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  1. Orangemachineman

    Over boarding

    What's everyone e thoughts on over boarding a large living room ceiling? The room is around 7x4 with a crack running through the middle of the room. Will the weight be a issue?
  2. Orangemachineman

    New build

    I'm looking for a gang to board out a house in Devon. Tacking/boarding etc... Ideally skim it through also but not essential. No jokers. Time served only please.
  3. Orangemachineman

    Rendering works

    Anyone interesting in 450m2 of sand & cement render in north Devon? Machine/hand apply whatever suits Ideally suited to a gang as it's one big build. Cheers
  4. Orangemachineman

    One coat skimming

    Thought I'd try it today after a few tips from algeeman I don't really like skimming so the quicker it's done the better It came out tidy and I was sitting around waiting for it to go off!! [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Orangemachineman

    Anyone used this before? It's a dry-fix system using a fibre board Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Orangemachineman

    Timber frame job

    Just finished this job for a mate It's a timber frame build We used sas pro rend carrier boards with there basecoat LITE used with a sponge finish The ritmo was used Really pleased how well it's come out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Orangemachineman

    Best machine on the market

    Had a great day today with the ritmo Over 30 bags of pro rend basecoat sprayed on with full mesh.approx 120m2 covered with 2 guys(me and apprentice) I don't think I could go back to hand balling with a f**k*d back!!
  8. Orangemachineman

    Ritmo l with skim set up

    a guy I know is selling his machine.its been used on 1 job and he has decided to sell £6000 It's practically brand new Don't bother asking me loads of questions why he's selling as its not my machine Private message me if your interested Cheers
  9. Orangemachineman

    M-tec 200

    as these have been selling like hot cakes I was hoping to see plenty of footage of them spraying renders/plasters!! How many have gone out @Plasterers1StopShop ? Get some vids on lad(y)
  10. Orangemachineman

    Diesel pump

    im on the lookout for a second hand diesel machine to pump flow screed Not looking at spending silly money cheers
  11. Orangemachineman

    Skimming done recently

    hear are some pictures of some of some plastering I had done last week by a guy that has been plastering for ten years! This is what £4m2 gets you in Devon!!
  12. Orangemachineman

    plasterer needed in devon

    Looking for a plasterer/renderer to join our team in Devon I know it's a long shot asking on here but there's a lack of guys down my way. Job will be full time mon-Friday,and the odd Saturday We do a lot of machine plastering so mainly rendering work daily.throufh the winter months we do a bit...
  13. Orangemachineman


    thanks to @wiganlad who got me out of a hole last week on a rendering job I needed a decent gang to help me out on a high spec rendering contract spraying parex bl10 The beading was nice and neat and the mono was very flat and tidy The agent running the job is very happy 600 mile round trip also...