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    how do you get them on here in a post
  2. murplastering

    K rend

    One of thr lads got a bit over eager on the scratcher and ****** a panal up customer wants it redoing lm going to grind the top coat back with a refina rotary scabler and re render l was going to throw it straight on after grinding back any tips. The job was renderd thurs a scratched fri cheers
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    bolton 3 liverpool 1
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    going to doom my son to life as a plasterer when he finishes school next year I want him to do dat release at college and Im going to enquire tomoz has anyone on here tried to train there own son as Im a bit apprehensive that hes going to see the complete ******* control freek nutter that I...
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    slowing up

    not sure if its just me but work seams to be getting harder to come by round stockport manchester area anyone else finding it tough
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    crb check

    been asked to complete a form for this its an enhanced crb check anyone done it
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    sat through a 5hr asbestos awareness course yesterday and i can saftly say im now aware of asbestos, did you know the romans used to make clothes out of asbestos so they could heat them on the fire and kill fleas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no ? neither did I. ffs
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    probs ?

    ive got a block extention to render on the back elevation there is a 12 ft rsj above folding doors. the client wants k rend or weber, if this was a normal ocr job i would ply line and building paper then mesh and render the steel but with it being a through colour render do i have to add fibre...
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    can someone explain to me how a van can lock itself when the keys are in the back with the key fob, it happend to me today and had to break the quarter light to get in cost me £70 to replace
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    volkswagen caravelle t5 174 bhp tip executive 07, anyone had one or no anything about them just about to buy one and stuck a monkey dep down so be gentle
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    never seen this many on the forum must be a record
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    job centre plus today, guildford plasterer all aspects £150 per day
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    snowed in

    stockport was chaos this morning turned round and came home, try again tomoz off sledging with the bin lids
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    just been to start a job forman told me rates then that no one can make money, so left there and then building trade is getting very strange
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    rougher than toast again
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    just got in hittin the feather
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    work on own

    worked on my own today im as pissed off as a midget in a theme park
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    expanding foam

    used to hate it but now I love it :o
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    rougher than toast
  20. murplastering

    rend aid

    says on the bag leave for 3 to 4 days to cure anyone go at it any sooner and had any problems
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    absolutely bollockeds after knocking render off yesterday Im stiffer than a huskys turd
  22. murplastering

    rendering over dashing

    anyone whos ever thought of doing this and didnt know if it would work be assured if does spent all day yesterday and will spend all day monday getting it off barsteward of a job
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    k rend / weber

    got a semi detached house to do 45 mtrs just had my mate round said its roughly a bag per mtr 1, how much should i be paying per bag 2, we are knocking off and my mate says webber aid then webber and scratch whats the best product for this application but its got to be a through coloured...
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    2 yrs today

    Ive now been on this forum for exactly 2 yrs today :o
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    private forum

    its all well and good moving stuff but at least let me in or what do i have to do to get in this private members forum regards pissed off from stockport
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    how to build a house

    watched some of it today on discovery shed and there were women plasterers on there lime rendering. anyone off here ;)
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    scottish harling (hurling?)

    anyone in stockport / gt manchester area got experiance of this and if so do they want to get involved with a job weve got cheers in advance murph
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    projection plasterer job

    projection plasterer job on job centre plus now
  29. murplastering

    north west

    anyone in the north west know prices for d and d and skim and board and skim all supply and fix builder just txt me wants price to be keen so he gets the build cheers in advance
  30. murplastering

    dri coat

    floated a dpc with this yesterday skimming tommorow morning should i wet it down or just skim. the speck said limelite but the builder got this instead on the bag it says can be skimmed with multi which is better than limelite any tips cheers in advance
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    uk spreads wont let me in wot did i do

    I no you lot are trapesing around in there find out why the f**k ive been cast aside like an old sweety sock (this is not a racist attack on scottish people) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wounded,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,utterly mithed and peathed and f**k um
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    are you a plasterer

    as above or a diy freeek I dont min d giving tips and hints but if you a diy lad then my advice to you is get a plasterer in and stop about
  33. murplastering

    old bags

    always keep an old bag of finish in your van for the stupid patch that some braindead finds just before your about to leave a supposed finished job the older the better ive got some in my van that goes off solid in 4mins just a tip