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    Different base coat performance

    Hi, Just about to place an order for the adhesive and base coat for my house EWI. The top coat is the same as the house- Parex DPR Acrylic course. For the extension we used Maite for adhesive and basecoat. For the house I wondered if it wiuld be viable to use a cheaper adhesive than the...
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    Parex Acrylic thin coat help

    Hi all, Just getting the oversills and reveal boards fixed and I'm almost ready to have a go at my first thin coat job...luckily it's my extension... I was sure I'd read somewhere that you bead up then lay on the basecoat with the mesh in as you go, then I put a thin coat parex bead on today...
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    Hello dere

    Hi all, great forum! Just been reading some of the thoughts on maite by parex...about to start basecoating...sounds like a learning curve is likely : ) using 1.5mm topcoat so needs to be bang on basecoat. Used to S + C and internal plasters... me labourer is unreliable at the mo too : ) 120m...