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  1. Jgreenplastering

    Dry liner Bristol required.

    Morning lads. I'm looking for a boarder in Bristol to use on all our domestic contracts. £4m2 measured through on both tack and dab new and existing. We do single new builds, lofts (price will change) extensions and renovations. £175 on day work. Or small jobs we will arrange a price. I try...
  2. Jgreenplastering

    Part time PA/Secretary what ever there called.

    I'm been thinking of this for a while now but don't actually know how it can work??? I'd prefer to be on the tools still but with the lads I have subbing for me I find I can't just do a day Graft any more! My time needs to be spent viewing quoting, invoicing, fetching things to and from jobs...
  3. Jgreenplastering

    What will happen next?

    Sooner or later after another atrocity there will come a time when the public will make a stance. It will create shockwaves around the world with copycat movements in other countries affected by Terrorism and things will get really bad. There will be a repeat or something similar to the London...
  4. Jgreenplastering

    Where's all the Real spreads at????

    I'm struggling like hell to find any decent spreads at the minute..... actual real plasterers who have experience and know how in all aspects! I need another team of spreads to do my domestic internals but all I seem get is chancers who are barely even 'skimmers'! I'm not looking for the...
  5. Jgreenplastering

    Am I right....

    Am I right in thinking that no matter who's in charge next we are pretty much f**k*d and it is near on impossible to turn things around for the better? It all started with Blairs labour and the tories haven't made things much better. The biggest problems which have caused this id say is the...
  6. Jgreenplastering

    Heard this many a times but never this result!?

    Architect sued after landscaping friends' garden for free Anyone read this??? Absolute joke! Obviously we don't know the full story but sounds like the typical....didnt want to pay to much, goes tits up and blames everyone else! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jgreenplastering

    Monoblanco tips.

    Spraying this next week with ritmo. Got about 150m2 over new block work. Used blanc du litterol last year and can't recall any issues but that was hand applied. Any tips on it? Also is it quicker or slower set than normal Monorex? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jgreenplastering


    So I've got my first job using Bauwer to do in the summer. Going for 50mm ish of Light. 5-10mm of Finish Then Arenenio sprayed or sponged. I've spoke with Alexander who's gave me some good advice in general but are there any members who've used it before and have some tips on what/what not to...
  9. Jgreenplastering

    Mobile Tool chest/stack/storage

    Anyone recommend a decent mobile easily movable tool storage/chest/racking Got my hand tools and power tools spilling out my tote bags and would prefer a storage box/system for them all. Been looking at the dealt stak system but ideally I want something I can organise my hand tools into a bit...
  10. Jgreenplastering


    Anyone recommend a decent place to get overcills. Clients had new windows installed with the largest possible cills but once our EWI and render goes on it's still going to leave only a inch or so of overhang which I detest so need a decent proper overcill. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using...
  11. Jgreenplastering

    Venetian/marble plaster to bathroom in Bristol

    I'm after someone good in Bristol for a bathroom on a renovation project if anyone can help?? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jgreenplastering

    Elbow issues

    After some advice. Ive noticed for the past couple of months every now and then If I rest/conect/touch my elbow when bent on a certain point it feels really sore. I don't feel pain before or after but at that specific time I catch it It feels like when you've hit it and it's sore for a few...
  13. Jgreenplastering

    One for the traditionalists

    How would I achieve this finish? Just making good where we've installed a bellcast bead and want to match in best as possible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jgreenplastering

    Itemised pricing.

    I know we don't talk rates on here so I won't mention amounts but since I've bought my machine and I'm getting busier I'm trying to organise my pricing better to make it easier and less time consuming. Using the bagged products is obviously more expensive up to traditional but I'm stuck with a...
  15. Jgreenplastering

    Bristol Spreads required

    ****PLASTERERS & RENDERERS REQUIRED*** We are looking to expand our work schedule and our work force. I am looking to take on a sub contractor/s for a long run of work starting Dec/Jan for domestic clients and builder refurb/new builds. Must have 5 years minimum experience in all aspects to a...
  16. Jgreenplastering


    Not on about skates that are cheap but who knows of another plasterer or themselves they'd call a cheapskate that has that annoying pointless money saving habit an why? After reading @olicans post about his beads I know there is actually people out there who keep those off cuts and would use...
  17. Jgreenplastering


    Anyone use any sort of retarder through there ritmo or machine? Going to spray Monorex overnight for first time and spraying over Parmurex base coat. Usually spray over Monogris which holds for ages but a bit weary on the Parmurex. It's a 50m2 gable so can't afford it to set to hard and have to...
  18. Jgreenplastering

    Window protection

    Further to the other post about tape what protection do you lot use for the Windows? We've always used window protector rolls but I see a lot of people with plastic sheeting they cut and tape? Is this easier/cheaper/better? With white upvc you don't need to be so precise but with say...
  19. Jgreenplastering

    Genuine Tyrolean replacement parts

    Anyone know where I can get a genuine replacement comb for the gun? Or if there's anywhere that does replacement parts that will fit? Only had it a year, the combs started falling out about 6 months in which makes me think it's not genuine, nevertheless I need a new comb. Cheers Sent...
  20. Jgreenplastering

    Almost free Parex Monorex Bags Bristol collection.

    I have about 80 bags of various colours of Monorex GM. There's no more than about 5 of each colour. There clogging my garage up and I just need rid. Collection only in Bristol. All I ask is you make a donation of your choice to a charity of your choice. Must take a minimum of 5 bags. All...
  21. Jgreenplastering

    Compressor and Gun for Tyrolean

    After buying a Ritmo I no longer have the will power to hand ball anything. I'm after a compressor and bits for spraying Tyrolean. We only used bagged products. Find they go through machines better and no blockages from bigger aggregates. Only do it now and again so don't need anything...
  22. Jgreenplastering

    Mono Sealer

    I'm one for doing things by the book or to best practice as possible. If it costs more and I lose work because of it so be it. With this in mind who just scrapes there mono and then leaves it and who puts a sealer on after brush down? We use Parex products and I always spec Parex Paraguard...
  23. Jgreenplastering

    Private/business health/sick care.

    I've never done this as I always thought it's another business expense but does any one have any insurance/scheme/policy where there are covered by a monthly allowance if they have an injury/sickness in or out of work? Not sure what there called or if there worth it but I know I'd be buggered...
  24. Jgreenplastering

    Parex Bags for sale Bristol

    I've got about 60-80 bags of various colours taking up to much space in the garage. Open to offers for the lot. Just need rid. In Bristol and collection only! PM or post for more details. Colours range from BL10 G10, J60, light blue and couple others. Some EHI. If you want only a few that's...
  25. Jgreenplastering

    Render Manufacturers

    Myself personally I'm exclusive to Parex. They have all the products I seem to need/use for the work I do. Used to used Weber but they only have rend aid for re-renders and I hate how sticky it is although good gear. Don't like K-Rend, only used it once as had to match to existing. Had some...
  26. Jgreenplastering

    Ritmo L hopper.

    Anyone bought or made a decent extended hopper for the Ritmo? Want to get down to 2 men on certain jobs but want a hopper to hold more bags in and save less trips when on top lift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Jgreenplastering

    So she said yes!

    After 10 years and a few ups and downs I manned up and asked my amazing missus to marry me. We're in Morocco at the moment with our best friends and it's been planned for ages. She didn't believe me at first as I've always pretended to tie my laces and ask stupid questions so I was on one knee...
  28. Jgreenplastering

    So she said yes!

    After 10 years and a few ups and downs I manned up and asked my amazing missus to marry me. We're in Morocco at the moment with our best friends and it's been planned for ages. She didn't believe me at first as I've always pretended to tie my laces and ask stupid questions so I was on one knee...
  29. Jgreenplastering

    Deposits & Installments

    I've started requesting deposits for jobs over a few K now and then Installments with last one on completion. Not had any customers complain yet but why is there such a stigma within the trade that clients think they shouldn't pay deposits etc and only on completion? People are happy to pay it...
  30. Jgreenplastering

    Wickes Accelerator

    Thought I'd try this out today. Went to buy it this morning and thought I'd better check it first. Opened it and it brown in colour! So went and bought some Ever Build stuff that's clear. I know everyone raves about the wickes one, but wouldn't the brown affect the colour of the render? Sent...
  31. Jgreenplastering

    Skimmers needed for Bristol work in 2 weeks.

    Have 2nd phase of job for a contractor ready approx w/c 11th April or week after at latest. I'm busy with my new ritmo outside and wasn't booked to start this till end of April so come a bit quick! Large single house refurb. Ground floor left to do. About 400m skimming on board and 100m float...
  32. Jgreenplastering

    VAT reg

    I've had no choice but to register in the last couple of weeks for the dreaded!! Not ideal but I think it's for the best if I want to expand and carry on with the work load I have! Any tips on how to handle it? I know the basics but didn't know if anyone who has been Vat reg for a while had...
  33. Jgreenplastering

    Bored and waiting!

    Came to lay on below dpc today, hate it! Already scratched one side then client asked for all to be done! Had them laid with OCR and some accelerator since 9.30 still waiting for it to set so I can scrape it. Already put the Paraguard on the EHI we done last week, cleaned front of van, loaded...
  34. Jgreenplastering

    Second day with Ritmo

    So this my is second job with the Ritmo. Forgot the video sorry. This is probably one I should of done by hand but seeing as I just bought it I thought why not! Smokey grey G40 Monorex with Ivory beads to match Bathstone pillars and columns. Actually looked nice up close and blends well...
  35. Jgreenplastering

    Speedskim blade removal tips

    Trying to change the blade but having no luck! It's been in soak for a week, got all the crap off the blade and handle but it just won't budge. I've broke the blade trying to pull it out with pliers so no good now either way! The end caps are long gone so I haven't been a dumbass and left them...
  36. Jgreenplastering

    Parex EHI J30 16 bags for sale £150

    As above In Bristol area. Collection only. Brand new bags only delivered this week. Excess from job. J30 opal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  37. Jgreenplastering

    First day with Ritmo.

    Had our very first spray with our ritmo today. Picked it up and has training last Friday. We were spraying EHI one pass (ish) over matie. Had a hiccup at start where we weren't giving enough time for mix to come through after adjusting water and almost caused a blockeage. Luckily Ian from...
  38. Jgreenplastering

    EHI same day scrape

    Alright lads Using my ritmo L for first time on 3 small panels around 20m2 each. We have EHI over Matie at 10mm scraped finish. Matie was put on last week and hoping to finish this week. Would I be able to scrape same day at 10mm? Or would accelerator def help? Or should I just stick to...
  39. Jgreenplastering

    Parex Matie

    Any tips on using this? Just stuck base tracks on before fixing and it skins up quick! When dabbing base coating does it need mixing back up all the time or is it useable? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  40. Jgreenplastering

    Ewi preferred fixing method.

    Hi all Starting our first EWI job tomorrow, Just wondering what people's advice is on fixing and cutting EPS boards? Do you prefer the dab or full notched bed and what trowels do people use? Just a tile trowel? Have some flat areas and some stone work to go over. Cheers Sent from my...
  41. Jgreenplastering

    A review of some coursers/chancers.

    I'd thought I'd do this little write up and post a real honest review of a couple of lads I've gave trials to lately. I'm a small company, I'm on the tools and do all the paperwork, job viewing etc. We are domestic only. I have another time served spread and a lad who has been with me a year...
  42. Jgreenplastering

    Hack offs

    Just wondering what people do to protect window and door cills. Sometimes we get clients who've had new doors and cills fitted and then the hack off happens before re-rendering. We usually try to fix sheets to cushion the fall Or tape insulation if we have it lying around. We put protective...
  43. Jgreenplastering

    Ritmo L and general tips.

    I'm going to be getting my machine in the next week or so off Ian and will be having my training. Il will be listening to him and writing it down step by step how to use but I'm sure there are some tips or advice from the guys who use them day to day which aren't always covered by the training...
  44. Jgreenplastering


    I know I'll get a killing for this as people don't like discussing it but here is a list of general rates for any member of the public who comes on here wanting to know an average cost for an actual plasterer charges. Feel free to add an area and price if you wish. Danny please don't ban me...
  45. Jgreenplastering

    Machine insurance

    I know it varies by machine and area but thought I best get it for the new ritmo L joining us soon. Now what's the average cost for one of these to add to your policy? Any ideas? Just been quoted 115 until end of my current policy in November. This actually covers me up to 12.5 so 2 ritmos...
  46. Jgreenplastering

    Crying client.

    So I visited a job at dinner. Client had the house re rendered last year. It's all failed. I asked why she didn't get him back and she said she wanted him no where near the house! Long story short the 'renderer' only hacked off the hollow bits then went straight over painted render with a...
  47. Jgreenplastering

    Joining the Rendabot crew.

    So it looks like I'm investing and going to be joining you all. After some helpful info from both @bobby and @owls I'm getting myself a Ritmo L. Thanks for the advice lads much appreciated [emoji106]. It seems like an investment I need to make with the amount of rendering we have been doing I...
  48. Jgreenplastering

    Qualified or fully qualified?

    I see and hear this so much lately now anyone can get a qualification. So someone gets a NVQ level 2 and says I'm fully qualified. So does having a level 3 NVQ make you fully fully qualified? Obviously having papers is a bonus but means nothing like it used to but surely you'd just say your...
  49. Jgreenplastering

    Parex Parlumiere Clair & Fin

    Have a job to do on a 4 storey old Victorian house. Spoke with Parex rep and he's give me a spec for the above. Has anyone used it and if so what's your views. Was going to put mesh in base coat. I have a feeling it may need 2 scratch coats before a top coat. Going for float or scrapped finish...
  50. Jgreenplastering

    Where is everyone today?

    Is everyone busy elsewhere today or is it just a few of us sad loners with nothing better to do on here?