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  1. clarkie

    refina skimming rule

    Yeah right about the pole etc with it being refina only and not a universal one. Cant really knock any of the refina gear always durable reasonable price. It suits me but maybe not the next bloke. I have their plazis flexis and skimming spats all good gear. Got a few of the premium trowels and...
  2. clarkie

    refina skimming rule

    Nice tool to use on final 1 or 2 passes its like a big flexi but held straighter
  3. clarkie

    Apprentice plasterer

    The youth of today created by us. Sad but true.
  4. clarkie

    Guess who's back on the trowel

    Purple aki harassed a few young rugby league players in my town warrington. Think he had all sorts of court orders against him. Quite a troubled individual.
  5. clarkie

    The champions guide to uni finish.

    On about saying what people think about eachother. Me and a good friend had an honesty hour telling eachother what bugs us most about one another. We called it off after 10mins. It started quite civil you leave your flat brush in the water etc... then the personal slagging off started haha. We...
  6. clarkie

    Levelling up wall

    Employ a plasterer
  7. clarkie

    Nearly new!

    Handboards are for the grafters of the trade. Hawks are for the fannys. #southernsofties
  8. clarkie

    My turn for tennis elbow

    Anti inflammatory pills. Rest, ice, Strapping. Pain killers get you through however they just mask the problem and usually you end up worse.
  9. clarkie

    Help required

    Stainblock or undercoat the line
  10. clarkie

    Knee Pad Survey

    My knees are creasing me at the moment and never wear knee pads yet I know it would help. They feel bulky and awkward. I used to get a clout around the back the of the head if my old fella caught me kneeling, was told a plasterer should never be on his knees unless hes praying.
  11. clarkie

    Calories Per Day

    Plenty of water also
  12. clarkie

    Calories Per Day

    5000 and below i would thought and thats for grafting. Not to eat empty calories that is foods that give you no nutritional value. Slow release carbs and protein where you should be getting calories from
  13. clarkie

    PLasterer Owed Money

    The spread was warned and had to be told to calm down. He was close to tears more of the fact he was lied to for the past 2 years and he had believed him hurt him the most. Im bad enough if someone owes me tenner but 6k
  14. clarkie

    PLasterer Owed Money

    Ok thanks. Think what it might be is im using the old app! Should i be using the the website or tapatalk.?
  15. clarkie

    PLasterer Owed Money

    Going off topic abit here as i cant start a new thread. Got home before and wife says watch this judge rinder i taped. Ffs cant be arsed with that. Just watch it its about a plasterer, turns out a spread was owed 6100 off a joiner who said he hadnt been paid off the job so couldnt pay the...
  16. clarkie

    Customer or labourer?

    Sister in law called my wife last week in a flap. The bedroom walls falling down and theres asbestos in it she thinks can your hubby or son come round asap. I called that night it was lath and plaster wall horse hair hanging out. The nephew and his girlfriend lives in the house with there 2...
  17. clarkie

    Another speedskim bloody question

    Had mine a good while tried it didnt like it on a few occasions. Been trying it out again lately (blueblade) im liking it flattening only, hoping to progress a bit further with it now. Sure takes a bit of graft out of the job.
  18. clarkie

    Oh No, What have I started! In a world of trouble.

    Looks like a job for uni finish if you ask me
  19. clarkie

    Safestyle Windows

    We got them round as my mrs seen the tv advert you get 55% off she coudnt get her head around that tbe price is allready sorted. 7,500 if we took it then thats without there special glass. Ended up a local lad 2.700 great job and new sills aswell
  20. clarkie

    Don't ye hate it when

    Had one a couple of weeks ago. My dad can get all the materials or nothing just give me the list. Pva, bonding, bead and skim. Turned up for the job young couple shot off to work prepped it all, started to mix up and notived date on the skim f###n january 2017 6 month out of date. Had a bag on...
  21. clarkie

    Hello fromSpain New User

    Haha, juan liner
  22. clarkie

    Nightmare job

    I absolutely hate it when any trade has no consideration or the next one following them it shows that person up for being what they are unprofessional, lacking foresight and job knowledge and well damn F*****g rude. Its manners really at the end of day and there are some right right rude f**k**s...
  23. clarkie

    Lower Back ache

    Liked [emoji106]
  24. clarkie

    Lower Back ache

    Could be sciatica. Tight hamstrings. Stretching exercises in the morning will help along with good technique and posture. We all get lazy and do stuff incorrectly ie lifting etc. We are our worst enemies
  25. clarkie

    Other trade that gets on ye nerves most

    Sparkies...... its latin for F*****g arsehole
  26. clarkie

    Work radio

    Asda smart price £7 Upgraded to a bosch when my lad got one free for coming in the top 5 in jewson young tradesperson award runs off the 18v drill battery we have aswell as mains. Not a dab though but sweet as for f@@k all
  27. clarkie

    Oldest tool you own in daily use

    I remember having to keep to spreads going mixing Browning with them all morning. The c@@ts would drop a cog if you were i front nust sk they could piss you off that the spot was empty. Nice afternoon though mixing a creamy carlite finish up and prepping for thw next day.
  28. clarkie

    I may be getting too old ......

    Kwik save. My flat 1st home of my own was full of no frills stuff
  29. clarkie

    I may be getting too old ......

    Aldi is full of posh f##kers near me all pulling up in there 4x4s. Thinking there hip cool basjet of veg, flowers and a bottle of red.Tight gits back to m&s.
  30. clarkie

    Finding A Lad.

    Pisses me right off. Work for self respect and dignity and to you and your loved ones a few nicer things in life. I cannot stand lazy people. Having a bit of trouble getting my youngest to get his arse in gear and get a job now he has 1 week of college left. Which he will come away from with...
  31. clarkie

    Old skool v new skool

    Was it not bigk who did the huge ceiling that The pics were of
  32. clarkie

    Old skool v new skool

    How many of them at 0.75m a bucket would bigk need to do that ceiling
  33. clarkie

    Old skool v new skool

    If i had any money it would be on aswell. Great post dropsalot
  34. clarkie

    Becoming a plasterer?

    If your sure you want to go dow the plastering root its good to go on. You will learn a few basics on there. Try to line up some labouring for a spread whilst your on it to run in conjunction with it or after it. You may leave the course with a qual but that doesnt mean our are. Some trowel and...
  35. clarkie

    Pva 1 to 1

    I think micky might be taking the mickey!!!
  36. clarkie

    Can't sleep

    I've had this one a few times... that looks so therapeutic gliding over making it all smooth. Feel like saying ere you have a go mix the s**t up get dusty and sweaty and see how feckin therapeutic it is then
  37. clarkie


    Wazza has definitely been on a fishing trip o this thread and hes had himself plenty of bites too [emoji476]
  38. clarkie

    Looking for work

    Dick Brown.... i take my parents to court... Set up for a life of ridicule
  39. clarkie

    Sponge float!

    Wish i had one an knew how to use it yesterday total c..t of a job hsl reskim. Chasing it all day
  40. clarkie

    A day of relaxing about time

    I e found that Im very good at it.
  41. clarkie

    A day of relaxing about time

    Baby sat the grandkids few hours whilst the lad was out grafting. Afternoon chilling now after yesterday's hall stairs and landing reskim bad experience lost a ceiling has to brush it, reveals crazing. Lay on airbed now being waited on hand and foot and gonna milk it to the hilt
  42. clarkie


    Absolutely right lads and if younger lads can pick up on our dos and donts all the better. All the building trade is hard work think ours is one of the hardest though. Physical and mental health in our game is a must.
  43. clarkie

    Blending tips ?

    Thats a great start to your day pal should of posted it on the love handles thread
  44. clarkie


    One of my lads is 6ft 1in and 9st 2lb and 25 year old. He has struggled always to gain weight hes had constant stick off everybody for years. Hes struggled with the abuse at times and tried all sort f weight gain to no avail 2yr ago i caught him with steroid pills i hit the fickin roof. After...
  45. clarkie


    Skinny doesnt mean good health mate. If you can what you want and not put on weight chances are your cholesterol aint to good
  46. clarkie


    Im a part of this this is a a fantastic 12 week free course thats offered by the local council gyms and local rugby club. Its a shame other areas dont run such things as the success of it has been amazing. Im fortunate enough...
  47. clarkie


    Physical and mental health are gaining strides nowadays a lot more being done to combat poor health. Early prevention is saving the nhs millions. More awareness and opportunities arising constantly. Difficult to get into the habit of looking after yourself but once yiu have a routine you feel so...
  48. clarkie


    Well said sugary foods are like a loan from a loan shark. Great whilst you have it that being the sugar rush then your body has to pay that high back but with mega interest i.e. you crash and burn