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    not bothered plasterer?

    hey everyone so I'm currently doing a plastering apprenticeship and I'm working for two plasterers [no labor by the way] and iv been off work for the last two weeks cause the plasterer only seems to have outdoor work and its raining nearly all the time. he says he will have indoor work but he...
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    is this trade a good trade

    hi ….. I could do with a bit of advise from ye guys. iv been working with 2 plasterers for a few weeks to see what the trade is like and I do like the trade but everyone I meet is saying to stay away from this trade as my back will be broken by the time im 30 . iv been offered an apprenticeship...
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    iv read everything from all of you and I appreciate the advise. I will continue working with him for a while more and see how I feel afterwards
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    hi , I am a 20 year old whos looking at starting up an apprenticeship. I have been working with a plasterer for a few weeks and he wants me to do an apprenticeship with him . I was only testing out the trade to see what it was like . should I go for the apprenticeship with him or test out other...
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    plastering future

    hey everyone I was just wondering as I young lad starting out in the plastering trade , is there good money to be made in the future? and do ye think technology will replace plasterers in the future? thanks
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    new build

    hey , so I am currently starting my apprenticeship in plastering with my two employers. how ever its been 3 weeks and all I have been doing is mixing for them . should I be doing more than mixing ? or when would be the time you would generally start trowelling
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    hi all I have a question for ye. I have a real interest in plastering but don't think I should spend four years doing an apprenticeship at it. I am working with two experienced plasterers. should I learn off them for a while and go out working myself or do the 4 year course .
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    apprenticeship advice

    thanks lads for the responses , I will give it ago and take it from there (y)
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    apprenticeship advice

    hi all I am just finished secondary school and have been offered an apprenticeship in plastering . is this a good career to pursue thanks .