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    Render mix?

    Hi guys, I've got a small renderin job to do next month the mix I'm thinkin is gonna be 3 sand, 1 cement & a good squeeze of fairy liquid for scratchin coat. Then 4 sand, 1 cement, 1 hydraulic lime & some more*fairy for top coat. Will this be ok for blockwork garage?*
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    Used some PBA for the first time yesterday on a wall & it was all going well till i realised most the grit was still in the bottom of the tub ffs!! By then it was on the wall. It skimmed ok this mornin but was a bit worried if it will stick properly without the right amount of grit on the...
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    Hi guys :)Not been on for a while, been at my friends in Brighton & no tinternet.Right I did a small dining room skimming job just the walls.And I had a phone call saying they would like me to go back to put some work right!!So went round & there's lots of hairline cracks ffs!!I said I would...
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    PVA outside

    Read a few posts on here!! Can someone explain why you shouldn't use it?? If a wall is pva'd & 2 coats of render with waterproofer in & then 2 coats of masonry paint, how the hell is water going to rewet the pva behind all that????:huh: Can't get me head round this argument ffs:RpS_cursing:
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    Rendering job!

    Hi guys got my 1st biggish rendering job, so far i have done a garden wall & that's about it really.:RpS_biggrin: This is a small extension only about 9-10 squared metres and it's new blocks. Can i push the beads into scratch coat or do they need putting on 1st? How long shall i leave it...
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    Trowelling up!

    Hi guys, Wondering how many times you all trowel the ceiling or wall once the 2nd coat is on???? After 2nd coat I flatten it sraight away then again 5 mins later, then spray bottle & trowel it straight after that, then again another 2-3 times till it starts turning brown in small areas then...
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    I went to price a job yesterday on the way to the gym & gave him the price & ended up having an argument with the old bloke!! He was saying I'm too expensive & i should be ashamed of my self charging those prices, I was like omg! lmfao!!!! I had to walk out in the end otherwise i would...
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    Hi I've been Reading about spongefloats on here & seems like this was never covered on my course!! Is there any training available or is it easy to pick up?? Just after a bit of info thanks. I'm just off to price for a kitchen ceiling fingers crossed i get it lol.
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    What's the best starter van for a plasterer?

    I currently drive a Hyundai Getz & with the seats down I can get my 2 gorilla tubs in, my small 3 tread stepladders, my drill & mixing attachment, my trowel & hawk, & I put all my small tools, bits & bobs & overalls in the gorilla tubs & I always carry old curtains & a few new dustsheets for...
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    Duncans here!

    Hello everyone, I am Duncan a professional plasterer from Shropshire. I have been plastering now for 2 years. Since i left school i worked in a factory making leather chairs, but unfortunately i got layed off by my boss in the recession. so i did a professional plastering course & now i...