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    render over plaster

    Where did that one go?
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    lack of stop beads

    Anyone else having problems gettin hold of stop beads? I drove round for an hr today and tried 4 different places only to come away with nowt!
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    Not all sparks are bad.!!!!!!!

    NEWS FLASH! Spark turned up on the job and said one of the switches was too close to the wall(he didnt fit it ) and by regs it has to be 400mm from the wall. so it had to be chased out! I was like ffs. Then he drilled two spots in the wrong place coz he measured off the wrong wall. BUT.... if he...
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    would you say simple curved coving was dated or modern?
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    garden table/roof rack, leyland wheel n tyre

    As we speak is in buried in the f**kin garden. >:( Bruce Willis independent traders has discontinued trading in the charity market as we have found it to be full of cheap skates! >:( >:( >:( ;D
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    big trowels

    is it true that the bigger you go with trowels then your askin for trouble later on with wrist problems
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    Large roof fack

    Free to a good home. Absolutely no money wanted for it. Just collect. pm me for details ,
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    S+c floated an internal wall the other week. Salt is coming through the plaster in 2 small areas(palm size lines) how do I get rid of this or is it just a case of letting it dry out on its own?
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    price there and then

    do you guys give your price when you go to see a job or wait and work it out and ring/quote through door later?
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    contaminated plaster

    Been to see a job and one wall has been assessed and the result is contaminated plaster. The customer origonally thought it was damp. Could I board it or would it be better to s+c? They rang today to say that the whole wall prob needs to be stripped back to brick as its crumbling so sounds like...
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    Sparks lol

    Just been to a job to get paid and the spark comes out and shouts can I have a word and walks off. So I said who with me or the builder he goes you , the plasterer. So I go in and he takes me up to a socket and says youve cut the cable too short and I cant get the cover to line up with the...
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    extension paddles

    I need an extension for my mixer. Can you get just an add on piece or do I have to buy a longer paddle. Ive tried looking on Refina but cant find any. Cheers
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    Do you guys use scaff in doors much or just plank out? If so what would you recommend?(scaff)
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    Which tub?

    Gorilla tub or Plasterers bucket? Which do you prefer?
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    When you say how many hits you do regardless of how many bags for now, do you lads include closing in as the same hit or not?
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    Books below

    Has anyone read any of the books below? If so can anyone recommend one of them for rendering and internal rendering screeds? Theres one that is entitled Rndering and plastering so is prob the obvious choice but I was wondering if anyones actually read one or can recommend another book for what I...
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    Bedding in a new trowel

    Whats the quickest way to train in a new trowel? I used to do a few floors with em and that did the trick. Do you guys just give a finished wall an extra go with a new trowel?
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    s&c dring time

    How long should s&c be left for before it can be skimmed over? Ive got a patch to repair thats about 3ft x 8ft. Really small area so I want to get the job finished asap. Ive got the full living room to do in the same house. Was thinking render this day one then skim over day 2? or should I...
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    fire boards

    Most will say that rsj"s have to be boarded with fireboards for building regs but is this law or does it come down to spec?
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    North west

    Anyone need a hand in the North West? Im at a loose end till my advertising gets sorted out.
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    Polystyrene block construction

    Anyone worked on this type of house. Only saw it once on Grand design. I know its quite typical in sweden and germany. You build the house out of polystyrene building blocks with a cavity inbetween each block<(each block includes the cavity as one piece). You then pour concrete into the cavity...
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    work keks

    Sick to death of pullin up my work keks all day long so tomoz boys Im investin in some b&q yeharr dungarees.
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    any one heard of quick skims?

    Customer rings and says oh Ive got ajob, its a small ish bathroom room ,just a quick skim. Went round and two walls are drylined and blown. Had to cut out ,replace stud , re board. Put in timber frame for sink unit. Take down tiles that were left on. Then put in 2x1 and board for new light...
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    Connor Lab

    Come on mate Im rootin for ya. Ask a question or tell us a joke.
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    The wait

    Fed up waiting for people to come to a job im on. Theyve now waisted the whole morning for me. Was supposed to go and price two jobs this morning and take the afternoon off. Now I ve got to go back to a site at 1pm then price the other jobs. Total wasted time about 4hrs. >:(
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    VW Transporter

    Thinkin in a couple of yrs of gettin a vw transporter but want to know if you can fit 8x4 sheets in? Whats it like on juice?
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    Plaster board fixings

    Went to fix someones banisters today as the rail had come away from the wall. It was a modern one with metal spindles. The rail was fixed into a chrome type end cap that was fixed into the wall. It felt like the screws had snapped. Stripped the whole thing down and found that the cowboy who...
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    Use of tools

    Plumber on the job kept askin where "our level, our saw, ous jigsaw" was on my job. Kept sayin what your level and he go "no, our level" meanin mine. Got f**ked off with it. I'll lend any one tools but this guy wouldnt even say thanks, had a dead smarmy attitude. In the end he asked for "our"...
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    Insurance jobby

    Had some one ring me this mornin and ask for a quote. asked what it was, "its a 3 ft piece of ceilin thats come down, oh and its an insurance job so I dont mind what you charge" ! No but the insurance people will!
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    how to handle situation?

    Tiled n grouted a bathroom floor. Grouted just the edges of the floor first before puttin on the wall tyles so that the white grout wouldn't stain n go grey with the plumber puttin the bath in coz I knew he wouldnt sheet up the floor. Explained to the customer in front of said plumber that...
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    Bad feelin

    Ever turned down work because of a bad felling. Not like your not gonna get paid more like its more hassle than its worth ?
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    Chain saw

    Has any one used those chainsaws that cut through brick. Used for cutting both skins at once?
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    Gas pipes

    Whats the regs with gas pipes. The ones goin to a boiler are sunk into the wall almost flush with the plaster finish. The plumber said hes goin to wrap them so I can just bond and skim over them but dont they have to be encased now? Theres no room to dot n dab.
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    OAP Discount

    Any one here do as above?
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    10 way ladders.

    B&Q are selling 10 way extension ladders for £50 (was £100) if anyones interested. There a bit heavier than other small ladders but ok at that price. Plus they fold up really small.
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    Most usefull tool

    Apart from the essentials Trowel, hawk, mixer etc what is the ONE tool you value/use the most. Mines a magic wand I found ontop of a wardrobe. Its now in my tool bag for those tough jobs. ;D
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    Went to price a job this morning. Guy said he was a plasterer but couldnt be arsed doin the job. It was in his Mother in laws. It was a repair to a ceiling were it had collapsed. I reckon its a case of take down and cut back to joist, replace with one board (6 x 3) skim and take sh*te. I said...
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    Wheres Jeopardy ?

    I want to go there coz according to the News theres loads of construction jobs in Jeopardy. Where is it ? ::)
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    Whats this karma thing all about?
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    Cheaper than a skip

    After a crap day yesterday I rang a number of a new skip firm. The guy was the cheapest around and HE loaded the skip himself! Even said if I do a rip out in the future just ring and he'll take it out aswell. Doesn't even have to be on the drive ! F**k me! Even if I do a bathroom he'll take it...
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    Started an artex ceiling today. It was solid and sound aprt from a corner about 2inch square. So thought ill just bond that, scrape and re-screw it and away we go....NO. Put one screw into the joist near the damaged corner and 1ft square piece of artex fell off. There was a second layer of artex...
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    Back saver

    When mixing plaster my back some times aches just from bending a bit. So today i put the plaster bucket ontop of my upturned beer crate and I could mix standing completely upright with my back straight. It ment I didnt have to bend to reach the bottom of the bucket with my whisk. ;)
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    Floor scrapers

    B&Q have got really good floor scrapers at the mo £14 roughneck ones. You can get spare blades for em but dont bother ,you wont need em.
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    Splash brush or spray?

    Which do you prefer?
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    If anyones lookin to get a new cordless, invest in an impact driver. Worth every penny.
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    company t shirts

    Does any one here wear t shirts with their logo on it? If so is it expensive to get embroided ones. ( not the iron on sh*te).
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    New trowel

    The time has come for me to think about starting to train in another new trowel (back up). The one im using isn't stainless so really I'm after any recommendations on stainless trowels. I'm thinking of Marshaltown B&q £30? ???
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    Dust sheets

    As ive just started up on my own ive turned into one tight fu**er as every penny counts in the first 12 months. So my question is for dust sheets. When there scabby Do you 1. Buy new ones 2. Wash them at home 3. Wash them at a laundrette.
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    I know its not practice and ive heard of the guy from birmingham but has anyone ever dot n dabbed tiles?