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    plastic plaster bags

    How come they can do smaller bags of plaster in plastic but not the normal size bags?? Would happily pay extra £1 a bag or something.
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    Anyone seen this on google by rated people

    as soon as you type Plasterer's in your area comes up with rated people's ad with plasterers prices at the top of google :-/
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    Anyone notice more b&q's closing down.

    We've had 2 in bristol close down. Is this the same around the country?? Are they in trouble?
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    How's everyone fixed for work?

    I'm quiet last job was over last weekend. Checking previous diaries always quiet around this time it would seem. How about everyone else? Hopefully will pick up soon or phone will start ringing.
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    Anybody else gone quiet at the moment?

    Or is it just me?... i thought it may have been cause of the half term break? But a few people have put jobs back leaving me with nothing at the moment.....Just a few bit patching jobs and stuff..
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    Bought a new plaster mixer 1800 alfra ebinstock one

    Anybody else seen these or got one? seems really good.... Plaster Mixer - ALFRA EHR 23/2.2S - Eibenstock 110v 1800w
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    Are you lads busy?

    I had a 2 week job cancel on me, and been really quiet for 2 weeks now, the phone not rang at all...Worrying times! You boys keeping busy?
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    Cscs health and safety

    Anybody know how long they last? I done my test about 3 years ago but never appy'd for the card as never ended up going on site and didn't need it when i did, cause my private work has gone quiet thought i'd jump back on site, managed to get a start but he said i need the card, cscs site is...
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    Offering your clients to pay by credit card

    Do you reckon this would attract more work if could be done? I reckon it'd be a good idea, if people could pay for bedrooms to be skimmed or ceilings or anything really by credit card, you get the money straight away plus you'd be able to bump the price up, and they get the flexibility of...
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    What's the best way to wear in a new float for rendering?

    Can't belive mines broke and i never had a back up one, don't know whay they don't do worn in ones yet! and why they make them with raised bumps on the back... I take it emir ones are the best to buy?....
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    Rendering over old spar

    The spar and exsisting render is solid, but the builder wants it flat rendered in s&c, i've never really rendered over old spar, he reckons he's done it before and as long as the spar is sound it's fine, he want's me to put neat sbr on before scratching...Is this ok you think? I remember a...
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    Has anyone ever used krend or acrylic renders inside?

    I reckon some of the finishes would look really nice on a feauture wall or something or a chimley breast.... Don't sto do internal texturing finishes/polished plasters? Be nice to get into doing this sort of stuff, or something to offer your customers....
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    Gone really quiet

    Gone really quiet for me at the moment, got nothing booked in till first week in jan, and that's only a couple of days at the moment.....Tempted to jump on site but most of them be getting ready to close now would of thought.... Looks like a quiet christmas for me : (
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    My elbows done right in lately

    Getting worse, **** knows what'd be like if i was on site banging the m2's on.... Don't think the weight training helps it either, and i know that's what the doctor will say to have a rest... Is there not an operation the can give you for tendonitis in the elbow?...To cure it for good....
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    let down again on a job...

    My brother was suppose to be going to a job to dot and dab a fairly large kitchen for me, customer phones me at 9:30 to say where is he?.....When i rang him, his reply was "yeah i can't do today now" ****** right off....Makes me look really bad now I would of done it myself, but if i'm...
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    Getting paid through my name...

    Edited for various reasons
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    Mud runner for sale

    Is anybody is intrested my brother is selling is tapeing and jointing mud runner for internals.....Only used once..... Can find out more if anyone is intrested?
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    Business accounts

    Is it worth going ahead with one?...I'm only a sole trader, and usually just pay my money into my personal account and use it for both.... How do you lads go about keeping your tax money back and stuff like that, i'm crap at this type of stuff and have just been useing my personal and paying...
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    Food dye in pva

    I just finished a reskim on a bedroom where I put a bit of red food dye in the pva to make it easier to put on over the artex and used what's left on Walls, done this before with no problem, now I plastered it all up fine. No problem there, the client had just phoned to say he's gave it 3 coats...
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    Coloured plaster

    I've had somebody ask me to give thme a quote to plaster there house and they said in the kitchen and couple of rooms they want a coloured plaster that they have seen, and reckon there is a type of pigment powder you can get... News to me...Anybody heard of this or seen it?
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    Pre worn in, gold trowels

    Frist one i bought last week, quite nice to lay on with.....But i noticed there was loads of faint drag marks in the plaster after it dried, looks like it came off the trowel where they have worn the edges down! I don't really rate them at all, going to get a 14 inch stainless like i use to...
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    Out of date thistle bond it

    Does it matter?.....They had it on offer in keyline for £10 so i got three tubs You think it still be alright
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    How long would you leave Weber Ocr before skimming?

    Got liveing room/diner that has been hacked off back to brickwork and treated for damp, and got a few bags left over from a job so going to use this as bloke wants S&C. After i've floated walls how long would you leave before plastering? was going to leave about 4-5 days.... Also i...
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    Travis perkins

    I have an account with them, and there only chargeing me £3.40 for a bag of bonding, Vat is on top of that...Lol...Surely that's far to cheap.... I ain't saying owt, lol i use to think they where a rip off, but if you have an account with the rates set up there brillent.... Ha ha £65 full...
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    Parex base coat render

    Where using this on a job at the moment floating out stairwells in council flats, they want it rubbed up so they can paint it, we have scratched it in s&c with waterproffer to Evan it out a bit as was shitty brickwork, we left it a good week before we come back today to float, and it wasn't very...
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    Paying tax

    How do you lads save your tax?....I'm trying to figure out the best way, only started up on my own last year, and don't know the best way to go about it....Got an accountant coming round tomorrow, another thing, finding a good accountant that's not a rip off.. Do i take 20% out of every bit...
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    Had a job cancel this week, and been at home all week, not had one phone call for work, and can't imagine me getting any next week being so close to xmas.......Crap....Not evan had a job come through on rated people which is unusual....Bad times Looks like it could be a quite xmas.... You...
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    Plaster shelling off....

    I'm doing a job for a mate on a bit of a budget as it's his frist house, re skimming all the walls and ceilings....Now all the ceilings are lath and plaster with a few cracks on them, which i've been scriming and then pvaing and skimming next day (couldn't afford to overboard like i suggested)...
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    I used some Wickes WBA the other day for frist time

    Lovely stuff....But bloody hell it don't go far...And the tubs are only half full.... Why's it so expensive?.... I'd much rather use this than pva...But it's to expensive
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    I have a fireplace to price

    It's back to the red bricks, and he is putting a log burner in there... Do i have to use that heat ressistant plaster?...Or can i just use 2 coats of sand and cement? If so what strengh mix would you use?....
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    forgot how hard site work is

    Crist, more so on my own............Loveing it though for a bit skimming on some new flat board.....Some rough spreads though on site...Jesus!!!
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    Tiger stripes on this site..

    I've started back on site this morning for a few week, frist time in a while lol.........Been doing my own stuff, but the site is right behind my house and skimming flats so couldn't refuse really....Only oing to see it out for few months.. But apparentley they are going round with big infa red...
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    How do you view the "plasterers looking for plasterers" section

    Weird...Says there's a skimming job in bristol
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    Ceack in plasterboard ceiling

    It's a hairline crack right through the middle, looks like they haven't stagered the joints when boarding...It's a newish penthouse apartment...He's had a quote to reskim the whole celing, it's insuarence job...And a big ceiling..40m2. But i said you could get away with fixing the crack without...
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    You can't plaster over OCR the same day can you?

    How long would you leave it for?
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    Some of the work on this forum lately

    Really is what plastering is all about, Proper refreshing to see some of this sort of work being posted...Some great spreads on here.......Love it.. Just need to get some of my own work i don't really do that sort of stuff.... This is what makes this such great forum...
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    Rated people

    Why don't they answer when you buy the lead? I've only ever bought 2 leads...The first she took about a week to get back, and that was my first one so was free...And i bought my first proper one the other day...Which seems like quite a nice job... It gave me his details, I've rang him and left...
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    Has Weber Ocr got a waterproofer in?

    And can you use it internally?.....And skim over it?
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    Done my frist bit today on my mates garden wall, useing weber pral m....I just mixed it up with my whisk, was quite sticky to use, but nice to work with.....Cause i had no i section or steel float...I used the back of my trowel.....It turned out alright my mate is over the moon....I'm not to...
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    Rendering over engineering bricks

    I have a few garden walls in office car park to render, but it's over engineering bricks...The top course is comeing off and being re-done and not rendered...And the rest of the wall is being rendered to tidy it up...So i'm going to make panels out of stop beads...The price is tight as awlways...
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    If anyone is doing any morden renders in bristol

    Not so much k-rend/mono..Still like to get bit more experence though...But all the other thin coat systems and finishes..Would love to come along and watch get some experence see how it's done..And the same goes with machine plastering internal/external
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    Block marked render

    Priced a massive back of a house to do earlier, that has got to floated in s&c and block marked... Not done one in ages if i get the job, any of you lads do much of these still? or have you done a lot of them?
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    Brick effect render...

    Iv'e seen them doing this a fair bit on high rise flats down here in bristol, it looks mental...It actually looks better than face bricks... It's a thin coat system to, am i right? How is it done?...I bet there Is a lot of setting out to do marking all the bricks?.. I priced a huge back of...
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    My phone hasn't rang for about a week now

    Last job was about a week ago.....been busy since january till about a week ago aswell....Hate it when the phone don't ring, thought it would of been busy with summer comeing up. Got a house on site we can tack tomorrow, but it's crap rates, and you have to supply your own screws, and i hate...
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    Went to have a look at a site today in cardiff

    And one of the welsh dabbing gangs where useing a spot and stand for there gear.....Hahahahaahah Now iv'e definately seen it all...
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    I priced a job today

    It was a fair sized kitched, all crappy artex and a lot of it was back to brickwork...Re-plaster all the ceilings and walls in the kitchen, and re-plaster all the h/s/l which is crappy artex. I said £750, which he accepted, but don't think he was happy with it.. Do you think that's to...
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    telcons limelite finish

    Anyone used this before? I remember useing it years ago, the white finishing plaster they do for going over the renovateing plaster. Weird stuff, i remember mixing it, and it looks really thick in the bucket, yet when you tip it on spot it's like piss, takes ages to go off to, the more you...
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    Stone wall

    I have a stone wall in a cotage to price tomorrow, that's dried out and needs replastering. Can i use dri-coat? it's only one small wall, so don't really want to get the mixer out and use sand and cement. Do you have to use dri-coat/limelite/s&c? on stone? Also can you use multi finish over...
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    Priceing off of drawings

    Iv'e had a company send me out some drawings for a bus shelter that needs rendering at a park and ride, now, to be honest, iv'e never priced anything like this or off drawings, don't really know how to read drawings either. It's not a lot of render at all, it's quite a big bus shelter with...
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    8:30 on a saturday night wating to float render!!

    Not good, knew it was a bad idea to wet down the scratch coat, had it all on by 12 o clock, and all along the bottom you could still move about and rule off 6 hours later, just wouldn't go off. Had to get the van lights on it... Evan missed going out for a curry with my