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    Webber lac

    Any one ever used webber {lac) light weight adhesive coat over a minerall wool system? the rep said a 6mm coat for this system max and then sends out a 10mm expansion bead that must be used with this system,he then said 10mm will be okay, i,m going to have to coat out to the 10mm bead for an...
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    Window cleaning plasterer

    6 months ago the wife told me the window cleaner packed in and got a new one, big deal, i drove pass my old cleaner today and he,s sitting in the van all sign written saying INTERNAL PLASTERER, Skimmimg, Bonding, Plastering. What a load of b*ll***s but i suppose Mrs Smith might fall for it, i...
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    Carlite Bonding

    Started plastering an old farmhouse that had been re-plasterboarded, the re-boarding in sections was piss poor so client agrees to pay extra to bond out the poor sections, now i like to float the bonding once trowelled, 2mm screw protruding max and my old man whos 61 started slaughtering me, so...
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    Dont mean to sound soft here lads, but i,ve been working with the hardwall for 2 weeks now first time in about 5 years after doing private work, my hands are bone dry and full of cracks, any one reccomend a cream for the old hands there nipping like F/?K dont laugh guys i,m serious my hands nip...
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    What would you do?

    Hi Guys i have a wee problem with regards to an older house i priced for replastering 13months ago, i gave the couple an individual breakdown of each room and they seemed happy so i plastered the living room and everyone was happy, didnt hear a thing until last week (i thought someone else must...
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    I took on a 2week job in Glasgow for a subby i knew 4/5 years ago tidy wee job he said so off on Monday i went Hardwall and finish, F?CK me i thought with the lack of work the standard would be raised but i,ve never coated brickwork so bad 14mm coat and i,m out 60mm in places, it seems the...
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    any pointers lads

    Managed to get 1 years contract subbying off the local council, moneys not great but steady and with 2or3 jobs flung in as well should work out not bad, thing is i just dont see the market picking up any time soon and got to give a final answer tomorrow, how does the work feel to the rest of you...
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    Frozen pva

    Had to admit defeat and bin 4 full tubs of pva that froze solid 2 weeks ago, anyone else had the same b*ll***s with the cold snap, tried like fxxk to defrost the pva but it stayed solid, or is there a magic formula anyone knows >:(i,m up in Scotland we got it reel cold here but it,s ok now ;)
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    Channell lining

    Alright guys, I,m having a ding dong with a joiner on a renovation i,m on just now problem is he wants to gyproc straight on to old channell lining i said no way, the developer said it,s down to us but i know that if you gyproc on to the lining then skim over the moisture when drying out will...
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    Picking up

    Hi guys do any of youse feel the domestics are picking up, i started back on the 4th and averaged over 1 call a day since for re skims, hope it,s a sign were moving again ;D
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    Labourers Rates

    Just wondered what you guy,s pay good lab,s my young bro,s been with me for 14 years and can skim and dry line, only thing he cant do is browning on to blockwork, asking because it,s been a hard year and want to hit the new year up and running was thinking around 80 to 90 per day, any advice...
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    3 Days for a ceiling

    Just done a ceiling today, it was around 6mx4msq, i charged 250 for cash and when the lady paid me she told me about another quote she got, turns out the the other guy wanted £480 and said it would take him 3 days, it took me and my mate 4 hours but this other guy drives about my town with his...
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    Is this normal

    Hi guys i priced a skimming job onto new gyproc recently just out side Glasgow, it was barn conversions and a very tidy job, any hows put my price in (nice and tight) thought job was mine until guy calls back and tells me a price of £3.50 perm2 was in, this price was supplying,paying own...
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    External render price

    Any pointers in pricing 2000msq external scratch render including subsistance up up north, been a couple of years since i priced site work and wee bit unsure if prices are pegged or cut back, thanks in advance guys, 8) It,s and old subby i done work for years ago and he,s putting the ball back...
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    Just wondered if anyone has noticed that cometh november and the cold then cometh the hacks, or is it just me, been plastering for 23 tears now and every years the bloody same, >:(
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    Hello fellow spreads

    ;D Hello i,m from sunny Scotland and really enjoy the forum so i,ve now posted and enjoy the banter
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    mr systems

    Hi guys think i,ve got a first for youse, my mate who happens to be a building surveyor bought a 2 year old house and the MR system is starting to blow, NHBC are out on the 18th to inspect my mate had a peice that blew off, it was a common brick background and going by the blown off section the...
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    >:(Hello all, Does any one know who authorises these 2 week plastering courses, my area is full of the assholes i was wondering if any other area is infected with these vandals >:( And yes sparks are the worlds most hated (trade)
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    Any in Ayrshire

    Hello again just a quick post 2 see if any one is from the Ayrshire area