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    Come on mate, your alwalys there, but just lurk, introduce yourself pal ! No pressure though ! . Cheers
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    "au revoir "

    Totaly f**k*d, goodnight to one and all . (y)
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    Free tools

    Does anyone keep making as me, the same mistake as me (every time ) Of going to B&Q and buying small tools, mt taping knifes, stanleys, tape measures etc. Then compleatly forgetting about them and dumping a s**t load of board finish on them. Its not until you unload that you realise the errors...
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    Sorry folks, Gavine has turned I****n again , Apache .
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    The best laugh , ever !

    Funny as f**k !
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    Andy g

    Who misses his input ?
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    Question ?

    The pros and cons of having a missus ?
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    Thought I'd better introduce myself, the names Derek , work in Edinburgh and been on here for a while but not posted , until now. How are you all doing out there.