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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Hi Guys, Fitted a wood burner 2 weeks ago in customers house, the walls had a re skim months ago, using PVA, and a bonding agent....[posh job eh !]...anyway, the plaster around the wood burner has blown, due to the heat, bearing in mind the wood burner is at least a foot of the...
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    Why is the woodchip thread closed ?

    As the title says ^
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    Sort This Idiot Out !

    Who would put sand and cement on top of bonding ?. Read page 2 onwards, link takes you to page 2 Plastering in my extension - - DIY and Home Improvement
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    Reputation power

    Wot does it mean, Wots with the colours ? ??? :-\
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    Marshall Town to make vans

    Only kidding.....................mercedes over priced unreliable crap. Get a Toyota, run for ever ;)
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    Window gauge ?

    How many of you guy,s use a window gauge ?..........How many know what one is ?
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    Hi mate, did you read the reply on handyman last night ?. You were right to question him about multi finish as he was talking rubbish. you must of logged off when he replied, then i replied asking him if he was a dafty DIY'er, when i pressed submit, the topic was closed. So i started another...
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    What's happend to Chris W ?

    What's Happened to Chris W. ?
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    93 Skim beads

    Looked at a job yesterday, big reskim, can't decide weather too spend a day just beading, or do it as i go along. All beads will be stuck up using finish, Been trying to think how long it will take too put 93 beads up. Idea being that once they are up, just have to pva the walls then, and away...
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    For Sale .....Bucket with hole in.. Good for watering the garden etc 50p. No time wasters !
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    rendering fire bricks

    can you render on to fire bricks, got a bread oven to render, but its all built of fire bricks rather than blocks. me thinks it will crack. opinions please gentlemen.
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    was looking at another forum this afternoon, there was a post almost identical to walltowalls post on tower block by someone who posts on here, very strange?
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    a room

    i have a room to skim, 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.6 high ..........1. how much are you going to charge ?. ceiling to skim......................................2. how long will it take ? .................................................................. the room has a door...
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    does any one know if mineral paint and masonary paint are the same ?, need a breathable paint for some dpc work,. can you paint gypsum in masonary paint, or mineral paint, any ideas, opinions, welcome, cheers del
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    the building inspector ch 4 tonight 9.00

    might be worth a few laughs
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    stud chimney breast

    got this job of skimming chimney breasts, chippy builds them, then plumber fits gas fire, using fire boards for the outside faces, do you think the inside of the breast should be tacked as well ?, reason being if there is a fire inside breast, at the moment got 7 to do, me and the chippy cant...
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    night shift

    a few of us are on here late tonight, must have a easy day tomorrow boys :)
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    spray machine

    what do you think, at least it fits in the van
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    multi being sprayed

    anybody seen this, multi being sprayed,notice the architrave is on so must be too pissy for filling out !.need 2 men one on machine, one spraying, and still have to flatten down,is it faster? i dont reckon! not better either.
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    why ?

    why do we have fooking brickies trowel on the forum page ??
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    lime finish

    using weber tec hydromur as a backing coat,lime based product, then using cercol lime finish plaster to scim with.will it take ages to go off, will it blend in nice with the existing plaster, never used these products before. some of you guys have used similar products before
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    new guy

    alright boys