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  1. Joe Boulton

    Why use a sponge float?

    Hey guys, saw your mate rwf0067 use a sponge float today on YouTube. Why do you guys use this on skim?
  2. Joe Boulton

    Using your machine on your own?

    Who has used their render machine on their own and how do you do it?
  3. Joe Boulton

    Had enough of my monojet

    i can't get this thing to work. Every time I add a bag of mix in the hopper for the first time it gets blocked.
  4. Joe Boulton

    Best $1000 I have spent

    I bought this old thing for $1000 Aus dollars which is about 550 pounds . I have checked it all over as I think the speed was tampered with. But it's now running great. Will come in handy with the new job starting tomorrow . It also came with a air compressor and a water pump . They both weigh a...
  5. Joe Boulton

    Took RWF0067's advice and got one!

    saw on one of his videos about the nela s*p*r*lex trowel. Was doing a job we call white set (which is skimming sort of) and needed a nice finishing trowel. Works nices*p*r*lex 2 by Joe Boulton posted Mar 13, 2017 at 6:52 PM
  6. Joe Boulton

    no PFT support in Australia

    Hey guys. I may need a few parts in the future for my monojet. Is there any shops that will ship to OZ. stuff like a mixing paddle cheers
  7. Joe Boulton

    Brisbane, Australia says HI!

    Hey lads Joe here from Brisbane Australia, i own a business called Rendform. I have recently bought an old PFT monojet 2.13 and looking for some hints on how to best set it up in terms of settings and speeds. If you have any questions about rendering in Australia or looking for work here let...