadams1985

    New site - Feedback please

    Alright you pleasant bunch of...... Ive finally got my new site up, but still updating it as i go. Im looking for some feedback, things you feel its missing, its it obvious what i do? easy to navigate? etc etc im still writing the sections on croxteth hall and stuff but just in general...
  32. mikeadams1985

    eze spat, speedskim, plazi blade, steel blade, flexi blade, Jesus

    Whats the deal? whats the diffrence? theres about a million threads but none seem to REALLY explain what you would buy and what you use it for? some people are saying to trowel up with, some are just saying to flatten the coats up before trowling?
  33. mikeadams1985

    rated people

    Signed up a few weeks back to try it and a job has popped up, job sounds promising, its one house and possibly a second house requiring large victorian coving in at least 4 rooms ine ach. problem is, rated people want £72 just for the customers contact details! Im sorry but no chance, they...
  34. mikeadams1985

    Little job i completred recently

    Recently completed a small restoration job in a domestic house. Lovely coving and shame to see the damage that had been done to it. But now back to former glory. Pic below, before during after
  35. mikeadams1985

    Site welfare..

    How many jobs do you find yourself on where the property has been gutted and there's no bog? Obviously this is just domestic as h&s would have a field day if that was on a commercial site. Is the house owner responsible to provide these? I don't mind going in the gird and behind the shed or...
  36. mikeadams1985

    Tool / product review section?

    Us there one on here? If not can we have one? Seeing lots of threads and posts talking about certain tools.and products. I'm trying to figure out what trowels etc I'm after and unsure. So wondering if there could be a section for tools reviews or something similar.where we can pitch in our...
  37. mikeadams1985

    Insulated plasterboard V Polystrene & Plasterboard

    Got a ceiling i need to overboard and insulate at the same time. SO i started looking at thermaline insulated plasterboard. Which is basically plasterboard with polystyrene screwd to the back. So do i use thermaline costing me about 200quid at cheapest i can find or buy polystyrene and...
  38. mikeadams1985

    Packing out - Building out on one half of a wall

    as im not a plasterer im unsure on this one so figured i would ask here. ive bought a property and its bloody old, 1881. Now in the lounge its got these fake beams on the walls (giving it a cottage look). which had been fixed to the original brick wall then been sand cement and then skimmed...
  39. mikeadams1985

    Overpriced or just me?

  40. mikeadams1985

    YouTube vidoes

    Anybody else watch videos of other trades / diy enthusiasts making stuff on youtube? just seen this one and its an absolute belter! Shame most of the machines he owns i can only dream of!
  41. mikeadams1985

    Curved mouldings to match an existing curve - How to work out the curve

    Before i start, a little disclaimer. This is the method i use, there are various other methods out there, i like this method. The moulding used for the illustration in this guide, is not a finished product! i did all this in about 30 minutes so i could get it typed up to show Ryan (arris...
  42. mikeadams1985

    Spin mould

    Before i start, a little disclaimer. This is the method i use, there are various other methods out there, i like this method. The moulding used for the illustration in this guide, is not a finished product! i did all this in about 30 minutes so i could get it typed up to show Ryan (arris...
  43. mikeadams1985

    Your age / Time served

    With all the threads about back ache and thinking of career changes and such im curios to see what age most of you are and how long / when you started serving your time. Age - 28 Started 17 Time served - 11years
  44. mikeadams1985

    Van mileage

    Just out of curiosity what mileage is your van on? Van - Renault Master MM33 MWB Year 2005 Mileage - 167k
  45. mikeadams1985

    Another Little Video

    Combinatiuon of photographs during the install, a little video near the very end and then 2 photos of the kitchen i did a few weeks back, now its all painted.
  46. mikeadams1985

    Art deco cornice and a sloped ceiling

    Fitting some art deco to a ceiling with a pitch on it but too.make it more interesting it's two different sized cornices that have to meet and run into each other. MJ Adams 07841919406 Fibrous plaster mouldings.
  47. mikeadams1985

    After seeing the videos, ive become inspired to have ago myself!

    Made a quick video whilst installing some cornice. Im afraid not as funny as the last few that have been shared on here. But ill get better i promise.. :RpS_laugh: uploading as we speak, probably done in about 5 min
  48. mikeadams1985

    Some more cornice work

    Here's a few more pictures from a job I'm currently on. Last picture is from the entrance hall to the building (not work I did although I did some repair work in the entrance hall) Sent from my SM-N9005 using The Plasterers Forum mobile app
  49. mikeadams1985

    Some recent heritage work - Work in progress.

    SORRY ABOUT LARGE IMAGES!! Dunno why some are like that Working on a job at the moment in liverpool. A wing of Liverpool's famous Croxteth Hall damaged by fire more than 60 years ago is to be brought back into use and made available to the public. The Queen Anne or south-west wing of the Hall...
  50. mikeadams1985

    M J Adams - Videos from a fibrehand

    Hi, ive recently gone self employed and started up on my own, doing fibre work. Ive been a fibre hand for the last 10 years and i have been taught by the best, ADAMS. its been our family trade for over 4 generations. So im confident in saying, we know our stuff. Anyway to the point ive just set...