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    Bad multifinsh

    Hs anyone else noticed mutli finish has gone bad in the last week or two. You can tell when mixing it doesn't quite look right and trowels up terrible. It may be coincidence but is it this time of year when they adjust retarder in the product? It almost looks abit grainy holds water so goes on...
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    Buying a machine

    I'm going to bite the bullet and get a machine I've been threatening for ages, I've had enough of being let down by people (hand applied) and want to get a decent output on my own. Which would be the best machine for someone on there own, I know everyone crows on about ritmo but I want as much...
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    Scraped lime finish ???

    I've done quite a bit of lime rendering but always float and sponge my finish. I've some houses with what looks like a scrape lime "pitted" finish, anyone know what I'm on about and how it's done. I know the forum police might tell me there's a lime section but it doesn't seem to get much action
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    Marks out of 10

    I'd say hand applied multi 9/10 for finish what would you honestly give the best sprayed finish whatever product, I've heard people say its perfect but then again I've seen some of their multi hand applied that I'd give a 6/10 at a push. I've never seen a sprayed finish myself.
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    Machine for site mix s&c and flow screed

    Which would be a suitable machine? Sp11's come in a couple different models can anyone tell me which is which and what they do? Does one type mix and the other doesn't with the same output? Cheers
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    ritmo spraying multi

    I've seen the vid of the ritmo spraying multi, I'm sceptical about whether an a1 finish is achievable in one coat we all know how streaky multi can get if too thick and/or thin. It looked like it was filmed on a similar quality camera as the JFK shooting so its a job to tell. the long and short...