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  1. Diana01

    20 bags MultiFinish available in Bracknell (Ordered during lockdown and I no longer need them)

    Hi all, As I mentioned in another thread, on 06/04 I placed orders for 10 bags MultiFinish with both Build 4 Less and Insulation Shop. Not as cheap as Wickes. Delivery was £25 Insulation Shop and £30 Build4Less. Total for 10 bags incl delivery was £114.36 and £107.04 respectively. I was able...
  2. Diana01

    Bracknell area: I have 15 bags Carlite Finish spare

    Hi all, I’m in the midst of renovating my home. When I found out that DryWallToolsDirect were getting in Carlite from Ireland, my builder phoned around his network to see who wanted plaster and if it was worth getting a palette. One of the chaps (who was the most interested) has pulled out so...